California Indigenous Chumash People

My history of working spiritually with the Chumash people goes back to 1978 after witnessing their renaming and dedication ceremony of Madrid Park in Isla Vista to Anisqoyo Park in 1977. Most recently I reconnected with Marcus Lopez the co-chair of the Barbareno Chumash group, at the Paradise Store July 20, 2014, music concert benefit for the passage of Measure P on the ballot in November this year to ban dangerous high tech oil drilling practices in Santa Barbara County. ---

I will carry this issue to the September 21 Climate Change Convergence events in New York City as another reason to end oil drilling itself, with the message about space power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power with these new clean energy technologies and for sure stop any drilling for oil that involves these egregious methods. Also I will take this issue to the Occupy National Gathering in Sacramento July31 to Aug.2 and include it in my message to Governor Brown to ban fracking and injection and acid techniques statewide to lead the nation in ending this travesty against Mother Earth.

Please see my comments on the "Yes on Measure P" Facebook site and help this group to pass Measure P in November to ban fracking in Santa Barbara and terrible practice of steam injection and acid injection into Mother Earth to get more oil, otherwise hundreds of new wells will dot the hillsides financed by a mega corporation from China already paying big bucks to public relations liars to try and defeat Measure P in November.

We don't want our drinking water to be polluted by fracking like it has been in other places across country where their tap water actually catches fire when lit due to petroleum contamination. Please help and join this group to lead the nation to ban these practices nationally as has been done just recently in Germany.

They had a great benefit music concert event at the Paradise Store featuring an opening prayer and message from hereditary traditional Chumash leader Marcus Lopez, son of the late Victor Skyeagle Lopez who planted the Tree of Peace on UCSB campus in 1983 with Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Tree of Peace Society who was part of our Rainbow Uprising initiation events in Santa Barbara in January 1990 along with Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya and actor Jon Voigt, and Chumash elder Pilulah Khus, and Chumash medicine leader Choy Slo, along with the Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Monks, ending with the installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame on the UCSB eternal flame monument, with some transcripts of their speeches at this link:


For as long as locals can remember the dolphins were very seldom seen in the Santa Barbara area before Skyeagle did the Dolphin Calling Ceremony when the Dolphin Fountain was installed at the foot of Stearn's Wharf and since then the Dolphins have returned and are plentiful and seen often. In the Chumash human origin story the human beings came from the islands and walked to the mainland over a Rainbow Bridge created for them by the Great Spirit who told them not to look down otherwise they would fall off and perish in the sea. But some could not resist and looked down and fell off the Rainbow Bridge but the Great Spirit had mercy on them and those who fell were turned into dolphins, which is why the traditional Chumash feel such kinship with the dolphins.

The prayers and determination of the Chumash spiritual people and their encampment at Point Conception in the 1970's defeated the well funded plans of the petroleum companies to site a Liquified Natural Gas terminal out there off shore of this sacred site to the Chumash and all native people across America called the Western Gate where they believe the souls of the humans pass through into and out of the bodies on birth and death, so they laid their lives on the line to protect that sacred place from the oil companies. That local Chumash spiritual resolve united the Santa Barbara community and all of its groups behind this effort and it was successful and gave the dormant and virtually unknown Chumash community their respected public identity back which has enabled all that they have accomplished since then in 1978.

Let us now use this spiritual political victory as a precedent and example as akin to Mahatma Gandhi's successful spiritual political nonviolent revolution and take such visible action now going forward from brother Marcus' opening prayer on this issue at Paradise Store, and take the national lead to ban these stupid and egregious drilling practices locally and statewide and nationally for All Our Relations.