The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage Presents:
The 2018 Great Spirit Relay Global Peace March
To the White House Nov1, 12.3mi 5hrs
To the United Nations Nov2-11:
229 mi, 10 days, Walk, Caravan
Global Peace Council Oct24-31

The 21st Century Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage 2018 Presents the Great Spirit Relay Nov1 Peace March to the White House, and from the White House to the United Nations, Nov2-11, after Oct24-31 Global Peace Council, Greenbelt National Park
A March for Peaceful Energy

Please Support the Global Peace March, Offering The Real Truth Message of Peace, to the White House and United Nations, November 1-11, 2018, from Greenbelt National Park, Global Peace Council Oct24-31:

Rainbow Support Peace Camps:

In pre-production phase since 1977 — by Executive Producer David Crockett Williams, 1962-63 President Post 25 BSA Motion Picture Production Company at Walt Disney Studios — The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage, a true life adventure and the most popular “reality television show” ever, based on the format of a moving staging encampment accompanying a long distance peace walk, with nightly stage presentations featuring popular public personalities making cameo appearances on their schedules along the route to lend their draw to the show, “starring” the Global Peace Walkers demonstrating a new peace industry product line to self-sponsor the show’s production: Peace Livery products including specialized wardrobe, kit bags, camping equipment including the portable modular tetrahedral geometry “Human Hive Experiment” meditation tenting system, Global Peace Batons and other implements of The Message of Peace depicted by the six symbols on the Global Peace Pole of the Great Spirit Relay.

Background news article of January 1979:

Pilgrimage, TV Series: Tools for Utopian Activist
From Disney to Discovision
Who is this man and why is he saying these things?
Santa Barbara News and Review, Thursday, January 4, 1979:

Previous attempts 1978-83 explained at:

This item will be on the agenda for discussion at the Global Peace Council, October 24-31, 2018, at Greenbelt National Park Campground, culminating with a 12mi Peace March to the White House on Nov1 All Saints Day.

An Advance Team is now being recruited to prepare to set up an Advance Global Peace Camp at Greenbelt Park Campground ASAP to create prototype Human Hive Tents and peace livery product lines and rehearse.

Organizer: David Williams

18min (starting at ~53:00) Mutiny Radio SF Diamond Dave Whitaker with Common Thread Collective Sept7 interviews David Williams with Great Spirit Relay Report, and Glynn Wilson of the New American Journal discussing his Sept7 News Article about the New Peace Pole for the White House and a history of the 1978 Longest Walk, the 1980 Long Walk for Survival and the 2018 Great Spirit Relay which all camped in Greenbelt National Park, podcast recording and Article with photos and video:

New Peace Pole Makes Its Way to Nation’s Capitol – Native American Longest Walk History Remembered in Washington and Greenbelt National Park, Sept7 News article:

October 24-31 Greenbelt Park 2018 Global Peace Council

Initial List of Global Peace Council Convenors-Speakers-Members:

Similar to 2016 in planning for the Aug20-28 Arizona Spiritual Unity Summit Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment Gathering, this webpage is for collaboration on the success of the October 24-31, 2018, Global Peace Council being convened by the Great Spirit Relay Project to prepare for the Oct24-31, UN75th Global Peace Forum in Santa Fe New Mexico:

Global Peace Council Committee:

Great Spirit All Our Relations
Relay of Peace Through Love
Greenbelt National Park October 24-31, 2018
Sweetgum Parking Lot
Free Speech Picnic Area
Daily 10am-2pm

Camping in Campground Loops
$20/day, $10/day Seniors
2 Vehicles, 3 Tents, 6 folks/site

Greenbelt Camp Reservations:

Greenbelt National Park info: