Please Join or Support the Global Peace March
Offering The Real Truth Message of Peace
To the White House and United Nations
November 1-11, 2018
From Greenbelt National Park
Global Peace Council Oct24-31

A March for Peaceful Energy

“Once you have achieved this oneness, when you talk, God talks; when you act, God acts. Great Spirit, remove from me those things that block me from You. Allow me this day to experience the oneness.”

“Walk in Spirit” - Archie Fire Lame Deer
“Walk in Truth” - David Crockett Williams

To Walk in the Spirit of Truth, the Great Spirit Relay’s Global Peace March is being initiated as a Spiritual Practice for living and speaking and walking in The Spirit of The Real Truth, to spiritually re-awaken people to remember that the truth is a real thing and not a made-up thing that you get people to believe as truth, which is Fake Truth and the attitude at the root of all problems faced by society and the environment.

This project is to inspire local community Global Peace Marches worldwide on this theme, in order to heal the minds of the people and our universal human environment of Planet Earth, our Mother Earth, a living being deserving of the love, care and respect of all Her Children.

“We should stop thinking about ourselves as members of this nation or that nation, this race or that race, this culture or that culture; we should put all that aside and recognize that we are all Human Beings living together on our One Mother Earth” - Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, author of the Hopi Declaration of Peace:

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