Aug20-28 Spiritual Unity Summit 2016

Comparing Knowledge for the Cause of True Global Peace, Aug20-28 Relocated from Hopi Cultural Center Conference Room and Camp to McHood Park Camp 5mi east of Winslow, a Reunion of the Condor and Eagle event, Initiating 1st Annual White Buffalo Week Worldwide, Free Live Video Internet Broadcast and Archives.

Ignore All Rumors of Cancellation!


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Song called "Hug The World" by African Yoruba indigenous people offered in Spiritual Unity Support of this Summit and its theme of fulfilling the prophecy of The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle and Beyond, lyrics and mp3 file at this link:

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Aug20 Text of Revised Flyer for Kachina Village Camp Spiritual Unity Gathering Venue Aug20-28


The Natural World Order Consciousness Revolution

Comparing Knowledge for Cause of True Global Peace

Fulfilling Prophecy of Eagle-Condor Reunion

A Spiritual Unity Gathering

Camp in Woods, Kachina Village AZ, 10mi South of Flagstaff on Hwy 17, exit Kelly Canyon Rd and take hairpin right turn onto Forest Service gravel road, drive ¾ mile to camp

White Buffalo Week Fulfilling Lakota Prophecy

August 20-28, 2016

Daily Prayer Circles, Presentations, and Councils

Recording Video for Broadcast with Online Archives

Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment Ceremony - Presenting Many New Inventions:

U.S. Government suppressed advanced technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to remediate radioactive pollutions and wastes, and to provide abundant clean water, see Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Exhibit: and

Free for All, Come Focused, Organizer: David Williams (805) 708-0252

A New Life Plan Project of:

The Reunion of The Condor and Eagle and Beyond:

Global Council of Indigenous Peoples:

One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace:

Ignore All Rumors of Cancellation


Original Event Flyer latest version before relocation to new site, To Be Rescheduled:
As jpg version:

Text of Original Flyer latest version:

The Natural World Order Consciousness Revolution

Comparing Knowledge for Cause of True Global Peace

Fulfilling Prophecy of Eagle-Condor Reunion

A Spiritual Unity Summit

Hopi Cultural Center Conference Room (30 seats) and Camp

Gathering as Reunion of the Condor & Eagle & Beyond

Scheduled Conference Room Presentations Daily:

August 20-28, 2016: 9-11am, 2-5pm, 9-11pm

Sunrise, Noon, Sunset Daily Prayer Circles in Camp

Free Live Internet Video Broadcast with Online Archives

Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment Ceremony - Presenting Many New Inventions:

U.S. Government suppressed advanced technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to remediate radioactive pollutions and wastes, and to provide abundant clean water, see Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Exhibit: and

No Cost, By Invitation Only, Organizer: David Williams (805) 708-0252

(For Invitation, text me your details, Support Volunteers Needed)

A New Life Plan Project of:

The Reunion of The Condor and Eagle and Beyond:

Global Council of Indigenous Peoples:

One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace:


"Comparing scientific and spiritual knowledge for the cause of true global peace is the theme of this Spiritual Unity Summit, with emphasis on mutual prophecy fulfillment insights and prayer ceremony offerings."


All Times Shown are in Arizona local time, same as Pacific Time


The newly installed Ethernet connection to the Hopi Cultural Center Conference Room now allows interactive live streaming video to the internet of this Condor-Eagle Reunion Event. This provides for a LIVE simulcast via the internet, while also documenting recorded archives of this Spiritual Unity Summit "Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle and Beyond", for later free online viewing anytime.

How to watch the live or recorded interactive Spiritual Unity Summit video feed: Cultures of Peace broadcast network, short-link (direct to the video player for viewing, short-link works on all smart phones when LIVE):

• Watch via computer:

• Watch via smart phone:

• Embedded Reader:

----Initiating the First Annual White Buffalo Week Worldwide:

August 20, 2016, is the 22nd anniversary of the birth of the first White Buffalo Calf born in 1994 in apparent fulfillment of the Lakota Prophecy of Hope for these troubled times predicted nineteen generations ago. In honor of this event the Mayor of New Orleans proclaimed August 27th their annual White Buffalo Day. The second precedent mutual prophecy fulfillment gathering for this Spiritual Unity Summit took place in Arizona from August 20-28, 1994, ending with a large Lakota sacred pipe (Chanupa) ceremony conducted by Chief Phil Lane Jr. Hence our call for widespread worldwide recognition of Aug20-28 as the annual White Buffalo Week being inaugurated with this event at the Hopi Cultural Center. The apparent fulfillment of this prophecy is an example of a paranormal event in today's time related to and verifying the even more "unbelievably paranormal event" of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman manifesting nineteen generations ago to deliver the original Sacred Pipe (Chanupa) and the teachings of its Seven Sacred Rites to the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota peoples after transforming into a human woman from a white buffalo and then after delivering the teachings of the Sacred Pipe turning into a white buffalo again and promising to return at a very difficult time in the future for the people, as a Symbol of Hope for the people in those troubled times. -----


This 2016 Arizona "Spiritual Unity Summit" Aug20-28 is in preparation for the 2017 New Mexico "Forum for Global Peace" Oct24-31, at the Santa Fe Convention Center with many of the speakers from this Summit plus many more, with the participation and support of the Mayor and City Council as well as the spiritual support of His Holiness Dalai Lama's global support network:


Table of Contents:

1) Planning Status Report

2) General Daily Schedule Information

3) Confirmed Presenters' Information

--- Carpenter Arpa-V
--- Mazatzin Aztekayokalli
--- Mark Borcherding
--- Art Cisneros
--- Lisa Clapier
--- Capri Fillmore
--- Jennifer Hayashi
--- Venessa Kay
--- Robert Mendelson
--- Jose Munoz (Aug26-28)
--- Kola Olaniyi
--- Feather Sherman
--- Todd Swan
--- SunBow TrueBrother (moderator/facilitator)
--- David Williams (event organizer)
--- David Yurth

4) Detailed Daily Schedule Information

5) Invited Remote Presenters' Information

6) Background Information and References

--- (additional background in some presenters' info)
--- Chumash Culture
--- Mayan Culture
--- White Buffalo Prophecies
--- Rainbow Family and Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment
--- Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle
--- Nichiren Buddhism
--- Tibetan-Hopi-Japanese Connection

7) How You Can Help Support This Effort for "Global Peace Now!"

-----Please Create Local White Buffalo Week Spiritual Support Celebrations:

If you can, please organize, join, and support a Spiritual Unity Celebration locally coordinated event in your area during Aug20-28, White Buffalo Week, and/or tune in to the free live internet video broadcast of the Arizona Spiritual Unity Summit event from the comfort of your home:

Here is more information about how to coordinate your local support Celebration event with the Summit in Arizona:

----Many Thanks and Much Love!

Aug20-28 Hopi Cultural Center Spiritual Unity Summit Conference

1) Planning Status Report as of August 16, 2016:

Significant funding to cover event expenses has been committed but not yet received and may not clear until very close to the event time. Therefore if you would feel good to share some donations to make this event happen in the best way, please do that. If extra is received it will be shared locally and to help participants defray the costs of their travel and stay at the Hopi Cultural Center Hotel. Best way to send donations if via Western Union to the event organizer David Crockett Williams Jr in Kykotsmovi Village Arizona.

Most all proceedings, in designated areas only, are to be video recorded for free non-commercial live and recorded internet distribution, per participants’ permission deemed granted by their participation.

The 2016 Arizona Spiritual Unity Summit, a Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment Themed Event:


All Times Shown are in Pacific Time

Aug20 only, 5 A.M. Sunrise Opening Prayer Circle Ceremony followed by breakfast in camp

8-9am Coffee etc in Conference Room

9-11am - Spiritual Unity Conference in Hopi Cultural Center Conference Room, going around the circle in turn starting and ending with participationg representative(s) of the traditional Hopi religious leaders first offering a welcoming prayer and message and then concluding the session similarly with feedback on presentations, the preferred general formula for all Summit sessions. Hopi participants will be vetted for credentials from Hopi Leadership by recognized local Hopi authorities including the Hopi Tribal Council whose full support we humbly seek for spiritual unity.

11:10-11:40am - Light Brunch served in HCC Conference Room for 9-11am participants

11:50am – Procession Prayer Ceremony, walking from outside Conference Room to the Noon Prayer Circle Area outside HCC nearby, where the daily procession is escorted by a member of Nipponzan Myohoji, beating the Tenku Celestial Drums and chanting the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo prayer mantra of great harmony from the land of the origin of the sun. This is in respect of the fact that the Hopi Invitation we are responding to, for the world spiritual leaders to come to the Hopi land and meet with the Hopi religious leaders to compare knowledge about our promised future of global peace and harmony for all, is the invitation to Nipponzan Myohoji, which is now selectively being extended in this manner, the “Hopi Message and Invitation to the World Spiritual Leaders” delivered by Thomas Banyacya in October of 1981 as a formal written speech with copies handed out. An example of this kind of Procession (peace march) Ceremony is shown in the Rainbow Uprising Campaign initiation video, “Keepers of the Flame”, starting from this point in the 2hr video of that first precedent to this Summit, a week of events in January 1990 initiating the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign with local Chumash leaders, Thomas Banyacya, Jake Swamp, Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist Monks, local Sathya Sai Baba Organization President, free energy scientist Bruce DePalma, actor Jon Voight, community leaders, et al:

Hopi Message and Invitation to the World Spiritual Leaders:

The Warriors of the Rainbow book’s central chapter on the Hopi Prophecy was abstracted from a January 1961 four page letter written by Thomas Banyacya as shown and discussed at this link:

Noon – Daily approximately one-hour Sacred Circle Prayer Ceremony

Lunch in camp

2-5pm - Afternoon video recording and simulcast broadcast of Spiritual Unity Conference session in conference room

6pm - Dinner together in camp or individually as participants prefer

7pm Sunset Circle Prayer Ceremony

8-9pm - Workshops in Conference Room, and Camp locations inside tents due rainy season potential, schedule to be announced.

9-11pm – Optional Evening Night-Owl Networking Session, discuss day’s events, finalize details for next day’s events, online access for laptops etc to report worldwide individuals' perspectives on the day’s events, in HCC conference room

The intended audience of these main Conference Room presentations is the general American public which has been “kept in the dark” on these matters by the mainstream news, entertainment, and education industries. On the conference room schedule the presenters will have limited time slots to offer their prayers and summarize their messages aimed at this audience, with the intent to stimulate deeper interest in what they are talking about. Then, in these recorded hour long “workshop” sessions those already familiar and supportive of the presenter’s message can help by their attention in the workshops to bring out deeper messages from the presenters that the mainstream target audience can view after their orientation from watching the conference room schedule presentation stimulates their deeper interest.

-----end of Proposed General Daily Schedule, exact details to be finalized by event facilitator day by day on site

3) Confirmed Presenters' Information, in Alphabetical Order:

Carpenter Arpa-V, Islamic King and Spiritual Leader, exiled hereditary Monarch of the territories including Mindanao, North Borneo-Sabah and Sulu.
HRH Carpenter Yutiamco Arpa-v

Mazatzin Aztekayokalli, Aztec Elder
Presenting an exposition of the ancient codices and their relationship to the Aztek Calendar and the sacred observatories, and how to use them as sacred tools to help lead us back towards our cosmic identity and sacred responsibility.

Mark Borcherding
Computer Science Expert who has done very extensive research coordinating movements of celestial objects and how those patterns relate to the various nature based calendar systems such as the Mayan Calendars, and how that cosmic calendar knowledge may related to elements of Hopi Prophecy fulfillment. Recently helped produce a composite codex of such calendars showing their correlations and applications over the next 26,000 years.

Art Cisneros, Chumash Elder from Santa Barbara, a member of the Board of Directors of the Tribal Trust Foundation, the Sacred Earth Foundation, and Antioch University. He does not speak on behalf of any of the Chumash Bands but as an individual who supports in ceremony Jose Federico Munoz whom he regards as a true global spiritual leader.!team/cnec
(Please see in Background Information below more details about the Chumash people)

Lisa Clapier, HRH Duyang Duyang (Princess) Keeps Eagle Condor, Mindanao, North Borneo-Sabah, Sulu.
Lisa is currently promoting and helping with the Indigenous Tribal Nations ~ World Gathering, September 21, 2016, in Seoul, South Korea, as a United Nations Peace Ambassador, via the Facebook group:
CEO & Founder at Beautiful Exchange, Host/Producer at Zen Lounge Live, Executive Producer of the World Peace Festival 2017, Consulate of United Nations Economic & Civil Society’s Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project
Live Broadcast Transmedia Producer: Cultures of Peace ~ Stewards of Life
Spectrum Peace Ambassador, Special Operations
Maharlika Royal Peace Ambassador
Global Solutions Live Broadcast Transmedia Producer, Cultures of Peace Cultures of Peace World Peace One Transmedia Producer
HARP NGO UNESCO Peace Ambassador
BeautifulExchange Chief Architect, Stewarding MotherEarthTrust
UN Peace Ambassador
Received the Secretan C.A.S.T.L.E Award 2009
Unanimous Steward of Life, for Conscious Evolution
“How I got my naming: I walked with a Lakota Medicine Man whose name was 'KeepsEagle,' in a naming ceremony for my diplomatic status the Cherokee Nation added 'Condor,' 'Duyang Duyang' means Princess by my indigenous royal family in the South Pacific. It is a name that took many years to grow.
Personal Interest: Paradise on Earth

Capri Fillmore
Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Medical Doctor at Hopi Health Care Center, former Physician at Mayo Clinic Health System, Studied International Nutrition at Columbia University, Institute of Human Nutrition.

Jennifer Kumiko Hayashi
Longtime SGI practitioner (see Background info below for details)
Produced and currently releasing the film "The Roots Awaken" after spending two years in the Amazon filming interviews for this film about the Condor Eagle Reunion prophecy as it relates to the indigenous youth worldwide. She is helping organize the amazing Unify Fest in Santa Fe, September 22-25, 2016.
Jennifer was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She graduated in 2014 from Soka University of America, a school founded on the principles of peace, human rights and the sanctity of life. After graduating she traveled the globe as a documentary filmmaker, activist, community builder, and communicator. The majority of her work is focused in Ecuador, where she works to bridge youth and elders in the movement to maintain ancestral cultures and protect indigenous lands. She is the founder of Soka Vision, an organization that produces media through community collaboration and is a co-producer for Voices of Amerikua, a media series dedicated to sharing the voices of indigenous people working to protect their culture, territories, and mother earth from South to North America. She is the director and producer of the documentary, The Roots Awaken and is involved in the production of many transformational gatherings and eagle-condor meetings across the Americas. She is currently a co-producer of Unify Fest, New Mexico’s largest transformational festival dedicated to unifying humanity through conscious music, vibrant health, education, ceremony, and regenerative sustainability.
About the Documentary - The Roots Awaken
Indigenous people and their cultures are increasingly becoming more threatened across the earth. The Roots Awaken is a documentary that presents a heart driven and interconnected story of young Indigenous leaders from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest who all share the common struggle to defend their territory and maintain their ancestral culture as Ecuador becomes increasingly more globalized.
Jennifer will be presenting her work as a liaison of indigenous youth and elders from South to North America. This session will include a multi-media presentation featuring short video excerpts from her documentary, The Roots Awaken. She will be sharing an emerging concept in the world of media, cine comunitario or community cinema, where the subjects are active participants in the co-creation of their representation through media. In addition, she will share her experiences and intentions as a visionary working as a bridge in the eagle-condor prophecy. She is a young woman who is at the forefront of spiritual and technological realms and will be offering a session that will inform all of us how to live in harmony with the younger generation as we enter a planetary shift that will involve technology in the rebalancing of energies for world peace.

Venessa Kay, from Santa Barbara, has been friends with Art Cisneros for thirteen years, sharing water exchange blessings and many prayer fires. Jose Munoz included her in training sessions regarding the Sixth Sun Calendar. She is a Puebloan Native of Archuletta County Colorado, her Kiva is Chimney Rock and her star Family are highly connected to Chaco Canyon, an assimilated, non federally recognized Puebloan, with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with an emphasis on Geriatrics from Southern Oregon University. Her mission was clear to her since a youth - the repatriation of Rainforest Communities and Preserving the Amazon as a Peacemaker and steward of Mother Earth. She became a Rainforest Ambassador in 2003 with the Amazon Herb Company, became a 'runner' or "Chaske", one who runs with medicine plants over land and water. Traveled to Amazon Basin working at the village level with sustainable harvests for food grade barks and vines which became her passion for 13 years. With noticeable contribution to the good of the Amazon, her company's efforts were recounted by Jacque Cousteu's “Return to the Amazon” after 25 years in a PBS documentary special in 2009. She was Called to support the noble efforts of political prisoner Chief Terea Spence by Chief Phil Lane Jr, Reuben George and Darrel Bob in the resistance of the British Parliament's pipeline intrusion on the Tsleil Waututh Nation in Vancouver Island in 2012, which was the uprising of the movement of "Idle No More". Prior to that action based activism, Venessa sat in the 9th Circuit Court of Pasadena circa 2010 with the Hopi Nation Elders for the protection of the San Francisco Peaks. She had also served many elders speaking at the Seed Conference with Greg Braden, Maryann Williamson and Barbara Hubbard. Over the course of her Amero-Indigenous Trader company, she was invited by the Oglala branch of Lakota to Sundance for a five year commitment and 8 years later she is still dances and is a pipe carrier today. She currently lives in the Chumash territory in Santa Barbara and has participated in many water blessing exchanges there while also bringing out dance troupes from Hopi. Initiated in a Hopi way, Venessa worked for several years with the Hopi Nation clinic, where she brought the science of Live Blood Analysis to the clinic. Venessa has served four communities as a commitment to Spirit, Santa Barbara, Hopi, Lakota and the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, Shipibo Conibo people. She is an honorary Wisdom-Keeper and presenter for the Ojai Foundation in California. She walks very closely with her hosted tribes, the Chumash of the Santa Barbara area and the Yurok Nation downriver of Klamath River. She has been instrumental in water ceremonies with Marshall Golden Eagle Jack and was entrusted by him to carry to Shasta, Goldie, a 3800 year old pyrite skull for ceremony in Pluto's Cave in 2014. She is a Daughter of Nature and a passionate Peacemaker, one of the Warriors of the Rainbow. She has two traditional names, one given to her by her Hopi Water Clan Mother, Dora Sakeva - Bayesmana - Hopi Water Girl, and a Lakota name of Makpia Ahomniwi - the one with colored clouds around her, or the Rainbow Woman. Her work as a blood scientist is unique and cosmic-based on the Stars coded within each person’s DNA. She has been authorized by some in the unseen, some in Hopi Nation, as well as directly by Spirit. She was the point person for bringing Mayan Ach Tah to Santa Barbara and participated with him to bring in the 3rd portal of Light in the Yucatan in 2012. She has worked in many Wellness Centers on the West Coast, is an ongoing adjunct faculty instructor for the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute for Cellular Biology, and mother of three children. She has also worked with Charlie Commanda, nephew of the late Anishnabe Seven Fires Wampum Belt Prophecy Keeper William Commanda.

Robert Mendelson
Deeply studied many indigenous cultures and the major religions, comparing their spiritual teachings and prophecies, author of "God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land" based on the scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions and how to bring them together in peace, which is to be viewed within the wider context as one part of mending the Great Circle.

Jose Federico Munoz, (Manik Ahaob) Mayan Calendars Day Keeper, Global Crystal Skulls Council
Please see Jose's presenter information also on the website of the Unify Fest where he will be presenting next month (late September) in Santa Fe NM, at this link:
Jose Describes his Mayan Calendar Class in this 3min video:
(Please read transcript of that mind-blowing world-view-changing short message in Background section near end below.)
What Jose feels is the essence of his main message is here in his Closing Ceremony remarks, starting about 4:00min into this 5-1/2min video:
Transcript: “We are loyal to ourselves and we respect each other. We respect the unborn. We respect the elders, plants, animals and trees. This is an open invitation so we all take the sacred fire from here and bring it to our office, our school, our path wherever we are, and share it with everything and everyone. Please take the fire, keep it in your heart because that is where you can seek counsel and comfort when you hit the wall and you hit the obstacle - you can get through it, or around it, or over it, by seeking counsel in the flame of a candle. That’s the sacred fire we all carry, by will and by universal will: We all have the power of the fire! Please take it with us and share it far and wide wherever we go through our intergalactic travels through space and time. Just remember that we respect each other and we love each other unconditionally.” -- Jose Munoz (Manik Ahaob)
Jose will be presenting about the Sixth Sun Calendar, the Mayan Calendar, and the Crystal Skull Calendar

Kolawole Olaniyi is a graduate of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian Yoruba Tribe spiritual practitioner (one of the three dominant tribes in Nigeria) who uses music to enhance religious harmony and also warn of impending dangers coming to the world should we continue in exploitation of Mother Earth. Kola believes the Sacred Spirit has a way of appearing to all tribes and races in the world. Because of that, he believes every religion is sacred and none are superior or inferior to others. Kola had so much confusion while growing up as a kid in Nigeria. He was made to believe that Christianity is the best religion and that his denomination of Christianity is the only one that could offer salvation to mankind. That irrational belief stopped and he started recognizing every religion as a gift from the Creator. His advocacy is to concentrate on those things which bind every religion together. They are Love, Compassion, Honesty, good governance. I love the Yoruba tradition that refers to the Creator as Oluwa, with many of Her messengers like Ifa, Ogun, Sango.
His song called "Hug The World" is offered in Spiritual Unity Support of this Summit and its theme of fulfilling the prophecy of The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle and Beyond, lyrics and mp3 file at this link:

Feather Sherman, received her Master’s degree from the University of Montana in Missoula in 2004 in the Creative Pulse, Integrated Arts and Education. Her thesis was entitled "Stories and Paintings Inspired by Hopi Prophecies" and was culminated by a two hour performance in the Masquer Theater in June, 2004, which included a rare audio tape of Hopi Grandfather David Monongye singing and explaining Hopi Prophecies of Peace. She lived in New Mexico close to Hotevilla and frequently visited Grandfather David from 1977 to 1987, staying as long as a week at times to help him and his wife Nora with their garden, hauling water from the spring below the mesa, writing letters for David, gathering herbs with the Hopi grandmothers, taking David to meetings and to the kiva, and recording In her journals his explanations of the prophecies and the Hopi way of life, including going to the Prophecy Rock with him. Feather is a well beloved perennial figure at the annual Rainbow Family Gatherings for over 40 years, from the weeks of setup through the official gathering week of July 1-7, through the weeks of cleanup afterward. In the Spring of 1982, Feather traveled to Mexico as part of a group of over half dozen Rainbow Family spiritual practitioners to meet Kuiz Quetzal, Aztec Medicine Man and Sun Dancer, to join in ceremony with Alberto de Ruiz and the Mexican Rainbow Family. The ceremony was held at dawn at the moment of a powerful celestial alignment. Grandfather David sent a Hopi paho (eagle prayer feather) as a gift to the Aztecs and Feather was the one chosen by Kuiz in the ceremony to carry the Sacred gift from the Aztecs back to Grandfather David.

Todd Swan, Rainbow Family Practitioner, videographer for 40 years studying and documenting the messages of many important indigenous spiritual leaders as well as spiritual teachers of all walks of life.

SunBow TrueBrother, Métis, Gathering and Conference Facilitator
Started the popular Facebook group: One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace During the past three decades of serious spiritual practice with various indigenous elders of North and South America following his adoption into the Hopi Coyote Clan in 1987, authored articles and books, and his Ironwood Log Project since 2008 has documented indigenous wisdom keepers on videos with the blessings of appropriate elders, as indexed at:
SunBow TrueBrother (DawaOutah LomaKatsi in Hopi language) on Prophecy Keeperz Radio - part 1
In this part of the interview, he introduces himself, his spiritual path, and some of the Elders he learned from, with a brief look at Hopi knowledge:
SunBow is a Sasquatch Communicator and a featured speaker at the September 16, 2016, Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference:
SunBow's book was just published on Aug15 and is available as a $10 paperback from, entitled "The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversation with Elder Kamooh".

David Williams, Conference Organizer, co-coordinator
Chemical Physics of Consciousness Researcher
1977 author of the tetron natural unified field theory equations defining the human mind’s consciousness orientation function of light as an overlooked property of the C in E=mC^2. Received early training in film production at Walt Disney Studios 1959-63, ending at age 18 as president of a production company of interns producing two films under auspices of Explorer Post 25 of the Boy Scouts of America. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with honors from California State University at Northridge in 1969. Career in sales and sales management from 1966 until retirement in 2013 from Remote-Learner after seven years experience as an account manager providing Moodle LMS support services to schools and companies with clients including Google Legal Department, Bank of America, and the US Department of Education. Researcher of spiritual traditions and prophecies since 1976, produced seven consecutive days of events in Santa Barbara California, analogous to the Forum for Global Peace, to initiate the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign in 1990 recording 20hrs video edited to 2hrs on YouTube(*), followed by producing three one-day Global Crisis Solutions Conferences, at UC Santa Barbara in 1997, at UC Berkeley in 1999, and at CSUN on September 10, 2001. Main organizer for the UN50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk from the United Nations in NYC to the site in San Francisco where the United Nations Charter was signed on June 26, 1945, before being ratified in New York on October 24, 1945. Initiated in 1980 the campaign to install a Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole symbol of the message of peace in the lawn of the White House, and in 1994 the campaign to install one in Jerusalem. Initiated in 1998 the Global Emergency Alert Response initiative.

David Yurth, Senior Scientist
The Real Reason Why We Don’t Have Clean Air, Pure Water & Food for Everyone
Senior Scientist, author, innovator and facilitator of leading edge technologies which address the most pressing issues of our time. His contributions to scientific consciousness include (a) an independently-validated system for remediating radioactive emissions produced by spent nuclear fuel, (b) a highly sensitive method for detecting radioactive contamination in food and the environment, (c) a plasma-based system for dissociating (eliminating) carbon dioxide and all other exhaust gases generated by cars, trucks, coal & gas-fired electrical power generation, pyrolysis manufacturing techniques, bio-incinerators, refinery vent flares, and aircraft engines; (d) a new technology for storing frack-water brine in thermal ponds that absorb and retain solar radiant heat, (e) a suite of new technologies that convert low temperature radiant heat to electrical power, (f) electro-magnetic water treatment systems that eliminate coliform bacteria and other biocidic contaminants from polluted water, (g) transportable, self-powered system that captures humidity from the air to supply potable water at the rate of 100 gallons per day, and (h) energy generation and storage technologies to eliminate the need for fossil fuel combustion in most known applications. He has written 15 books, a dozen screen plays, 4 documentaries, and published a new model of fine scale physical interactions to explain how Nature works, from the inside out. He is a peer reviewer for 5 scientific journals and has facilitated intensive experiential processes for more than 25 years. Examples of the work he has supported can be found at
and in the archives of Dandelion Books found at

--- The speakers are encouraged to attend all the Conference Room presentations day by day, especially on the last day Aug28, so there will be well-informed feedback and comments between one another on the information presented, spiritually unifying interpretations reflected back to the group from the various individual cultural perspectives.

On the last day Aug28 there will be no 2-5pm presentation in the HCC Conference Room, so the Noon Circle Ceremony can go as long as needed as the main ceremony of the event, praying for the mutual prophecy fulfillment relating to our promised future of global peace and harmony among all of our one human family.



All Times Shown are in Pacific Time

Hopi Cultural Center Conference Room


Aug20 – Theme of the Day -- Indigenous Prophecy Fulfillment: White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, Reunion of the Condor, Quetzal and Eagle and Beyond, 7th Fire Wampum Belt Prophecy of the 8th Fire, Return of the Iroquois Great Peacemaker.

5am Opening Sunrise Ceremony conducted by Art Cisneros, Lighting the Sacred Fire that will burn throughout the gathering, which will be an additional venue to the HCC conference room for recording the prayers and messages of the participants who wish to have their presentations recorded, “Speaking to the Fire”. Welcoming prayer and message from representative(s) of the Hopi Religious Leaders, prayer offerings in turn around the circle, to be recorded

9-11am -- Opening Spiritual Unity Conference Session, personal introductions around the circle, some discussion of mutual prophecy fulfillment theme, Miracle White Buffalo Calf Birthday, Condor/Quetzal/Eagle Reunion, opening the minds to deeper discussion and understanding of “mutual prophecy fulfillment”. Chairs set in a circle. Welcome and opening remarks by appropriate local Hopi men and women, going around the circle in turn with introductions, appreciations, prayers and message summaries by the named conference presenters, with others contributing as arranged in advance.

Members of these 9-11am morning talking circle councils will include on-site conference presenters, in alphabetical order, Carpenter Arpa-V, Mazatzin Aztekayokalli, Art Cisneros, Lisa Clapier, Jennifer Hayashi, Venessa Kay, Jose Munoz (Aug26-28), Feather Sherman, SunBow TrueBrother (moderator/facilitator), David Williams (event organizer), and David Yurth. In addition remote presenters may come in on video any particular morning, including Robert Mendelson, Kolawole Olaniyi, Yusen Yamato, as well as participants selected day to day for their ability to absorb and understand what presenters are saying and offer insightful feedback to the group going around the circle. Depending on now many named presenters are scheduled for each of these morning sessions, the 2 hrs will be divided by that number to give the average time each morning circle member would be expected to use as a maximum time to speak, perhaps all at once in one go around the circle or however the moderator decides.

2-5pm – Panel Presentation, theme of comparing indigenous knowledge for the cause of global peace and harmony, including about the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle and Beyond. Panel to include Art Cisneros, Mazatzin, Venessa Kay, SunBow (moderator)

9-11pm – Night-Owl Session, HCC Conference Room, socializing, networking, using laptops with internet connection to share what happened during the day with the rest of the world, get ideas from internet feedback to share the next day in appropriate circles, especially in reports from any other local supporting Spiritual Unity Celebrations, informal meetings to finalize details of next day’s scheduling

Topical Questions which may be addressed by the presenters:

What is Prophecy? How does it work? How do Prayer and Ceremony fit in with “prophecy fulfillment”?

What kind of change in human thinking is needed to manifest global peace and harmony?

What is the White Buffalo Prophecy all about? Is it “coming true”? What’s next?

Discussing details of the North and South American indigenous prophecy, comparing various interpretations of the “Reunion of the Quetzal, Condor and Eagle”.


For Example,

---- Lisa Clapier wrote:

The Eagle and the Cóndor is an ancient Amazon prophecy that speaks of human societies splitting into two paths – that of the Eagle, and that of the Cóndor. The path of the Cóndor is the path of heart, of intuition, and of the feminine. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, and of the masculine.

The prophecy says that the 1490s would begin a 500 year period during during which the Eagle people would become so powerful that they would virtually drive the Cóndor people out of existence. This can be seen in the conquering of the Americas and the killing and oppressing of the indigenous peoples in the subsequent 500 years – up to and including today.

The prophecy says that during the next 500-year period, beginning in 1990, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Cóndor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity. The prophecy only speaks of the potential, so it’s up to us to activate this potential and ensure that a new consciousness is allowed to arise.

White Buffalo Week 20-28 Aug 2016

Watch Cultures of Peace

More here:

---- and Mayan Daykeeper Jose Munoz responded:

These prophecies were foretold at their last ancient gathering of the elders in 1444 in Tulan tziu. It was simply called The Tzikin (birds) Prophesies. it envolved all tribes (birds) of the world. As the messengers went back to their lands Tzikin prophesies became different names due to geography and language. Many of these messengers taking the prophesies back never made it to their lands. These prophecies also carry medicine technology and calendars which would help all tribes survive. The message at that time was. "hardship and destruction will ravage the earth, In order to survive we must be willing to sacrifice fir the next generations, those tribes who resist these changes will dissapear, the ones keeping and following the teachibgs will see all seeds planted flourish in the Ojlajuj Baktun period of Illumination. (after 2012)


Is this prophecy “coming true”? What’s next?

Other important indigenous prophecy teachings to share at this time?

Anishnabe Seven Fires Wampum Belt Prophecy of the 8th Fire?

Haudenosaunee Prophecy about the Return of The Peacemaker as relates to the Great Law of Peace and the Tree of Peace predicted to unite all the nations in peace?


Aug21 - Repeat Aug20 format, indigenous wisdom sharing and comparing knowledge for the cause of true global peace, round table 9-11am with emphasis on sacred calendars and Mazatzin's formal presentation on Aztec Calendar Wisdom 2-5pm.


Aug22 Details to be added soon


Aug23 – Theme of the Day – Science as a Religion of Uncertainty, and Technology as Applied Mind

9-11am Usual morning circle format

2-5pm – Presenters:

David Williams, on the emerging Science of Consciousness (Conscience), Einstein’s Unified Field Theory “prophecy”, advanced technologies and the mind-matter effect

Dave Yurth, summarizing selected available suppressed technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to remediate radioactive pollutions and wastes, and to provide abundance clean water.

Overview of the work of Pal Pauer on Primary Water, unlocking and tapping underground (“adiabatic”) Primary Water sources that are separate and distinct from the water table, exploitable by wells with careful site selection based on scientifically guided intuition

Topics which may be addressed:

How do science and religion and spirituality relate?

What is the nature of truth as science defines it?

Is that definition adequate?

What kinds of advanced technologies are available to help solve the problems facing humanity and the environment?

How might this relate to the theme of “prophecy fulfillment”?

What are the reasons why such advanced technologies are being suppressed, along with information about the current AMA medical monopoly standing in the way of optimum health and longevity.


Aug24 – Theme of the Day – Spiritual Unity Leadership by Consensus –

Including presentations by long time advocates of leadership by consensus, and the practice of unconditional love as the pathway to global peace, who have convened the annual Rainbow Family Gatherings (July1-7) since 1971, along with many others, identify themselves with the name of the Rainbow Family Tribe a non-organization existing only as an idea that folks believe in - about uniting all of our human family as one through this practice of unconditional love. Their 1977 gathering in New Mexico featured inspirational presentations by Hopi Grandfather David Monongye on the mutual prophecy fulfillment theme of the “Warriors of the Rainbow” Cree prophecy and book by that name.

Presenters to Include Feather Sherman, Todd Swan, and SunBow TrueBrother

Topics that may be addressed:

Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment theme of the 1961 book called Warriors of The Rainbow

Rainbow Family believers’ individual spiritual perspectives on prophecy fulfillment and the pathway to peace through the practice of universal unconditional love

Sharing prayers and experiences of observed signs and portents since 1970 about such mutual prophecy fulfillment unfolding


Aug25 – Theme of the Day – Major Global Religions and New Life Plan Solutions

Comparing prophecies and related teachings of these widespread religions around the Globe

Presenters to included Carpenter Arpa-V, Lisa Clapier, David Williams, and Robert Mendelson via remote video from Connecticut.

HRH Carpenter Arpa-V will provide an update on the status of the launch of the controversial Earth Dollar project, initiated by the Anishnabe Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed, for empowering the global indigenous nations by creating a currency -- that is not nation-state created and its regulated use enforced by violence and threat of violence by the nation issuing such money -- which is based instead on the collateral value of the resources on the respective indigenous nations' lands. This experimental global Mother Earth currency may be a step towards an "offering based economy" without money that furthers the predicted future of "true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance for all, as Paradise on Earth".

Themes that may be addressed:

What is the difference between Islamic and Islamist?

Prophecy about Al Mehdi, the “Moslem Messiah”?

Tenets of Islam, The Will of The One God, Resurrection of the Dead on The Last Day (signs, portents?)

Comparing the concepts of the inviolably sovereign Will of The One God, with the inviolably sovereign cosmic law depicted by the Torah of Judaism and by the MyoHo of Buddhism

Is the Great Spirit worshiped by the global indigenous peoples in many forms the same as The One God worshiped by Islam?

What does Allahu Akbar mean? What does Leh ihl leh heh ihl Al-lah mean? What does Allahu Ahad mean?

What is meaning and the difference between seeing Jesus as the “son of God” and as the “Son of God”?

Prophecy about the expected Jewish Messiah, signs and portents?

Prophecy about the expected “Return of Jesus Christ”, signs and portents?

What is Torah? Talmud?

** Explanation of Buddha’s Prophecy of 2500 years ago and how this prophecy is being fulfilled by the universal pronunciation of the Odaimoku, the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo universal medicine word to purify the minds of the people to bring “Pure Land” as our promised future of peace and harmony among all our global human family.

Tibetan Buddhist Prophecies including, “when the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels the Dharma (cosmic law) will flourish in the land of the red face”, feedback from the 1974 meeting with the Hopi religious leaders by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa.

Sai Baba’s stated role in mutual prophecy fulfillment, the promised “Golden Age” to come.


Aug26 – To be announced


Aug27 – Theme of the Day - Cosmic Calendars Mental Dynamics

9-11am – Normal morning circle as above described, with Jose Munoz joining the circle and a special focus on the Mayan Calendars subject of his presentation in the afternoon.

2-5PM - Jose Munoz Presentation and discussion of three Mayan cosmic calendars including the new 26,000 year cosmic calendar starting with December 21, 2012; sharing about the Mayan Jade Princess Scroll promise of global peace by the year 2021.

Possible questions to address:

What is this new 26,000 year calendar and where did it come from?

How does understanding the cosmic calendar help in the cause of global peace and harmony?

Is the message of the Jade Stone Princess a “prophecy”?

How can people best use these new calendars?


Aug28 – Theme of the Day – Conceiving and Conducting a Ceremony to “Help Fulfill Prophecy”

9-11am Reflections on what has been learned, what to do next, can we create and conduct a ceremony together that will actually help fulfill the prophecies for global peace and harmony among all?

Noon Main Spiritual Unity Summit Ceremony conducted by Jose Munoz, Closing Circle, Praying for fulfillment of all the prophecies about our promised future of peace and harmony among all life.


5) Invited Remote Presenters, via live or recorded videos submitted before, during of after the event, who are asked to keep the success of this Spiritual Unity Summit in their minds and prayers.

Ibrahim Abu Al-Hawa
A Jerusalem Peacemaker and His Golden Key of Love:

Sathya Sai Baba, Global Sangha of Devotees

Yogi Bhajan, 3HO Sikh organization founded by

Asim Buyuksoy, Director of Religious Affairs, Southern California Islamic Center

Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

Marshall Golden Eagle Jack
Ceremonial Doctor & Healer of Ancestral Lineages, Speciality Healing the Waters

True Torah Jews

Hymon Johnson, Sathya Sai Baba Education in Human Values Program

Gyoway Kato, Nipponzan Myohoji New England Temple and Peace Pagoda

Phil Lane, Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr, Dakota
CEO Four Worlds International Institute.
Key figure convening annual gatherings in Panama and Canada bringing together, in a one human family reunion way, the tribes of North and South America, the peoples of the Eagle and the Condor recognizing all human beings as the indigenous peoples of Mother Earth.
Inspiration for Tthe Reunion of the Condor and Eagle and Beyond, Facebook Group:
Inspiration for the Global Council of Indigenous Peoples, Facebook Group:

Michael Lerner, Rabbi

Arvol Looking-Horse, Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the nineteenth generation Keeper of the Original Sacred Pipe (Chanupa).

Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy

Eliyahu McClean, Jerusalem Peacemakers, Abrahamic Reunion

Claes Nobel, Senior Member of Nobel Peace Prize family

Patricia Paulsen, Sunburst Kriya Yoga Community founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda disciple Norman Paulsen

John Perkins, Liaison for Amazon Elders
Perkins explaining Condor/Eagle Prophecy in 2 minutes:

Tai-Situ Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Monk particularly interested in Hopi

Gyosen Sawada, Nipponzan Myohoji Temple Los Angeles

Punya Upadhyaya
Taos Hanuman Temple, Neem Karoly Baba Ashram

Joel Wallach, physician and veterinarian, health and longevity science expert, experienced divine guidance as a Christian and as the scientist who discovered and is sharing publicly the biochemistry for optimizing health and longevity, knowledge proven over 40 years of research and practice, but suppressed or ignored by the American Medical Association’s ineffective and counter-productive “American Medical Monopoly”.
Call for an American Medical Revolution:

Yusen Yamato, Soto Zen Buddhist Monk
Initiator of the Global Peace Walk and this Forum for Global Peace project
From Tenkawa (Milky Way) Shrine, Saraswati (Ben Zai Ten) Altar, Yoshino, Nara, Japan
President of Turtle Compassion Foundation of Taos NM, Soto Zen Buddhist Monk, bloodline of the Ainu indigenous people’s culture of Japan marginalized after the Chinese and other foreign invasions over the past thousand years or so. Initiator of the Global Peace Walk and the 2017 Forum for Global Peace project. Was the first Tenku Odaimoku Practitioner to walk in the Hopi land beating the Tenku Celestial Prayer Drum while chanting the Odaimoku universal medicine word mantra Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo, circa 1975.

6) Background Information and References:


Background information on the Chumash Culture and recent developments in their increasingly unifying spiritual authority:

The Chumash indigenous culture of California has an ancient prophecy regarding the Condor, to the effect that “one day in the future the shadow of the Condor will no longer be seen on the Earth”, which was quite baffling because they were to prevalent with feathers used in ceremony and garments etc. This prophecy was fulfilled in the 1980’s when the last of the wild California Condor individual was added to the captured breeding program trying to preserve and revive the species, with the blessings and prayers of the Chumash spiritual leadership. The species had been decimated by lead poisoning from eating lead bullets in the carcasses left by hunters. By the 1990’s the breeding program was successful enough that individuals were one by one released and the population steadily grew due to a Statewide ban on lead bullets throughout their range. Since then they have prospered in the wild and they have migrated over great distances where the Condor and the Eagle fly together in the skies of California and beyond.

The Chumash have the rainbow symbol in their human origin story to effect that the Chumash came to the California coast walking over a Rainbow Bridge from the Islands created by the Great Spirit who told them not to look down while walking over to the mainland. Those who did look down fell off into the water where they turned into dolphins. This is why the close relationship between the Chumash and the dolphins. A few months after planting the Tree of Peace at UCSB, in the summer of 1985 the beloved Chumash Elder SkyEagle, the “last of the Chumash dolphin callers”, made his special prayer ceremony before the main big ceremony dedicating the Dolphin Fountain at the foot of the pier in Santa Barbara. Before that time for many decades of local memory it was rare to see a dolphin in the Santa Barbara area. After that ceremony the dolphins returned and since then have been plentiful and visible in the area.

Chumash Bear Clan Mother Pilulah Khus offered her smudging blessing prayer presiding over the installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame on the UC Santa Barbara eternal flame memorial peace monument, during the closing ceremony for the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign’s week of ceremonies and events in January 1990 featuring the participation of Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya and Haudenosaunee Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Tree of Peace Society, after the cross campus Ceremonial Procession from the UCSB Tree of Peace planted on campus five years earlier by Jake Swamp and Chumash Elder Victor SkyEagle Lopez as a symbol of The Great Law of Peace brought by The Peacemaker about a thousand years ago ending centuries of bitter warfare among the tribes and nonviolently uniting them into the Haudenosaunee Confederacy which created a lasting peace for hundreds of years among over 100 indigenous nations before the European invasions, a system of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” that the Unite States founding fathers tried to emulated in creating the US Government system. The Haudenosaunee system is leadership by unanimous consent, not “majority rule”, use Wampun as social contracts instead of money, shared the land instead of owning it, and while all the leaders were men they were each responsible to a council of women at whose pleasure they served.

Some years later the Haudenosaunee sent a team of runners from the Grand Council Fire in Onondaga NY to carry a light from that fire that has burned continually for about a thousand years since it was created when The Peacemaker united the original five nations of the confederacy by having each of their council fires combined into one grand council fire where important decisions are made still today. This light was installed on as an eternal flame on the Chumash Santa Ynez Band Reservation, the one Chumash band in the Santa Barbara area that actually has a land base as a federally recognized tribe (now even with a Casino).

Before the mid-1970’s in Santa Barbara the Chumash people were locally considered extinct, but their descendants had simply blended in with the local Spanish speaking community. In 1978 they became quite publicly known nationwide because all the Chumash Bands united and rose up against the proposal to install a Liquified Natural Gas terminal on the ocean near Point Concepcion which the Chumash consider very sacred as the Western Gate through which the souls pass coming into and out of human bodies upon birth and death. Their spiritual stand united all factions of the Santa Barbara community to rise up with them and united they defeated the LNG Terminal proposal.

When President Reagan was running for re-election the Chumash were approached by tribes across the country to appeal to President Reagan to fulfill his promise to meet with representatives of the indigenous tribes, a promise he made in Moscow at a public talk where he was hounded by some AIM members who got to ask him publicly if he would meet with Native American representatives to discuss their plight and the President said he would. Then after return to the US he “forgot” his promise (Alzheimers?) and publicly recanted it. So the Chumash organized a walk to Reagan’s Ranch to protest this about a month before the election. They advised the Western White House in advance and they did not want such a protest walk to happen so they agreed to the meeting with the President and the walk took place as prayer of thanks for that decision. The meeting happened in the White House a few months later.

Since 1978 the Chumash have experienced a strong indigenous cultural revival and are now well known in the Americas as the Keepers The Western Gate, well respected by the Santa Barbara Community instead of being extremely prejudiced against for centuries since the times of the Catholic Holocaust of the indigenous peoples of California spearheaded by the recently canonized priest named Serra.

In February of 1996 a peace walk across country had arrived to Santa Barbara after its initiation by William Commanda the Keeper of Anishnabe Seven Fires Wampum Belt and its prophecy about the lighting of the Eight Fire coincident with the inauguration of the promised future of peace and harmony among all of our one human family. With the support of the Chumash Santa Ynez Band he was able to do his ceremony with the 7 Fires Wampum Belt at Point Conception marking a final step in his lifetime towards the Lighting of the 8th Fire.

My first encounter with the Chumash people was in September of 1977 in Isla Vista the college town adjacent to UCSB when the community parks district decided to rename the newly expanded Madrid Park to a Chumash language name that reflected their ancient designation of that area, Anisq’Oyo Park. There was a sunrise fire ceremony conducted by their spiritual leader Kote Lotah who afterwards delivered a speech from the new park stage on which was several dozen people whom he introduced as some of the Chumash people of the Santa Barbara area. This is when I knew they were not extinct after all.

In January of 1978 Kote Lotah conducted another sunrise fire prayer ceremony to send off our peace prayer walk from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, carrying his Owl Clan Sacred Staff with an actual owl’s head on top, for the purpose of introducing Thomas Banyacya there to the monks of the Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Order who in subsequent years strongly supported Thomas and other indigenous leaders in the practice of their religious culture and spiritual faith, bringing Thomas and other indigenous leaders like Jake Swamp and Dennis Banks to speak and pray in Japan on many occasions.


Background information on Mayan Culture and Jose Federico Munoz:

Transcript of this 3min video of Jose Munoz describing his Mayan Calendar Class:

Hi, My name is Jose Manik Munoz. I am a messenger for the Mayan Chorti Tribes [descendants of the Vikings in Central America].

This is an invitation for all of you to come and remember together who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. By doing this, we can actually seek advice from the past, the present, and the future, to make the best decisions every time.

This (showing calendar codex) is a tool that has been used for over 60,000 years in many cultures around the world, especially the Tibetan Culture, the Hopi Culture, and the Mayan Culture. So it is in this way that this tool can be accessed by any one of us to make those best decisions daily. We are here to share this for everyone.

So we are asking you to come and remember, so in that good way we can share it in multiple layers to other communities, and the country, and the world.

This is a class that we have designed so that anyone in the world can learn this in a condensed way. In fifteen hours you can come back the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient ones. In this class anyone can learn to take a peek at the moment of conception into the past lives and bring the wisdom to the present. Anyone can find the best way to navigate career and relationships in this reality. And anyone can take a look into the future all the way to December 21st of the year 2199. By doing this we can bring knowledge and advice from the past and the future to the eternal present.

In this class the students will learn to speak some languages that are required to understand this. Two of them are Mayan languages so you will learn to speak the ceremonial words required to understand all of this magnificent piece of knowledge (gestures to codex on wall).

The students will also learn to do astrological readings using 23 of the ancient astrology systems, including the Greek astrology, the Mayan astrology, and Chinese astrology.

In this way we as humanity understand where we are at, where we came from and where we are going. And by doing this we can be of service in a more efficient way to the rest of humanity.

This is why we came to this planet, to remember and to help co-create a new world into intergalactic harmony.

Please join us in class so together we can do this and share with the world this ancient wisdom.

Thank You.

Note: To enroll in special live online sessions of this 15hr course, phone Jose at 323- 670-9310 or email him at for details.


Background information on the White Buffalo Prophecies:

Pony Rider Classmates and the White Buffalo Prophecies Fulfilled

Simply sharing this message with everyone will give us all our own pony to ride.

It is fascinating indeed to learn there are two separate and distinct White Buffalo Prophecies.

One is regarding a naturally occurring but rare full grown Albino White Buffalo, a prophecy fulfilled in a natural way over 160 years ago involving unbridled human/equine exercise of courage, physical strength, endurance, perseverance, and determination, combined with honed skill and teamwork between a Man and his Pony, a prophecy already fulfilled as explained in this short video.

The other is the more widely known White Buffalo Prophecy better described as the Sacred Promise of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, which "Prophecy" apparently is starting to be fulfilled since the August 20, 1994, birth of the Non-Albino White Buffalo Calf named Miracle, a "prophecy" from a paranormal source fulfilled by a paranormal Non-Albino White Buffalo Calf.

One is really the White Buffalo Prophecy and the other is the White Buffalo Calf Prophecy.

In his story of first one, Brother Phil engages us emotionally and we absorb the knowledge of it physically and viscerally as we identify with his ancestor the Protagonist Horseman fulfilling prophecy by individual extreme physical effort and will power.

In the other story we feel its meaning together as classmate students of a wise and beautiful young paranormal transformational woman who made a Sacred Promise of Hope for the Future Generations, nineteen generation ago, a Promise we now see being kept and fulfilled by our faith in the truth of it and sharing that truth with every single member of our one human family thereby spiritually united in our joint practice, of unbridled universal unconditional love, with as much vigor and the same courage and extreme devotion as the White Buffalo Prophecy Horseman.

Each of these stories amplifies the Sacred Knowledge represented by the other.

"Let us share both with all."

- All Our Relations

- Our Family of Life

- Earth in Glory

Story of White Buffalo Prophecy as told by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr:


Background information on Rainbow Family and Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment:

Rainbow Warriors, White Buffalo, and Hopi prophecies mutual fulfillment, Sai Baba's Role for paranormal results:

The rainbow family believers had a "sacred stone tablet" called the stone of many faces. It was recognized and empowered by the Hopi sacred stone tablet keeper during their visit decades ago comparing it unsuccessfully to the Hopi Fire Clan Sacred Stone Tablet with the missing corner of its pictograms which the original light-skinned Hopi man now called Pahana (true white brother) took with him many centuries ago.

This same Hopi man is predicted to return with it one day in the future and match the missing corner with the rest of the tablet, and then explain in his Hopi language to the elders what meaning is interpreted from its completed petroglyph that defines a New Life Plan to change the course of history off of its present pathway towards total global destruction and onto the pathway towards peace and harmony among all of our human family living on a healed planet with free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

This is according to the most literal interpretation of the "Hopi Prophecy", the Hopi Life Plan Sacred Teaching.

This interpretation of the Hopi Fire Clan Sacred Stone Tablet Prophecy, where in Hopi language the meaning of the word prophecy is "Life Plan", seems extremely hard to believe, that it could actually happen that way, which definitely would be a very "paranormal event" if it did.

Perhaps almost as "paranormal" as the hidden meaning of the Lakota prophecy left nineteen generations ago which is apparently now being fulfilled since the August 20, 1994, birth of the first White Buffalo calf as promised by by the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.Woman who brought the original Sacred Pipe (Chanupa) and over some days explained its Seven Sacred Rights, after appearing first as a white buffalo and changing into a beautiful woman who, when finished delivering the Seven Rites Teachings, turned again into a white buffalo departing with the promise she would return as a Symbol of Hope for the people at a time of great troubles in the future.

Is it any harder to believe that Hopi man will return as I described above, than it is to believe a white buffalo turned into a woman for a week and chatted with the people before walking away turning back into a white buffalo?

What has been overlooked, in interpreting that first white buffalo calf birth as marking the apparent fulfillment of this prophecy, is its message validates and confirms the actual reality of the paranormal event behind this ancient prediction so many Lakota and others have kept faith about for so long.

Only a miracle can save the world of today, a deeply paranormal miracle, which is perhaps why that white buffalo calf born in 1994 was named Miracle.

I am now in the Hopi land making final arrangements after a year and a half of Facebook collaborations, preparing for the "by invitation only" Aug20-28 Spiritual Unity Summit I am convening as a scientific spiritual "experiment" culminating with a mutual prophecy fulfillment ceremony to pray.for the return of the Hopi Fire Clan Sacred Stone Tablet missing corner piece as described above, "by paranormal means".

If this happens, 100+ million Sai Baba devotees worldwide will all say, "Oh, that was just Baba appearing in order to rescue, in one of His many different forms, as He has done before on so many occasions during and after his first two lifetimes."

Our Aug28 Spiritual Unity Summit Noon Closing Ceremony praying for Mutual Prophecy Fulfillment will be an ceremony analogous to the 1994 Chanupa Ceremony conducted in New Orleans praying for the birth of the prophesied white buffalo, on the very same day Miracle was born Aug20, causing the city mayor to proclaim Aug27 as their annual White Buffalo Day.

This is the reason why I am promoting this year 2016 as the first year of the global annual White Buffalo Week Aug20-28 as a vehicle to share this healing sacred knowledge.

More details on the story about the so-called rainbow family "many faces stone" shown to the Hopi and compared to their fire clan sacred stone tablet, are at this link:

Article by Garrick Beck:

Main Rainbow Family Un-Official Website:

Remarkable NPR audio report explaining Rainbow Family Gatherings:

Illustrating Margot Adler’s ability to act as an “anthropological journalist,” here’s a 1986 report on the Rainbow Gathering.

2016 Vermont Rainbow Family Gathering 5hr19min video featuring many of those who initiated the annual July1-4 Rainbow Family Gatherings starting in 1972, the first fully documented history of these gatherings and the now Global Rainbow Family Gatherings phenomenon spawned by the Rainbow Family Ideal of uniting all of humanity as one human family living in peace and harmony as believers in the practice of universal unconditional love and consensus decision making:


Background on Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle:

In Bolivia in 1970 beloved Quechua relatives of the prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle which was passed on to them from their Spiritual Visionaries who lived before Columbus and 1492, see article:

Thank you to Sacred Mayan Elder Jose Federico Munoz for sharing this confirming information:

"This prophecy was foretold at their last ancient gathering of the elders in 1444 in Tulan Tziu. It was simply called The Tzikin (birds) Prophecies. It involved all tribes (birds) of the world. As the messengers went back to their lands the Tzikin prophecies became different names due to geography and language. Many of these messengers taking the prophecies back never made it to their lands. These prophecies also carry medicine technology and calendars which would help all tribes survive. The message at that time was, "hardship and destruction will ravaged the earth. In order to survive we must be willing to sacrifice for the next generations. Those tribes who resist these changes will disapear. The ones keeping and following the teachings will see all seeds planted flourish in the Ojlajuj Baktun period of Illumination (after the year 2012 AD)."

Seem related to the "Return of the Bird Tribes" by Deya Dova?


Background on the Nichiren Buddhism of Japan.

There are about 32 different sects of Buddhism in Japan following the teachings of Saint Nichiren who lived about 750 years ago during the time of major transition to a militarized central nation-state government in Japan making up laws and enforcing them by violence and the threat of violence. His main message is that all the wisdom in the Lotus Sutra, about the superior cosmic law as the law that everyone including the government should follow, is embodied in the seven characters of the calligraphy of the mantra he taught his followers to use to bring “Pure Land” to the Earth, the NaMu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo universal medicine word prayer mantra beyond religion and sect.

The smallest by far of these 32 Nichiren Buddhist sects is Nipponzan Myohoji, now an ascetic global peace movement which emerged from Nichiren Buddhism.

Soka Gakai International is the world's largest Buddhist lay organization, with approximately 12 million Nichiren Buddhist practitioners in 192 countries and regions, also very active in the world peace movement.

The essence of the Soka Gakai International (SGI) Nichiren Buddhism is Human Revolution and Kosun Rufu (World Peace in Japanese). “A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.” - Daisaku Ikeda, SGI founder

The Japanese phrase kosen-rufu expresses a centrally important concept for members of the SGI. “Kosen-rufu has been informally defined as "world peace through individual happiness. More broadly, it could be understood as a vision of social peace brought about by the widespread acceptance of core values such as unfailing respect for the dignity of human life. However, it does not mean the conversion of all Earth's inhabitants, without exception, to Nichiren Buddhism.”

Kosan Rufu: Even if you are the only one practicing the Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo prayer for global respect of the inviolably sovereign cosmic natural law (Myo Ho, Dharma) as the solution for global peace, and you are opposed by all the rest of the world, keep going!

Personal experiences practicing SGI Nichrien Buddhism, very powerful, 35,000+ views:


Background on the Tibetan-Hopi-Japanese Connection:

In 1974 His Holiness the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa, the predecessor to the current 17th Karmapa, as the head of one of the four major schools or sects of Tibetan Buddhism, visited the Hopi land with a number of Rinpoches and other Tibetan Buddhist Monks (Lamas) and met in Kiva with Hopi religious leaders for the purpose of comparing knowledge for the cause of true global peace. What they shared was quite astonishing as they each could understand one another's languages, the Tibetan and Hopi languages, with a few words reversed like the Tibetan word for the Sun is the same as the Hopi word for the Moon, and vice versa! In his Black Hat Empowerment Ceremony in Santa Barbara California in March of 1977 the Karmapa's podium featured a Tanka tapestry with the double dorje symbol in the center and a swastika at each corner, very reminiscent of the symbols predicted by the "official Hopi Prophecy" to be used by the "first helper".

In 1979 His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama met in Los Angeles for the first time with Hopi religious leaders David Monongye of Hotevilla, Earl Pela the Kikmongwi of Shungopavi, and their English language interpreter Thomas Banyacya, as depicted in a famous photo of the four of them taken by reknown photographer and author of photo essay books (including “From the Roof of the World to the Land of Enchantment” to be released in September 2016) about the Tibetan and American Indigenous Cultures, Marcia Keegan, who arranged this and many other meetings between the Dalai Lama and the Hopi over the following decades along with her husband Harmon Houghton now of Native Media Network which was created to bring this kind of focus and devotion into the online world with live video uplink of events footage and internet distribution of that content.

One such meeting was in Albuquerque where the Hopi Fire Clan leader brought their sacred stone tablet to show the Dalai Lama to see if he had the missing corner piece or any insight into that particular Hopi Prophecy. He said he did not and over the years every time the Hopi asked him again he said the same thing, definitively again and finally in October 1994. It seems because His Holiness' Buddhist Order wears red robes the Hopi authorities thought there may be some confusion in their knowledge and HH could be the one expected as the Pahana but that has been definitely ruled out now.

In addition to those meetings a few others between the Dalai Lama and the Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya were arranged by Reverend Yusen Yamato where they were together in ceremony. One such meeting took place over a few days in San Francisco in 1989 but Thomas cut his visit short and got a supporter to fly him home to Arizona on a private plane because Thomas felt there was an earthquake coming. Unknown to me he kept prodding Yamato to come visit Thomas in the Hopi land as soon as possible to avoid being in SF when the earthquake hit. All I knew to begin with was that Yamato kept calling me saying I needed to pick him up and bring him to see Thomas who kept calling him to come visit. Finally one day Yamato said, "you have to come now!", so I did. I drove my RV and picked him up in the middle of the night and we headed to the Hopi land. When we got to Flagstaff the headlines in the paper were about the big Loma Prieta earthquake that had devastated San Francisco including toppling the Bay Bridge two hours after we drove over it on the way out of town! Thomas' warning to Yamato was not mentioned to me until a few years later, yikes.

The final such meeting in ceremony that Yamato arranged for Thomas and the Dalai Lama was during the time of the Kalachakra Ceremony in New York City in October 1991, just following the Dalai Lama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Thomas was placed in these ceremonies in a position of high honor and afterwards Yamato escorted him to the United Nations where Thomas met the Secretary General's secretary and gave him the eagle feather paho that his elders had given him in 1948 to "open the door to the house of mica", which was followed on December 12, 1992, by Banyacya and 81 other global indigenous religious leaders speaking at the UN General Assembly for the first time in history.

After my experiences in the Summer of 1976 in the Hopi land investigating what the Hopi Prophecy was all about, and being puzzled about the "two helpers", one with the sign of the Sun, upon returning to Santa Barbara, in the Fall I encountered the Japanese Buddhist monks of the Nipponzan Myohoji order and took up their mantra and drum from a monk named Masao Nippashi, whose last name in English means "sun bridge" or "rainbow" and whose first name in English means "political man" but is the same sound as the Hopi language word for the Great Spirit in the form of Masauu who can sometimes be seen as a flame walking over the land at night, I heard.

During our 1990 week of events in Santa Barbara, one day Thomas Banyacya and others had a meeting over tea with Tibetan monk of the Karmapa's order named Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, who explained about a Tibetan prophecy they saw as being fulfilled in these times, ie, "when the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels the Tibetans will be scattered around the world and the dharma will flourish in the land of the red face". As his interpreter explained this in English, overhead was the noticeable sound of an airplane as if to punctuate the message with an explanation mark! You can see and hear that part in the online Rainbow Uprising video on YouTube, starting from very shortly after this point in the video where the theme of mutual prophecy fulfillment is introduced:


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