What Funding is Needed

I am not supported by any organization, although such funding vehicles are welcomed and the Taos Peace Pagoda Project's Turtle Compassion Foundation will be the tax exempt organization sponsoring the 2017 Forum for Global Peace that I am helping to produce.

Until sufficient seed money is acquired for that project I am organizing it as the Executive Producer of the event at my own expense, which has depleted my meager funds over the last few weeks.

Here is a list of what funding is needed for in the coming weeks and months:

New printer cartridge(s) so I can print flyers any time, at $75-125 each depending on store. I have plenty of paper, will need two cartridges to use through Washington DC

Gas and miscellaneous expense estimates for my travel June-August to conduct the Rainbow Uprising Peace March to the White House July8-Aug9: ~$1,000 from New Mexico to New England, $500 from New England to Washington DC (more for gas for other vehicles), $1,500 from Washington DC to Hopi Cultural Center (more for additional vehicles in caravan)


Hopi Cultural Center rental of 8 rooms plus conference rooms for Aug20-28 Spiritual Unity Summit: $11,250 (may need about that amount more for food and local transportation and support). Will need more depending on additional presenters committed.


Forum for Global Peace: $15-100 million


To see how to send funds please go to this page: