2016 Rainbow Uprising Campaign (March 11 - August 28)

Last updated 06June2016

After capturing the Hiroshima Peace Flame into a lantern on March 9th, from the UC Santa Barbara Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument lit with this flame in 1990 culminating a week of events to initiate the Rainbow Uprising Campaign as a self purification spiritual practice to uprise human consciousness, the peace flame lantern has been carried on the March 11th peace walk in Santa Barbara for a blessing with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros, then to the Hopi land where it is being displayed March 26th in the Hopi Culture Center picnic area with the Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole for the White House in an all day Spiritual Unity Vigil before departing to conduct the same vigil and display in Taos NM Kit Carson Park at Noon. Here is the text with live links and a printable jpg of a flyer about the purpose of these two prayer vigils. More details on the purpose will be added to this page over time:


Details on the 2016 Rainbow Uprising Peace March from New England to the United Nations in NYC, to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, ending in Lafayette Park next to the White House (July 8th to August 9th) offering the Peace Pole Ceremony for installation on the lawn of the White House, with the President in the Sacred Circle Ceremony on August 15th and presenting the Rainbow Uprising Global Peace Treaty created there in council between Aug10-14:



Details about the message of the Rainbow Uprising Campaign initiated in January 1990:


Details about the open source Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole and its graphic symbol of The Message of Peace:


History of the 2,200 year old precedent, the Traditional Peace Poles representing The Message of Peace which ended violent warfare in India by the war monger King Ashoka embracing its message of peace:


Details about the annual Global Peace Walk from Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico, April 8-22, 2016:



Details about the 2016 Rainbow Uprising Spiritual Unity Summit in Arizona, August 20-28, The Legion of Light, an all faiths mutual prophecy fulfillment gathering recognizing the American indigenous spiritual prophecy theme of The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle and Beyond:


Coordinated Local American Spiritual Unity Celebrations, White Buffalo Days, Aug20-28


Facebook Page for announcing and coordinating such local Spiritual Unity Celebrations:


A project of the Facebook Group: The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle and Beyond



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