#GlobalPeace2021 Press Release of 27Feb2018

Please Join Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo in Ceremony

#GlobalPeace2021 Santa Barbara Tree of Peace Ceremony, Sunday March 11, 2018, 1-2pm

For Immediate Release, Tuesday February 27, 2018, more info at:


From: David Williams, 805-708-0252, Santa Barbara Science Center

Please join with the Tree of Peace Society and Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo, Sunday March 11th, for a 1-2pm UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony. (On Greenbelt at Northwest corner of Storke Tower)

The public is invited to this special 7th Fukushima Anniversary March 11th prayer ceremony for global unity, harmony and peace convened by Chumash elder Art Cisneros and conducted by Mayan Day Keeper Jose Munoz, to empower the mission of the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem to unite the three holy faiths of Jerusalem in peace.

In support will be a 12-2pm Tuesday March 6th, Opening Camp #GlobalPeace2021 Community Council Circle at Carpinteria State Beach convened by Juan Ayala.

Native Media Network is interested to broadcast the ceremony live on its global internet television station.

The UCSB Chancellor, California Governor, and US President have been invited without response as yet.

This ceremony is inspired by the Mayan GlobalPeace2021 message of the Jade Princess Scroll revealed in Santa Barbara three years ago promising World Peace starting in the year 2021 per information recorded in the 1400ís transmitted back from the year 2029.

The Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem project began in 1994. It was introduced internationally with the Christmas 2005 Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk conducted in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and led by Haj Ibrahim of East Jerusalemís Peace House who welcomes the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem for installation there as a symbol of The Message of Peace through the practice of unconditional love.

The Message of The Great Law of Peace was shared in a precedent 1990 UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony ending a week of events with local Chumash elders, Bruce DePalma the Santa Barbara inventor of the n-Machine free energy generator mentioned in a US Department of Energy report in 1998, Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya and Iroquois Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp. Participants included actor Jon Voight who shared insights from some of his friends among the Chumash, Hopi, and Iroquois indigenous leaders at the end of the ceremony, on a YouTube video called the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness.

For personal peace through the practice of unconditional love.


This press release was delivered and a public announcement made to the Santa Barbara City Council and Mayor in session on February 27, 2018, by Juan Ayala, starting at 23:50 into this video recording of that city council meeting.

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