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Taos NM April 15-28, 2022, Schedule

Peace Through Universal Love
For Good Health and Long Life
National “90ForLife” Campaign
The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage
For “Global Peace Now!” as
The Universal Human Resolve
Free Leonard Peltier from FBI
Santa Barbara to White House
Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem
April 1st - November 8, 2022
Isla Vista Peace Festival April 4
Eternal Flame & Tree of Peace
April 8 Buddha’s Birthday
Chumash Live Oak Camp
Lucidity Music Festival 3 Days
Opening Mayan Renaissance
Sixth Sun Sacred Calendar
“Time Has Come!”
Micah David Fargey-Williams
David Williams (805) 403-1634
Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel
Free Energy From Space

Mayan Renaissance March-April 2022
Mayan Sixth Sun Calendar Day Keeper
Jose Federico Munoz

Global Peace Walk

International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

90ForLife National Campaign
For Good Health and Long Life
Dr Joel Wallach, Youngevity Founder
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Call for an American Medical Revolution

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The Science Solution: Conscience

Why Science is the most powerful religion

Honoring Mayor Cathy Murillo
The Great Planetary Peace
Pilgrimage episode #4
To Develop the Most Popular
PeaceTV Show Ever, podcast
Saturdays Noon-2pmPacific
Live, Recorded: David Williams

Honoring Santa Barbara’s 50th Mayor, Cathy Murillo, for her unwavering support of the inviolably sovereign precedent of The Great Law of Peace, which United the Nations in Peace and Prosperity for hundreds of years by ending warfare and violence under its symbol of the Tree of Peace.

Cathy Murillo is the first ever Santa Barbara Mayor to participate in our Global Peace Prayer Ceremony at the UCSB Tree of Peace, since we planted on May 16, 1985, when she issued her Mayoral Proclamation of support on March 11, 2018, the 7th Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Anniversary, to empower the Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem by adding to it the symbol for “Uniting the Three Faiths of Jerusalem in Peace”, in that ceremony witnessed by Chumash Elder Art Cisneros and conducted by the 6th Sun Mayan Sacred Calendar Day Keeper Jose Ajpu Munoz who then added the new 26,000 year calendar’s symbol for “Peace, Love and Patience” before Art Cisneros added the Seventh Symbol representing the scientific certainty of the absolute nature of truth, Tetron, on Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, October 2, 2021, all taking place during Mayor Murillo’s tenure marking 2021 as the beginning of World Peace per the Mayan Jade Princess Prophecy delivered in Guatemala on June 21, 1444, based on information from the Year 2029, first announced to the public at Santa Barbara’s Antioch University in April 2015.

This 4th Weekly Saturday Podcast, live and recorded Noon-2pmPacifc, for January 15, 2022, will discuss plans for the Jan15-17 Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Birthday US National Holiday Weekend, starting with his Eternal Peace Flame Monument at UCSB located on the south lawn of Ellison Hall, installed by the graduating Class of 1969, featuring a plaque quoting him and two other plaques quoting Robert Kennedy and President John Kennedy, all assassinated during that decade with the fingerprints of the same FBI that has long acknowledged they intentionally falsified the ballistic for the imprisonment of American Peace Movement Leader Leonard Peltier from the American Indian Movement for over 40 years and still counting on our complete destruction of FBI and CIA unacceptable corruption.

——Announcing, January 14, 2022:

White House 2022 Peace Walk
from Santa Barbara: Apr1-Nov8
David Williams: 805-403-1634

The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage will be walking from Santa Barbara City Hall to The White House arriving on November 8th, to bring out the prayer for “Global Peace Now!” as The Universal Human Resolve, thereby uniting humanity in respect of the absolute nature of truth itself, in order to correct all trivial religious beliefs to the contrary.

This Peace Walk will leave from Santa Barbara City Hall on Friday April 1st on the way to UCSB for a ceremony at the Tree of Peace, symbol of the inviolably sovereign Great Law of Peace, the foundation of the Iroquois Confederacy and misunderstood inspiration of the US founders seeking a just form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

On the way to UCSB and Isla Vista the Peace Walk will visit the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, installed by the Class of 1969, with plaques quoting President John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Dr Martin Luther King Jr, where, after a January 1990 procession from a Tree of Peace Ceremony, the Hiroshima Peace Flame was installed culminating a week of events in Memorium of Mahatma Gandhi’s Fujii Guruji to initiate the Hopi Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign by traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy Tree of Peace Society, Chumash Bear Clan Mother Pilulaw Khus, and the actor and native rights activist Jon Voight, along with community activists and the event organizer David Crockett Williams.

The inspiration for the Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage, to become “the most popular TV show ever” was developed during the Peace Walk from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica in January 1978 by Fujii Guruji’s disciple Reverend Masao Nippashi, which led the to initiation of the American Indian Movement’s Longest Walk from CA to DC the next month, conducted to introduce Banyacya to Nichidatsu Fujii’s disciples, including Williams and 60 year Mesa resident Carolynne Fargey, where their son born in 1979, Micah David Fargey-Williams will lead this Peace Walk from SB to DC as former lawyer with a Cal Berkeley Political Science Degree, a Santa Barbara High School and Open Alternative School graduate born and raised in Santa Barbara.

Our goal is to fulfill Fujii Guruji’s “Dream for World Peace” by sharing the Message of Peace depicted by the symbols on the Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem, following the precedent of India’s King Ashoka whose Peace Poles previously ended warfare and violence for 500 years.

The meaning of the first six symbols on the Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem:

After ceremonies at UCSB and a Peace Festival Apr1-4 in Isla Vista, the walk will proceed arriving at the Buddha’s Birthday April 8-10, Lucidity Festival 2022, at Live Oak Campground to participate in the Mayan Sixth Sun Calendar Cosmic Neo-Renaissance before joining in progress the 27th annual United Nations Global Peace Walk, from Taos to Santa Fe NM, Apr8-28, also organized by Williams in 1994, to remember the purpose of the United Nations Charter “to eliminate the scourge of war from the future generations”, ending at the Santa Fe Indian Boarding School to read the report by President Biden’s Secretary of the Interior due on April 1st, about the children’s deaths Nationwide in the US Indian Boarding Schools.

Mayan Renaissance 2022
Jose Ajpu Munoz, 6th Sun Sacred Calendar Keeper

Global Peace Walk background:

From there the walk will continue for the specific purpose of securing the release of Leonard Peltier from prison as the last US Indigenous Prisoner of War, due to falsified evidence and epic FBI corruption.

Next the Peace Walk will visit the 50th Annual Rainbow Family Gathering July1-7, the Lakota Chief Crow Dog’s Sundance Ceremony in Rosebud SD, and the final leg from Aug9-Nov8, Walking to FBI HQ Back on the Trail of Tears from Oklahoma where it ended at the new “Monument to Forgiveness”, a bronze sculpture by Francis Jansen of Santa Barbara.


The Seventh Symbol:

About the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel
Established May 17, 1978


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