Global Peace Pole
2nd Set of 3 Symbols

This graphic, when finalized for clarity and sizing, is for downloading and printing in color to affix to the open source Global Peace Poles underneath the first set of three symbols used on the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign style Peace Pole developed since 1980 and used since 2015.

This graphic contains three symbols of The Message of Peace. The first is the "Three Faiths United in Peace" symbol created by Sherwood Acuna for the Christmas 2005 Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk conducted by members of the Jerusalem Peacemakers organization including Haj Ibrahim Abu Al Hawa who is awaiting completion of the this style peace pole for installation at his East Jerusalem Peace House as the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

The second symbol is the "All Faiths United" spiritual unity symbol created by Sathya Sai Baba.

The third symbol in this second set of peace pole symbols of The Message of Peace is the Chuk Paat Mayan Sacred Sixth Sun Calendar symbol for Peace, Unconditional Love, and Patience, drawn by Mayan Time-Keeper Jose Federico Munoz.

This graphic is not yet sized properly to print on the same scale as the first three, and only the top symbol is clear enough. When it soon is adjusted the revised copy will be posted here and this line deleted.

For a description of the first set of three symbols, and the link to their downloadable graphic sized to fit on a 4"x4"x8' post/pole, see:

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