White House American Peace March
To Liberate Free Energy Technology
Dedicated to Bruce DePalma

See Details about the American Peace March to The White House to Liberate the Free Energy Technologies suppressed for over 100 years since the time of Nikola Tesla.

This page last updated: September 18, 2022

All of Our Prayers for implementing Global Free Energy Technologies, to replace nuclear, fossil fuel and solar energy technologies, will be amplified by the American Peace March, at Noon on September 11, 2022, (Route # Two) at the Santa Barbara Tree of Peace, symbol of The Great Law of Peace, where Mayan Sacred Calendar Keeper Jose Munoz conducted the Ceremony on March 11, 2018, with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros, and the 50th Mayor of Santa Barbara, Cathy Murillo who then affixed to the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem the symbol of “The Three Holy Faiths of Jerusalem United in Peace”, and Jose selected a Mayan Peace the symbol for it, representing “Peace, Love, and Patience”, one of the 5 new archetype symbols of the Sixth Sun Mayan Sacred Calendar for the next 26,000 years, added to the 20 from the previous 26,000 year calendar that ended on December 21, 2012.



Hundreds of such Free Energy Technologies, suppressed by the US Government under “dual use” Military/Civilian Secrecy Orders for over 100 years since Nikola Tesla’s time, are cataloged at:


Among these Free Energy Technologies is the n-Machine invented by Santa Barbara physicist Bruce DePalma, whose work was featured in our Hopi Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign week of events, for Fujii Guruji’s 5th year demise anniversary, with Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Iroquois Tree of Peace Society, and traditional Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya who asked his friend Jon Voight to speak on his behalf at the end of the Peace Prayer Walk from the UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony to the Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, because Thomas had to leave early to attend the Global Forum in Moscow USSR:


Banyacya: Hopi Prophecy Life Plan


Bruce DePalma’s work was investigated by UCSB physicists in the 1980’s and debunked, even though the n-Machine was based on Michael Faraday’s, then little known, Christmas 1831 discovery of the homopolar motor/generator principle used nowadays for submarine propulsion and the rail gun.

DePalma’s first generator was built under the sponsorship of the Santa Barbara Sunburst Community founded by Norman Paulsen, which Norman called the S-Machine, and which is still kept on exhibit at their Buellton location after having the machine and its “over unity” Free Energy properties verified by Stanford University Electrical Engineering Professor Emeritus Robert Kincheloe, whose report is included at



DePalma’s n-Machine was mentioned in a comment in the 1997 Comprehensive National Energy Strategy document, as a potential free energy device to harness the “zero point energy of the quantum vacuum flux”, after the US Department of Energy director had a scientific report issued verifying this “zero point energy” as “the holy grail of energy research”, at the request of William Thomas of the White House Anti-Nuclear Peace Park Vigil, per his request at the final CNES hearing.


From the Climate Crisis Solutions File,
To Advance Free Energy Technologies:
A Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan, for
William Thomas Memorial,
his historic narrative of our
“Peaceful Energy Saga” of 1998-99.


Re-reading it now had me laughing in tears a few times over his wry humor discussing our successful adventures with the US Department of Energy, getting their first public announcement of the validity of the Zero Point Free Energy Technologies.

One result of this “Saga” was a 1998 grant given to me by Thomas Bearden’s “Association of Distinguished American Scientists” to buy the part to upgrade my computer so I could see websites.

Among DePalma’s collaborators was Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, who was the former head of the US Army’s Advanced Electromagnetic Warfare Division, who after he retired became the only inventor who actually got a US Patent on his Free Energy device he called the solid state Motionless Electromagnetic Generator:

Bearden’s Archived Website:


Tom Bearden video:


Free Energy Technology is Being Suppressed, Gaia.com, 9min video


Another of DePalma’s collaborators was his fellow Sathya Sai Baba devotee, the former head of India’s Nuclear Power program, Paramahamsa Tewari, the former boss of India’s President, whose Space Vortex Theory was verified by DePalma’s discovery, and who built various machine models which demonstrated the Free Energy Principles.


DePalma’s last US radio interview before his death in late 1997, is a August 28, 1997, 2hr interview by Jeff Rense:


See details about the American Peace March, including (Route # One) from the main parking lot entrance to Columbia State Historic Park, departing 11am, Sunday, September 11, 2022, led by Jose Munoz walking to Hummingbird Sky Island, home of the first Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem, and possible site for the first California Peace Pagoda:


“The civilization of the new era, the era of perpetual peace, will be the spiritual civilization. The civilization of religion is the universal center of the spiritual civilization. Nichiren Daishônin called this Risshô-ankoku [give rise to the True Dharma to bring peace and tranquility to the nation].

“The religious faith of the Native Americans that has been carried down to this day will be the source for creating lasting peace in the future.”

Excerpts from Fujii Guruji’s amazing Longest Walk speech, at:


September 11, 2022, In Memory - Mark Ward
(September 2, 1960 to July 28, 2022)

I met Mark Ward in about 1987 when he was a student at Santa Barbara City College doing videography, so I introduced him to Bruce DePalma and he recorded the Tesla Conference in 1988, where the video is on his website:


We often talked about “someday” again bringing out the work of Bruce DePalma at UCSB where we first showed his Tesla Conference video, when Andrew Mount showed up all enthused about it, so Mark introduced him to Bruce whom he assisted until Bruce died in late 1997.

So I’m asking Mark’s friends who are able to come to Santa Barbara on Sunday, September 11, 2022, to join this peace prayer walk in memory of Mark and his devotion to Bruce DePalma, because Mark passed away at age 62 late last month.

Photo of the late Mark Ward with his beloved mulching tractor:


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