American Peace March 911 Report

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American Peace March: Next Steps

American Peace March 911 Report:

Peace Prayer Walks in Columbia, and Santa Barbara from the Tree of Peace to Eternal Peace Flame near UCSB’s Ellison Hall, the initial site of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, where Bruce DePalma had his confrontation with its Director Robert Schrieffer, who rejected DePalma’s research on his n-Machine Free Energy Technology prototype and later was arrested and imprisoned for lying about a traffic accident when he killed someone. See DePalma-Schrieffer letters at

American Peace March to Advance Free Energy Technologies

Initial 911 Report, with many photos and videos of the initiating route of the (first Annual) American Peace March on September 11, 2022, with Jose Ajpu Munoz and about a dozen friends walking 11.1 miles from Columbia California to the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem displayed at his Hummingbird Sky Island Community on 160 acres in the Stanislaus National Forest.

Today September 11, 2022, we launched the American Peace March to Hummingbird Sky Island project, “To Correct America”, to pray for it’s healing from the 9.11.01 Attack on America, and for the implementation of the Free Energy Technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power that have been suppressed for over 100 years since Nikola Testa’s time, and to end the wars over related energy resources.

See Details at AmericanPeaceMovement.Us

From Columbia State Historic Park about a dozen friends of Jose Federico Munoz gathered before 11am, while I recorded the assembly on Facebook Live (failed to post so recopied at link below) before we took off walking the 11.1 miles back home to Hummingbird Sky Island with a stop at the Stanislaus River for swimming, and a brief talking circle ceremony at the Lost Dutchman Gold Mining Association about halfway home, where we arrived shortly after 4:30pm ending with another talking circle recorded on Facebook Live, a ceremony facilitated by Jose Munoz circling around the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

One of the walkers, Niki from Japan celebrated her birthday today, and walked all 11.1 miles today. Also celebrating her birthday today was Jose’s friend Unity Grace Bliss, who came to join the Noon Peace Walk Prayer from the UCSB Tree of Peace, and my friend Robert Mendelson, the author of God’s Peace Plan for the Holy Land.

Roslyn Scheuerman also came to the UCSB Tree of Peace to add her prayers for the occasion, along with Unity Grace Bliss and Rose Star Galactica, and Mark Saralegui, in respect and loving memory of Mark Ward, Webmaster for who was found dead on August 4, 2022, from a heart attack, May he Rest In Peace.

10:50am Facebook live re-recorded:

Walk ending, Facebook Live recording, about 4:30pm September 11, 2022:

911 Columbia American Peace March report with many photos and videos:

Follow Up Report on September 11, coordinated event in Santa Barbara, with numerous photos, a small gathering at the Tree of Peace, symbol of The Great Law of Peace, walking to make powerful spiritual offerings, across campus to the Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, dedicated with quotes from Martin Luther King, President John Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, where the Hiroshima Peace Flame was installed in January 1990, after a Peace Prayer Walk from the Tree of Peace of about 100 people in a ceremony by Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Iroquois Tree of Peace Society, the capstone of a week of events for the 5th demise anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s Fujii Guruji Nichidatsu, with a 2hour edit of 20hrs of video published on YouTube as the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign, with legendary actor Jon Voight speaking on behalf of his friend, Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, who was absent that after participating in our week of events, because he had to go to the USSR to take part in the Global Forum there which was broadcast by satellite, captured on video included in the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign video (

Sept11 UCSB Report, (flyer text) Next Steps for:

American Peace March
“To Correct America”
October 2, 2022, Sunday
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
Love All, Serve All
Isla Vista Anisqoyo Park
12pm Peace Pole to
UCSB Tree of Peace
& To Eternal Flame and Back 1pm
Prayer to Implement
Free Energy Technologies
Suppressed over 100yrs since
Nikola Tesla


Regarding her Special Birthday Ceremony on September 11, 2022, Unity Grace Bliss wrote:

My dear friend rose star Galactica and I met mark and Roslyn and then rose and I did a ceremony of oneness with nature and all life and the peace tree then walked to the eternal flame where wi honored the 3 wise ones of the brotherhood with a pine cone from the peace tree and then placed a new pine cone underneath at the Center of the peace tree on behalf of the divine mother, the divine feminine, the divine Sophia of Grace, unity bliss, as a metaphor for new beginnings of renewed synthesis of humanity, beyond division of the polarities, beyond division of right and left, beyond division of victim/victimizer, beyond division of masculine feminine

Wi unified all in the great cosmic womb of oneness and benevolent creation 🌈💗

Wi included our many sacred waters from mount shasta, mount Kai lash and other parts of the world and wi placed selenite crystals in the earth at both locations


The UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, September 11, 2022, is near Ellison Hall, initial site of UCSB National Institute of Theoretical Physics, location of Bruce DePalma’s confrontation with its Director Robert Schrieffer who rejected DePalma’s research on his n-Machine Free Energy Technology prototype and later was arrested and imprisoned for lying about a traffic accident where he killed someone. See DePalma-Schrieffer letters at

UCSB 911 Report with numerous Photos:

Next Scheduled American Peace March Event:

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, a Noon Peace Walk from the “May Peace Prevail on Earth” Peace Pole in Isla Vista’s Anisqoyo Park, conducted by Mark Alan Saralegui to the UCSB Tree of Peace, and after to the Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, at 1pm, and walking back to Anisqoyo Park to join in the Gandhi’s Birthday “Celebration of Nonviolence” remembering Gandhi’s historical first successful spiritual political revolution in modern times.