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#TheDoc - #CAMR
He said he was 197 but documents show age 256.

Is an American Medical Revolution Near at Hand?

The Bastille of Medical Science?

Obamacare’s Elephant in The Room, the corrupted Allopathic Medical Monopoly and the 90forLife Solution

by David Crockett Williams
Global Emergency Alert Response

April 8, 2014

No discussion about Obamacare would be complete without addressing its “Elephant in The Room” -- the utter nonsense and criminal behavior of our current (AMA) American Medical Association’s Medical Monopoly System of Allopathic Medicine implemented by the practice of MD’s (Medical Doctors) abetted by the pharmaceutical industry.

The AMA MD Monopoly Allopathic Medical System only offers treatments and medicines which address symptoms. They are not designed to prevent or address the causes of illness and disease, because all MD prescribed medicines are designed by the drug companies to “alleviate symptoms” but are specifically and intentionally not designed to cure the underlying medical condition that causes the symptoms. This is how the allopathic medical approach works philosophically.

The one place that Allopathic Medicine excels, and should be applauded, is in the treatment of injuries and especially emergency medical treatments.

However, it is this “against-symptom” approach and philosophy that both defines and fundamentally limits the AMA’s school of “Allopathic Medicine”, its practice and understanding, which astonishingly provides no education in nutrition as prevention and medicine, while MD’s, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals continue to injure, infect, and kill millions.

What we still have is an antiquated 19th century medical monopoly system that the AMA has fought for, and destroyed lives and disparaged others to win.

One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence perhaps best summarized the situation we face today, a prediction from over 200 years ago, from Dr. Benjamin Rush whom George Washington appointed as the first US Surgeon General, “The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.”

To the extent that Obamacare mandates allopathic medical treatment, isn’t it a law that is un-American and despotic according to the first US Surgeon General’s criteria?

Tax exempt foundations even raise many millions towards curing one disease or another, diseases which by definition cannot be actually cured using the current allopathic medical system treatments and prescriptions, and diseases for which a cure is not actually desirable in a “medical industry” that profits from long term sickness maintenance drugs -- as does the related “futile research industry” -- instead of what we need in an actually effective “health industry”.

For example, Jerry Lewis was fired for trying to bring out the nutritional cure for Muscular Dystrophy that has been proven over 50 years to work in all vertebrate animals including humans.

Anyone can hear that story explained on one of his Youtube talks by Naturopathic Doctor Joel Wallach, eg, starting 17min into this one

This is why Jerry Lewis no longer does the annual telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) like he did for so many years, ie, he gave them Wallach’s proof that Muscular Dystrophy is a nutritional disease from a Selenium trace mineral deficiency, a disease that has already been eliminated in animals for 50 years under other names (stiff lamb disease, white muscle disease, et al), piles of documents proving it works for humans too; Selenium supplementation helps prevent and reverse it gradually when the person gets all 90 essential nutrients each day plus extra Selenium.

Jerry Lewis thought he would be famous for successfully releasing this discovered and proven Muscular Dystrophy cure to the world after all those years of fund-raising telethons, but, after he gave the proof to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) medical advisory board of MD’s, in response the organization fired him and apparently have a contractual gag order where he still cannot discuss it. After that in 2011 he stopped being on the telethon because he had been fired, his contract terminated apparently to protect the nonprofit goose that lays their golden eggs.

That the AMA allopathic Medical Doctor community would censor such information from the public in such a cruel and cynical way in using such a trusted tax exempt research foundation, is beyond criminal.

How many other such medical research foundations are ignoring their chosen disease’s similarly proven nutritional cause and remedy? Cancers including leukemia, heart disease, Alzheimer like symptoms, multiple sclerosis, etc, 900 diseases humans still get, have already been eliminated in animals 50 years ago using nutritional supplements alone!

But since that knowledge would put the “futile research industry” out of business, they suppress the truth to preserve their jobs.

From the changes in their website it appears that the MDA response has been to simply obfuscate the issue by breaking down classifications of the affliction into myriad seemingly unrelated subcategories, to better foster target potential “sickness maintenance” medications apparently, while totally ignoring and suppressing the facts they were given about the proven nutritional deficiency nature of the disease and its already proven nutritional cure.

This is an example of “what we are up against” in sharing Dr. Wallach’s vital 90forLife health message, in spite of its being based on over half century of research with successfully demonstrated results in humans and all other vertebrates.

This callous, cruel, corrupt, and ineffective AMA MD Allopathic “medical practice” contrasts with other kinds of physicians, like the Naturopathic school of medicine which does include nutrition and herbs; where its knowledge offers prevention and where treatments are actually designed as remedies for causes to the diseases, unlike allopathic pharmaceutical medicines which are only designed to relieve symptoms without any designed intention to actually cure the underlying cause of the disease or condition.

Most people do not know this very simple and very key major limitation to Allopathic Medicine, the kind of medicine practiced by MD’s, that by definition it is not looking at causes and cures of diseases but only at how to determine and alleviate symptoms. Ask your MD if this is not true and watch their eyes carefully while listening to the response. Ask your MD how much training in nutrition they got in medical school.

This basic knowledge about our ineffective and costly Allopathic Medical Monopoly System has been obscured and obfuscated because of the level of institutionalized information control by the current AMA-Pharma-US revolving door corruption and its pervasive influence on the politics and the public via the news, education, and entertainment media.

No wonder our US health care system is so ineffective and costly, and such a mess, even before Obamacare!

Even if everyone were to be covered under an ineffective and corrupt medical system like this, wouldn’t that just guarantee to keep people sick in order to profit the existing allopathic medical monopoly doctors and hospitals and insurance and drug companies, but with additional US Government complicity due to the mandatory nature of Obamacare?

This predicament is the result of the combined effects of public ignorance with collusion and corruption between the medical and pharmaceutical industries, insurance companies, medical research organizations, and government regulatory agencies.

The only sure way we can protect our health is to take personal responsibility for it, by researching and learning the appropriate information to ensure our optimum health and longevity.

What is so amazing is that the animal feed industry already spent billions in nutrition research over decades, in addition to millions from the government, and learned over 50 years ago how to keep livestock (and lab animals, zoo animals, pets) healthy and disease free by using nutritional supplements alone, those which contain the proper amount per species and body weight of the 90 essential nutrients discovered which all vertebrate animals need for optimum health and longevity, including humans. This was required to keep the cost of animal products down because there is no health insurance for animals.

Using this knowledge and nutritional supplements alone, over the past 50 years the life spans of lab animals has been increased two and threefold, with the average lifespan of pets and zoo animals similarly increased, and over 900 diseases have been eliminated.

It is disgusting, amazing, and encouraging at the same time; that the 900 chronic diseases which still plague humans were eliminated over 50 years ago in animals using the 90forLife nutritional supplements alone, but your MD will not tell you this in order to protect their allopathic medical monopoly.

The identities of these 90 essential nutrients that all vertebrates need for optimum health and longevity were determined in the 1960’s, under a $25 million grant over twelve years from the National Institutes for Health and carried out in cooperation with the National Center for Disease Control at Emory University in Atlanta, by the very same Dr. Joel Wallach who at that time was a world renown veterinarian and pathologist who did over 20,000 autopsies with extensive lab work on millions of tissue samples from over 450 species of animals including human beings as part of that study.

In those autopsies on natural deaths, even on humans over 100 years of age, he showed in every case they actually died from one specific nutritional deficiency or another, that all deaths from “natural causes” are actually from one nutritional deficiency disease or another!

After publishing 75 peer reviewed scientific articles on his discoveries, about how this knowledge should be applied to human beings, including the previously unknown role of rare earth trace minerals in human metabolism, without any significant success in getting that message accepted by the human medical community, in 1978 Dr. Wallach became a Naturopathic physician to bring this knowledge to human patients.

Since then he has proven the 90forLife nutritional supplements produce similar results in humans, eliminating in many cases such chronic conditions as arthritis, diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, etc, and healing and preventing diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc., which, again, have already been eliminated in animals using the same knowledge!

Wallach has even sued the FDA and won, a record two times in fact, after providing the judge with convincing evidence compelling the FDA to approve wording relating to 1) the trace mineral Selenium as effective against cancer and that it produces cancer fighting substances in the human body (seleno-enzymes that activate higher immune system levels) and, 2) that Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids play a role in prevention of stroke.

All we have to do is make sure we get enough of the 90 essential nutrients that all vertebrates need, in order to be as healthy as we can be and live longer lives!

Dr. Wallach’s research, presented among his books written for the public, includes discussion of nutritional factors responsible for seemingly anomalous long human life spans in several surviving 20th century subcultures around the world where their lifestyles and geology provides them all 90 essential nutrients including the 60 minerals and trace minerals. As a result they have recorded healthy life spans upwards of 120, 140, and even over 160 years of age.

The problem is, for many reasons including geographic variability and soil depletion, it is not normally physically possible to get all 90 essential nutrients from our foods these days, especially the 60 minerals and trace minerals included, so nutritional supplementation is required for optimum health.

Even organic produce is not fertilized with the 60 essential minerals that humans need, so supplementation is the only solution.

For this reason over the past decades Dr. Wallach has written a dozen books for the public and has been promoting the Youngevity line of nutritional supplements which he developed using his knowledge as a uniquely qualified physician with a lifetime of experience combining disciplines of agricultural soil sciences, veterinary science, forensic laboratory pathological analysis, and human medicine. His first book, "Let’s Play Doctor", is a must-have for every family medical library with hundreds of medical conditions explained with corresponding nutritional supplement remedies listed. His latest book just released, called "Epigenetics", explains how genes are activated and suppressed by nutritional and environmental factors, and therefore how many diseases thought to be genetic are actually not, but in fact are nutritional deficiency diseases.

Dr. Wallach is revolutionizing the “gene theory of disease” just as Pasteur revolutionized the “germ theory of disease”, but with even greater potential benefits to humanity.

Dr. Wallach’s books and CD’s etc, are available at:

Dr. Wallach explained that since he has started taking these kinds of nutritional supplements, that he has been taking and designing since he was a teenager and perfected over his lifetime of 75 years now, and made sure his family took them daily too, and as a result he has never taken a prescription medication or ever been sick and none of his four children or 8 grandchildren or 4 great grandchildren have ever been sick either.

If you search on Youtube by the name of Dr. Joel Wallach you will find hundreds of videos of his lectures, the most famous of which is from one of his book titles, "Dead Doctors Don’t Lie", which is so named because MD’s live shorter average lives than the average person which is proof they don’t know the most about health and longevity.

By now the Youngevity company, started by Dr. Wallach’s son and daughter-in-law in the 1990’s, has become one of the largest and most successful of the person-to-person network marketing companies with sales in 2013 over $85 million, offering the 90forLife supplements developed by Dr. Wallach and related products via an extensive network of part-time home-based customer-distributors who love and use and promote the products to get a discount and an extra income stream if wanted, like Amway for example.

In order to offer my associates, friends, and family this information and the Youngevity opportunity, and as the convenient place online where I purchase my own Youngevity products, I enrolled as a part-time Youngevity “Independent Marketing Director” in December of 2012 and got my own 90forLife Youngevity website, which you can get too for free with details about the message and products and opportunity to join with the 30% distributor discount at:

Here is another website with lots of information and testimonials from those using the products like I have since then with great results, feeling healthier and stronger than I have in over 10 years, feels like I got a year younger last year and have not even so much as had a cold since starting the 90forLife daily supplements.

Details about the amazingly positive effects of the 90forLife message and supplements on my own health over the past year are available upon request.

This might be the best protection all individuals can get from unavoidable radiation pollution exposure, such as spreading worldwide from Fukushima, is to make sure they are getting sufficient amounts per body weight of the essential 90 nutrients including the 60 minerals and trace minerals that research has shown are needed for all the body’s immune and healing mechanisms to be working at top form for optimizing health and longevity. The Youngevity 90forLife formulas are the best, which includes their product called Ocean’s Gold for those concerned about making sure they have extra of those minerals that might otherwise cause the body to take in radioactive isotopes of the same minerals such as iodine, cesium, strontium, etc. In addition, anti-oxidants like the trace mineral Selenium enable higher order functioning of the immune system to help best deal with cellular effects of radiation exposure and other degenerative cellular disease processes.

Feel free to explore my Youngevity website, click Join to get your own, and/or to order products wholesale.

I have the experience to help you with this. Write or call me with questions.

Please help me spread this important 90forLife message for optimizing health and longevity.

Much Love,


David Crockett Williams
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