Detailed Meaning of the Six Symbols on the Global Peace Pole

Detailed Explanation of the Six Global Peace Pole Symbols on

The Great Spirit Relay Global Peace Batons

The Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra calligraphy represents the Buddha's Message of Peace accepted by India’s King Ashoka ~2200 years ago, who then renounced his previous bloody warfare and violence, leading to 500 years of peace and prosperity throughout India. He built many peace poles and monuments to memorialize the Message of Peace.

The Wampum Belt symbol of The Great Law of Peace, the foundation of the Iroquois Confederacy which ended centuries of bitter warfare among the indigenous nations ~1000 years ago, and spiritually united over a hundred indigenous nations for hundreds of years of peace and prosperity among them.

The symbol of the Hopi Declaration of Peace by traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, the distilled essence of the Hopi Prophecy promising inevitable global peace to come.

The symbol of the Three Faiths of Jerusalem Spiritually United in Peace, created for the Christmas 2005 Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk conducted by members of each of these three faiths as Jerusalem Peacemakers.
The Global Peace Pole is being awaited for installation in East Jerusalem at the Peace House of Haj Ibrahim of the Jerusalem Peacemakers and Abrahamic Reunion organizations:

The Spiritual Unity of All Faiths symbol created by India’s Sathya Sai Baba, who built the Lotus Stupa pillar peace pole depicted in its center as a symbol of the Golden Age of Peace, Unity and Harmony promised to come in the future.

The symbol for Peace, Love and Patience, from the Mayan Sixth Sun Sacred Calendar for the next 26,000 years from December 21, 2012, promising Global Peace starting in 2021, being observed in a ceremony conducted by Mayan Sacred Calendars Keeper Jose Manik Ajpu Munoz on December 21, 2021, closing a ceremonial cycle begun on June 21, 1444, in Guatemala with the delivery of the message of the Jade Princess "Prophecy" of world peace starting in the year 2021 based on knowledge transmitted back in time from the year 2029.

A prototype of the open source Global Peace Pole bearing these symbols will be carried by the 2018 Great Spirit All My Relations Relay Marathon, Walk, and Caravan, from Atlanta July 11th to Washington DC and offered in ceremony on August 30, 2018, at the White House inviting the President to join the Circle and receive its Message of Peace depicted by these six symbols.

Interested and serious peacemakers are encouraged to spread the word and rally local participants to join Noon-1pm at City Halls along the route, as this Atlanta to the White House route of the Great Spirit Relay takes place. See schedule from link above.

In addition, for cities and towns not on the main route local Noon-1pm Walks Around City Hall Block may be conducted to encourage local awareness of this Message of Peace being carried, get a "Season of Unity, Harmony and Peace" proclamation of support from the local mayor, following suggested draft and the example of the Tucson Arizona Mayor, and share it widely via the internet and social media.

Anyone anywhere interested may download the graphic of these six symbols and create their own Global Peace Poles and Global Peace Batons, for local ceremonies and creation of a place for peace prayer ceremonies and local Community Peace Councils, from this link:

The Santa Barbara California Mayor Cathy Murillo issued and read aloud the first such support proclamation on March 11, 2018, at the Santa Barbara Tree of Peace where she affixed the "Three Faiths of Jerusalem United in Peace" symbol on the prototype of the Global Peace Pole, in a ceremony conducted by Jose Munoz with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros and other community leaders.