Fujii Guruji and Gandhi’s Example, Precedent for an
American Scientific Spiritual Revolution of Conscience

The Path to Victory, for the American Nonviolent Scientific Spiritual
Revolution of Conscience into Harmony with the Natural Order.

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Let’s examine the precedent of the history of Mahatma Gandhi’s successful nonviolent spiritual political revolution that overthrew the most powerful British 143 year brutal colonial occupation oppressing the indigenous people of India.

What can be learned and applied by the American Peace Movement and the global struggle for justice?

Gandhi was in his early career practicing as a lawyer in South Africa, where he was repeatedly humiliated by being treated as a “black person”.

This experience led to a spiritual reawakening that led him back to India to see what he could do to help his people.

He dove deeper into the spiritual practices of his Hindu religion to find a solution through prayer, meditation and fasting.

From this he came to the realization there was no way that a violent overthrow of British Colonialism could succeed, but he found their weakness in the economic policies regarding cotton.

India under the British became the main supplier for cotton that its mills turned into cloth and sold around the world including back to the India where such cotton mills were prohibited from being built.

This was the economic stranglehold by which Britain controlled India for over a century.

So Gandhiji decided on a symbolic and practical way to fight this by adopting as a spiritual practice of spinning cotton himself using the traditional human powered spinning wheel, weaving his own cloth and encouraging others to do the same.

But the general population enjoyed the fancy cloth from Britain, so this effort turned out more symbolic than practical.

But Gandhi stubbornly persisted in the righteousness of his cause, empowered by his deepening religious faith from constant daily spiritual practice.

Eventually he took up the Peace March as a more militant form of nonviolent spiritual practice to find a political solution.

One famous such Peace March was called the Salt March. He and his growing masses of those with religious faith, and who believed in his righteous cause, would walk to the oceanside and simply collect the sea salt that dried in India’s hot sun, and take it home to use instead of buying salt from the British salt monopoly which required payment of a tax for all salt purchased for consumption.

So in going to the ocean to gather salt without paying the salt tax was illegal.

But they did it anyway, in what has become known as “civil disobedience”. When they started getting public traction, inspiring so many people to take up this “weapon” of nonviolent civil disobedience, the British reacted with their typical brutalization of these salt marchers, bloodying them systematically but receiving no violent resistance to their brutality.

Finally this action garnered enough international press coverage to gain attention to the plight the Indians, the strength of their religious practice, and the righteousness of their demands for independence, that it eventually succeeded.

This above is a summary interpretation of the commonly known history of Gandhi’s success inspiring the first known case of the defeat of a powerful military government “without firing a shot”.

Yes, there were other factions in the broad movement for independence that did use violent means, but the movement success was unquestionably due to Gandhi’s inspiration from his deep faith in the nature of truth as a real thing and not a made up thing.

That’s why he called his “technique” Sathya Graha, Truth Force.

What is not commonly known is that Gandhi’s religious practice was amplified after he adopted the Buddhist prayer drum chanting from the Japanese monk he would later call his beloved teacher, or “Guruji” in his language.

Even still today every morning and evening the prayers in Gandhi’s ashram in India begin with the vocalization of the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, the Medicine Word advocated for 700 years according to Buddha’s prophecy of 2500 years ago to bring peace and tranquility to the peoples and the nations simply by this Word being pronounced around the world.

So great was Fujii Guruji’s spiritual influence that the Indian National flag symbol was changed from the Gandhi’s cotton spinning wheel to Buddha’s Dharma Wheel.

This same Buddhist monk, Nichidatsu Fujii, from whom Gandhi took up the daily drum chanting to empower his faith, and who walked with Gandiji on his Peace Marches beating his drum and loudly chanting this Word, came with his disciples to the United States in 1978 to support the Longest Walk of the Native American peoples in their struggle for respect of their cultures and to end their genocidal oppression by the heinous US Government that dropped the atomic bomb on the non-combatant civilian largely Christian population of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, which “coincidently” was the 60th Birthday of this monk we have come to know by the name Gandhi gave him, Fujii Guruji.

At the end of the Longest Walk the Sacred Pipe, that had been loaded in San Francisco and carried leading the walk all the way to Washington DC, was smoked in a large circle ceremony of the native people with the only “Non-Indian” in the circle was Gandhi’s Fujii Guruji Nichidatsu.

After several days camping in Greenbelt National Park the Longest Walk Elders produced a document of a couple hundred pages detailing their demands of the US government including an end to its policy of the forced sterilization of American Indian women which then President Carter refused to do even after three separate formal requests.

The title of that document and its message summary was, “Spirituality is the Highest Form of Politics”.

Guruji delivered a powerful Message from the steps of the US Capitol in his speech of Nichidatsu Fujii, July 16, 1978, which I found most interesting because in includes a discussion of the nature of God, which is unusual because Buddhism fully describes the dynamics of our world without the conception of The One God. Here is the text in English of his prepared remarks delivered to distant thunder rolling around Washington DC during his talk:


“Our whole life is a Sacred Gift to be dedicated to the Greatest Cosmic Truth!” - Junsei Terasawa, Nipponzan Myohoji, one of Fujii Guruji’s ordained disciples.

Native American Longest Walk History Remembered in Washington and Greenbelt National Park, 7Sep2018 News Article, includes video of Williams drumming and chanting the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo prayer at the White House with the Open Source Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem:


Longest Walk Organizer and American Indian Movement Leader, Dennis Banks on his inspiration from Fujii Guruji: "From Violence to Nonviolence"


Our Gandhi’s Birthday event focusing on the his October 2, 2021, 152nd Birthday is a sequel to our week of events in January 1990 remembering Fujii Guruji’s 5th year death anniversary.


That week of events in 1990, with the theme “Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign,” was recorded on video. A 2hr rough edit of the 20hrs video is described here with a link to it on YouTube:


Fujii Guruji’s 5th Memorial Demise Anniversary Events of January 1990, 2hr video edit of a week of events with Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, Chumash Elders, Nipponzan Myohoji Monks led by Venerable Yoshida Shionin with Masao Nippashi and Hiroku Anjusan, Soto Zen Buddhist Monk Yusen Yamato, Bruce DePalma, Marc McGinnes, et al, initiating the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign, culminating with a Global Peace Prayer Walk/Procession from the UC Santa Barbara Tree of Peace across campus to the Eternal Flame Peace Monument (honoring Martin Luther King, John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy by featuring plaques with a quote from each) with about a hundred walkers including award winning Actor and Celebrity Jon Voight who gave a half hour extemporaneous talk from the heart, about his affection for the Native American Peoples and his experiences with some spiritual leaders of the Iroquois and Chumash, and about the history of the Hopi House of Mica Prophecy that was fulfilled three years later.

The full 20 hours video were carefully reviewed and abstracted as part of a 1990 magazine article which may be read with commentary at:


The Open Source Global Peace Pole Project inspired by Fujii Guruji:


This post edited with photos and images was originally posted at:


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