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Santa Barbara Mayor's Proclamation of March 11, 2018, as Community Tree of Peace Day:

Legal sized event poster is above. Letter sized flyer with original wording is at:

Noon Sunday May 6, 2018, "Time Has Come Ceremony", at the UCSB Tree of Peace conducted by Mayan Calendars Keeper Jose Federico Munoz using the Sixth Sun Calendar for the next 26,000 years, founder of the World Peace 2021 Movement.

In Support, Saturday May 5th 11am-4pm, "Time Has Come Festival" in Isla Vista, Anisqoyo Park Amphitheater, Community Peace Council Open Forum with music, details, flyer, scheduling updates at:


The Great Spirit Relay to The White House from Santa Barbara, to Standing Rock, to Atlanta, to Washington DC, May 6 to August 30, 2018, offering the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole, and The Message of Peace it symbolizes, for the White House and Jerusalem:


26Apr2018 Planning Update includes emails to Santa Barbara and Jerusalem Mayors regarding the Global Peace Pole overture for installations there, and at The White House Aug30. If you read all this page with recent info included in those emails, you will know what is happening now:

Photo of participants at March 11th Tree of Peace Ceremony including (left to right) Kymberlee Ruff, David Williams, Jose Munoz, Maya Shaw Gale, Global Peace Pole prototype, Art Cisneros, Mayor Cathy Murillo, Juan Ayala:

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2nd #GlobalPeace2021
UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony

“Respecting the Great Law of Peace”
Flyer in Color: https://global-emergency-alert-response.net/GlobalPeace2021-2.jpg

April 15th KEYT TV News report on Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem:

Photo of Apr15 Tree of Peace Ceremony participants, left to right, Christopher Brown, David Williams, Star (Estrella Ones), Art Cisneros:

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------Planning Update of April 3, 2018:

Spring 2018 Global Peace Pole Ceremonies, Apr15 Santa Barbara, Apr14 White House, Apr15 United Nations, TBD Jerusalem

From: David C Williams
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2018 7:12 AM
To: Santa Barbara City Mayor Cathy Murillo
Cc: UCSB Chancellor Henry T Yang; Santa Barbara City Councilmember Eric Friedman; Santa Barbara City Councilmember Jason Dominguez; Santa Barbara City Councilmember Kristen Sneddon; Santa Barbara City Councilmember Randy Rowse; Santa Barbara Councilmember Gregg Hart; Jose Federico Munoz (Manik Ahaob) - Mayan DayKeeper; Art Cisneros - Chumash Elder; Maya Shaw Gale; Juan Ayala; Kymberlee Ruff ; Haj Ibrahim abu al Hawa; Abrahamic Reunion Israel - Eliyahu McClean; Chief Phil Lane Jr; Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse - attn: Paula Horne-Mullen; Felipe Chavez; Diamond Dave Whitaker; Feather Sherman; Plunker Barry Adams; Santa Barbara News Press; Santa Barbara Independent; Nick Welsh - Santa Barbara Independent; UCSB Daily Nexus; KCSB Radio News; UCSB KCSB Radio - Lisa Osborn - News & Public Affairs Director; KEYT NewsChannel 3

Subject: Spring 2018 Global Peace Pole Ceremonies, Apr15 Santa Barbara, Apr14 White House, Apr15 United Nations, TBD Jerusalem

Dear Mayor Murillo,

Please ask my local Mesa councilperson to read this press release aloud for me today during public comments at the City Council meeting, in lieu of my appearance since I am overwhelmed getting ready to support Jose Munoz at the Lucidity Festival, preparing today for tomorrow setup start at Live Oak Campground.

I am asking for this favor because the local news media has been unwilling to cover this story over the last couple months despite repeated notices from me like this.

Many Thanks and Much Love,




Spring 2018 Global Peace Pole Ceremonies

Apr15 Santa Barbara, Apr14 White House, Apr15 United Nations, TBD Jerusalem

For Immediate Release, Tuesday, April 3, 2018

For More Information: David Williams (805-708-0252)



Santa Barbara is the only place where a consecrated Tree of Peace exists along with an Eternal Flame Global Peace Monument housing the Hiroshima Peace Flame, at UCSB, at Storke Tower and outside Buchanan Hall respectively.

Since 1985, UCSB Chancellors, Santa Barbara City Mayors, religious and spiritual leaders with members and leaders of the community have participated in small global peace prayer ceremonies at the UCSB Tree of Peace and at its Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument.

On March 11, 2018, the current Santa Barbara Mayor, Cathy Murillo, participated with a few other community leaders in a #GlobalPeace2021 Ceremony at the UCSB Tree of Peace, with Chumash elder Art Cisneros in support of Mayan Time Keeper Jose Munoz who conducted the ceremony.

Cathy Murillo issued a “Community Tree of Peace Day” Mayoral Proclamation for the occasion, mentioning creation of a Community Peace Council in support of the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem representing the Message of the Great Law of Peace symbolized by the Tree of Peace.

The current version of the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem came out of this ceremony as the model for a free and open source Global Peace Pole that anyone can make anywhere by downloading and affixing to their Global Peace Pole the six symbols representing its Message of Peace: Giving Thanks for the bliss of personal peace of mind through the practice of unconditional love, leading to peace in the community and peace in the world.

Copies of this Global Peace Pole will be offered in Sacred Circle Ceremonies convened by Felipe Chavez, indigenous spiritual leader of the United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk (1995 UN-NYC to SF), at the White House in Lafayette Park at Noon on Saturday April 14th, and also at the United Nations HQ in NYC at 4pmEDT Sunday April 15th after the Imagine Peace Walk from the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park sacred circle at 3pmEDT.

This is in support of the April 16-27, 17th Assembly of the UNPFII United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, offering the Spiritually United Nations Global Peace Pole Ceremony to help fulfill the UN General Assembly’s mandate for more effective indigenous people’s participation in the United Nations Organization.

Simultaneously, local time at UCSB April 15th --

Sacred Circle Ceremony at Noon at the Eternal Flame

Procession to the Tree of Peace for 1-2pm Ceremony

11am-4pm #GlobalPeace2021 Love Music in Anisqoyo Park Isla Vista.

On its way walking across the USA in 1995, the Global Peace Walk conducted the Peace Pole Ceremony on April 22nd Earth Day in Taos New Mexico in Kit Carson Park when the Taos Mayor proclaimed that city as a Global Peace Zone in respect of the Message of The Great Law of Peace and the Hopi Declaration of Peace carried by the Global Peace Walk at Thomas Banyacya’s request.

Other city mayors like San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown have also proclaimed their cities as Global Peace Zones since 1995.

We pray that our Mayor Cathy Murillo will also proclaim Santa Barbara as a Global Peace Zone, to help popularize the concept and to empower the global peace zones campaign by our example spreading the Message of Peace associated with the Tree of Peace and our model Global Peace Pole offered to the world from Santa Barbara.

In the last words of Leonard Peltier, to the Global Peace Walk 1995: “Give my love to the people!”


Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

Om Sai Ram


----end Update of Apr3

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Next Year 2019, repeat Sunday March 10th
"Next year there will be a thousand people here," Jose Munoz 3-11-18
Report on March 11, 2018, UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony
With 30 photographs and 10 short videos

Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo invites you to join her 1-2pm Sunday March 11th
for the UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros in support of
Mayan Calendar Keeper and Crystal Skull Guardian Jose Munoz.

March 11, 2018, poster as a letter size Ceremony Flyer:
Color: https://global-emergency-alert-response.net/GlobalPeace2021.jpg
B/W: https://global-emergency-alert-response.net/GlobalPeace2021bw.jpg

Radio #GlobalPeace2021 San Francisco, March 2, 2018, 13min podcast
By Diamond Dave with Felipe Chavez and David Williams, details and link at:
Next Radio SF #GlobalPeace2021 Healing Global Wounds live report 4:20pm Friday March 9, 2018

Santa Barbara Community Peace Walks in Support, March 7-8 Great Spirit All My Relations Relay from El Capitan Beach Camp
March 7 Noon Community Peace Walk from Rainbow Arch to Cesar Chavez Center at La Casa De La Raza.
March 8th Noon Peace Walk from La Casa to Santa Barbara City Hall;

1PM March 8, De La Guerra Plaza, Jerusalem Peace Pole Ceremony

March 9th 8am-1pm City Hall Community Peace March to UCSB Peace Flame and Tree of Peace.

We Walk as We Think, from War to Peace

Andamos Como Pensamos
Desde La Guerra Hasta La Paz

In Loving Memory of
Cesar E. Chavez

Santa Barbara Community Peace Council, personal peace, local peace, global peace.

Streaming internet television station Native Media Network has expressed an interest to broadcast this ceremony globally.

7th Fukushima Anniversary Prayer Ceremony
1 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018
UCSB Tree of Peace
(Northwest Corner of Storke Tower)
Mayan Jose Munoz, Chumash Art Cisneros, Mayor Cathy Murillo
In Loving Memory: Sai Baba, Thomas Banyacya, Bruce DePalma, Archie Fire, Nichidatsu Fujii, Corbin Harney, Jack Herer, Victor Lopez, Chuck Mills, Dennis Peron, Billy Shawn, Jake Swamp, William Thomas
Preceded by a half-hour Tree of Peace Council

Promoting Personal Peace through the Practice of Unconditional Love

A Global Council of Indigenous Peoples Event:

Announcing the Great Spirit Relay from Santa Barbara to The White House 7/11-8/30
Santa Barbara Initiating Events Schedule, March 6-11, 2018
Text of March 5, 2018 Press Release re #GlobalPeace2021 – Healing Global Wounds


The Community Peace Council of Santa Barbara is organizing because of Mayor Cathy Murillo’s participation in this Sunday’s March 11, 2018, 7th Fukushima Anniversary, 1-2PM UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros in support of Mayan Elder Jose Munoz, Founder of the #GlobalPeace2021 Movement.

Tomorrow Tuesday, March 6, 12-2PM the Community Peace Council of Santa Barbara will be inaugurated with an Opening Ceremony, and meeting in a circle on the lawn adjacent to the Rainbow Gate arch near Milpas and Cabrillo, to discuss local March 7-11 events in support of the Tree of Peace Ceremony.

Wednesday, March 7, Noon, Inaugurating the 2018 Great Spirit All My Relations Relay, from the Rainbow Gate, the Santa Barbara Community Peace Walk leaves walking to the Cesar Chavez Center at La Casa de la Raza to open the first local Community Peace Council Circle.

Thursday, March 8, Noon, Walk from La Casa to City Hall, Ceremony in De La Guerra Plaza to install the Three Faiths United Symbol on the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem being awaited for installation at the Peace House in East Jerusalem owned by Haj Ibrahim of Jerusalem Peacemakers and the Abrahamic Reunion.

Friday, March 9, 8am Offerings Walk from City Hall to UCSB Peace Flame and Tree of Peace
1pm Fire Ceremony at UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument
Light candles, carry to Tree of Peace to start Candlelight Peace Vigil

Sunday, March 11, 1-2PM, UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony preceded by a half hour Tree of Peace Council installing All Faiths United Symbol on Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

July 11, 2018 Great Spirit All My Relations Relay Marathon, Walk, and Caravan starts from the President Carter Center in Atlanta walking a mile the first day to the Martin Luther King Center and on to Washington DC to plant the Peace Pole for The White House in the lawn across the street in Lafayette Park, a replica of the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

August 20-28 Great Spirit Relay White Buffalo Days Spiritual Unity Summit, Greenbelt Park Camp, 12mi outside Washington DC

August 30, Great Spirit Relay Walk, Greenbelt Camp to Lafayette Park for White House Peace Pole Ceremony

The UCSB Tree of Peace located in the Greenbelt at the Northwest corner of Storke Tower

The UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument located South lawn of Buchanan Hall

This Santa Barbara Tree of Peace Ceremony will be repeated on Sunday April 15th and Saturday May 5th for the purpose of rallying a caravan from Santa Barbara to lead and support the July 11 to August 30 Great Spirit Relay from Atlanta to The White House.

#GlobalPeace2021 Press Release of 27Feb2018: Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem Proposal

This Press Release was delivered with a few minutes speech and announcement to the Santa Barbara City Council and Mayor in session on February 27, 2018, by Juan Ayala, starting at 23:50 into this video recording of that city council meeting.

Jose Munoz is a Mayan Day Keeper who tracks various cosmic calendars including a new one produced with global collaboration depicting the next 26,000 years starting with December 21, 2012. He revealed in Santa Barbara three years ago for the first time to the public the message of the Jade Princess Scroll dating from the 1400's and dictated by that woman going back in time to then from the year 2029 saying that world peace begins on Earth in the year 2021. Jose is a prominent figure in the global Crystal Skull Society conducting ceremonies for elevating consciousness. His calendar readings predicted President Trump's election over six months before the election and that this President had what it takes to bring harmony to the nation.

"The World Beats with Our Own Heart" - Jon Voight, UCSB 1990, starts at 1:26 https://youtu.be/fVJKdjgHx3g (precedent example ceremony)

Dedicated to the Memory of: (Alphabetically)

Bagawan Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba, represented in 1990 by Hymon Johnson then President of the Santa Barbara Chapter of the global Sathya Sai Organization which has hundreds of millions of members globally with local weekly devotional services at Unity Church on Thursday evenings. Hymon has been closely involved in Sai Baba's global Education in Human Values Program with his prior experience in teaching at UCSB and at Antioch University. Hymon carried the Hiroshima Peace Flame in a lantern in the procession from the Tree of Peace to the Eternal Flame Monument where he spoke following Jon Voight in closing that ceremony installing the Hiroshima Peace Flame. Sai Baba's teaching is about our duty to love one another as one human family, to love all and to serve all, demonstrating deep understanding of truth (sathya), duty as right conduct (dharma, being in harmony with cosmic law), divine love of all (prema), the personal peace of mind to be clear-headed (shanti), and nonviolence (ahimsa). With this philosophy inspiring them his followers conduct local community service projects globally and have built free schools, water projects, feeding programs, and super specialty hospitals in India supported by unsolicited donations offered in respect of Divine Love by people like Isaac Tigret the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe chain whose motto is "Love All Serve All".

Traditional Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Coyote Clan messenger and author of the Hopi Declaration of Peace, took part in our week of events in Santa Barbara ending with the UCSB Ceremony where he was represented by his good friend actor Jon Voight since Thomas had to leave to participate in the Global Forum in Moscow. In 1948 the Hopi elders met and realized their ancient prophecy about the "gourd of ashes" falling on the Earth was fulfilled with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thomas was able to fulfill at the United Nations on December 12, 1992, his elder's assignment in 1948 to "open the door to the house of mica" for the Hopi and other indigenous peoples' message for Mother Earth to be delivered to the UN General Assembly, as Jon Voight discusses in his talk at the 1990 ceremony.

Physicist and Sai Baba fan Bruce DePalma participated in our 1990 events including the installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame and the panel at Isla Vista Theater on the video. Bruce worked in Santa Barbara from 1978 to 1992 developing his n-Machine “free energy” electric generator that apparently taps an energy field extant in the space in which matter resides. The first quantitative tests proving its “overunity” performance were conducted in Santa Barbara in 1979-80 under sponsorship from the Sunburst Community which still has the original test device in Buellton. In their 1997 Comprehensive National Energy Strategy document presented to the Congress and the President the US Department of Energy cited one commenter’s mention of the n-Machine as a potential device to harness the “zero point energy” of the quantum vacuum flux. DePalma tried unsuccessfully go get the UCSB physics establishment to evaluate seriously his fundamental discoveries about the interactions of rotating and precessing systems with this space energy field which led him to discover the n-Machine’s “overunity homopolar” functionality. The Sunburst n-Machine was retested and verified a decade later by a Stanford University professor. The principle was also duplicated in India by the late Paramahamsa Tewari who felt his Space Vortex Theory explains the advanced physics involved.

Archie Fire Lame Deer was a Miniconjou Lakota Medicine Chief who came to Santa Barbara in 1978 to support the Chumash Western Gate Spiritual Encampment which stopped the proposed Liquified Natural Gas terminal at Point Conception. He moved away ten years later after following his uncle's instruction to fulfill a Lakota prophecy about bringing the teachings of the sacred pipe to the west.

The Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii was represented at the 1990 ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of his demise by a number of his disciples, monks and nuns of the Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Order. Nichidatsu went to India to begin the revival of Buddhism there in 1930 where he encountered Mahatma Gandhi with whom he became close friends. Gandhi, a Hindu, took up the Tenku celestial prayer drum and Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra from Fujii, calling him his Fujii Guruji. This mantra represents the essence of Buddha's teachings which were memorialized by many peace poles and peace stupa monuments in India 2200 years ago by King Ashoka who accepted its message of peace, ended his long career of violent bloody warfare, renounced violence and initiated a 500 year period of peace and prosperity throughout the Indian subcontinent. Fujii Guruji was a strong supporter of the 1978 Longest Walk to from California to Washington DC by the Native American people to reclaim their religious freedoms and redress grievances. Guruji delivered a powerful speech at its conclusion, from the steps of the US Capitol with distant thunder continually rolling around the city from the moment he started speaking until his last words were translated. He began building Peace Pagoda Stupa monuments at his age of 74 inspiring his disciples to build many more worldwide. His late disciple Masao Nippashi prayed for one to be built in Santa Barbara, in opening the ceremony with Chief Jake Swamp beginning our 1990 week of events on the video, beating the big Celestial Drum at the Los Angeles Nipponzan Myohoji Temple.

Shoshone Spiritual Leader Corbin Harney participated on one occasion offering his prayers in ceremony at the UCSB Tree of Peace to empower the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem. He traveled around the world offering his prayers for the water, for global peace and for solutions to the problems of related nuclear issues associated with the US nuclear weapons testing on his people's traditional national territory. Corbin is the founder of the Healing Global Wounds Movement and always pronounced in his prayers in his Shoshone language their word/mantra for Peace, Shundahai.

Jack Herer was a California social justice activist focusing mainly on issues related to the spiritual reawakening to freedom from government suppression of information including about the cannabis hemp plant and its potential to replace fossil fuels efficiently with biofuels, for natural medicines more effective than pharmaceuticals, as a renewable source of paper superior to trees to save the forests, for clothing and textiles, etc. His research and landmark book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” proved not only the usefulness and safety of this plant but how rigorous is the government information control of media and academia to have kept the truth from the American Public for forty years since it was outlawed in 1937 to protect the petroleum, timber paper, pharmaceutical and synthetic fabric industrial monopolies. Jack’s book is online at his website. On our 1990 events video Chief Jake Swamp shows Jon Voight a single shell wampum and explains the various wampum were traditionally made from these purple and white fresh water snail shells used as beads strung on wild hemp. Wampum is not “Indian money” but represents various kinds of social contracts instead, something mistaken by the Founding Fathers who drafted the US founding documents on hemp paper.

Chumash Elder Sky Eagle, Victor Lopez convened the public ceremony conducted by Chief Jake Swamp, on May 16, 1985, planting the UCSB Tree of Peace with a couple hundred participants. When the Eternal Flame at UCSB had been turned of for some time due to technical issues, in his very late lifetime in frail condition Grandfather Victor came to UCSB to pray at the monument for that eternal flame to be relighted. A few years later it was, by the Mayor of Santa Barbara in a ceremony convened by the Chancellor. Some months after the Tree of Peace planting he participated in the ceremony dedicating the Dolphin Fountain at the foot of Stearn's Wharf pier. Before that ceremony he conducted the Chumash Dolphin Calling Ceremony and since then the dolphins long absent from the area began returning. The Chumash origin story says the humans came to this land, anticipated as a paradise, by walking over a Rainbow Bridge where those who looked down fell into the sea and turned into dolphins. Grandfather Victor offered the opening blessing prayer for the Great Spirit All My Relations Relay Marathon Walk and Caravan project initiated by Masao Nippashi of Nipponzan Myohoji.

Charles Mills was one of the disabled American Veterans among the initiators of the annual Rainbow Family Gatherings convened since 1971 for a July 4th global peace prayer ceremony in a large circle of thousands of people, promoting the practice of universal unconditional love to unite our one human family on Mother Earth in peace and harmony, and to empower each individual with this "Rainbow Family Creed" to fulfill their own American Dream of that "Shining City on the Hill". He was one of the internet collaborators on the 2016 Legion of Light Spiritual Unity Summit in Arizona which featured a ceremony empowering the Rainbow Uprising style Peace Pole. Participants included Jose Munoz, Todd Swan videographer of the precedent 1990 ceremony, Hopi Omawu of the Coyote messenger Clan, and Chuck's close spiritual sister Feather Sherman whose mentor was Hopi Grandfather David Monongye.
Missoula activist Chuck Mills, a Rainbow Gathering visionary, dies at 78
A few subscribers to this Creed produced the 1990 week of events in Santa Barbara ending with the UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony shown in the YouTube video at:
American Folk Hero Chuck “Windsong” Mills Memorial Page:
Rainbow Family Memorial Page:
(Dennis Peron and Billy Shawn memorials also March 11th)
Dennis Peron was the leader of California’s medical cannabis movement
Billy Shawn was a beloved Rainbow Family experienced volunteer

Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Six Nations Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) Confederacy created the Tree of Peace Society to plant replicas of the original to promote the message it symbolizes about the Great Law of Peace delivered by The Peacemaker whose message ended warfare and united the nations in peace a thousand years ago in that territory, an important precedent for today's world. It is now well known that the Founding Fathers of the United States patterned their system of American Democracy after the system of the Iroquois while omitting some things as Jon Voight discussed in his talk near end of the 1990 ceremony. UCSB has published a PhD thesis by Gregory Schaaf about the Iroquois Confederacy being a model for the founding fathers in creating the American democratic version of government. Jake Swamp, Thomas Banyacya, and others have been supported for many decades by Harmon Houghton who introduced them on many occasions to His Holiness Dalai Lama. Harmon's network of streaming internet television channels includes a Tibetan Media Network and the Native Media Network.

William Thomas initiated the 24/7/365 White House Anti-Nuclear Peace Park Prayer Vigil in 1981, which still continues after his death. Thomas was able to gain ongoing strong support from the Washington DC Congressperson who keeps introducing to each new Congress his “Proposition One” for multilateral global nuclear disarmament which when passed mandates the US to disarm its nuclear weapons when all other nations also agree to such nuclear disarmament, and that the money saved should be reapplied to civilian peaceful purposes. Thomas was able to testify at a DoE hearing in 1997 challenging the Director to tell the public whether or not there was any truth to these so called free energy zero point technologies. As a result he got a letter from DoE staff ordered by the Director explaining the DoE had recently accepted the reality of such potential technologies due to the recent publication of experiments proving the existence of the predicted Casmir effect due to the existence of the zero point energy field as predicted by quantum physics. At one point Thomas had suggested a Proposition Two that would apply the money saved by nuclear disarmament to the development of these kinds of energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power as well as current alternative energy technologies.

Video of 1990 Procession from UCSB Tree of Peace to Peace Flame Monument (starts at 1:14)
Video of Jon Voight’s half hour speech at the 1990 Peace Flame Ceremony (starts just after 1:22)

Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem:
To unite its Three Holy Faiths in Peace
Introduce at March 11th #GlobalPeace2021 UCSB Tree of Peace Ceremony

Special Thanks to Marc McGinnes who participated in the 1990 ceremony, and arranged the room at UCSB for the first of three Global Crisis Solutions Conferences in 1997 as a briefing for the science advisor to His Holiness Dalai Lama comparing ancient knowledge with modern science, resulting in the Santa Barbara Mayor issuing a proclamation mentioning the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem. Marc was the Environmental Defense Center Founder, UCSB Environmental Law lecturer, and a course developer with a long academic career at the University of California in Santa Barbara where he helped to create the Environmental Studies Program. He has also pursued parallel careers as an environmental lawyer and legal ecologist. He led the founding of the Community Environmental Council and the Environmental Defense Center. His workshops on “Practicing Law as a Healing Art” were influential in the growth of the mediation movement within the legal profession.

1997 Santa Barbara Mayor’s Proclamation mentioning the Peace Pole for Jerusalem:

Santa Barbara Peace Peace Pole Council creates the peace pole for installation as soon as possible at the East Jerusalem Peace House of Ibrahim.

The Healing Global Wounds campaign initiated by the late Shoshone spiritual leader Corbin Harney is the inspiration for creating spiritual support camps for this ceremony, nearby Santa Barbara to host volunteers for community service and other activities to mobilize local support for this ceremony, starting with public fee campgrounds at Carpinteria State Beach and Refugio Beach, with others possible.

Supported by the #HealingGlobalWounds Loving Hands Rainbow Bridge Community Action Teams.

Felipe Chavez on Healing Global Wounds:

In Support of this Ceremony, the Healing Global Wounds Campaign will recruit and train Loving Hands for Rainbow Bridge Community Action Teams at Community Harmony Camps for community and security services using Shanti Seva (Peace Service) communications techniques honed over the past four decades at hundreds of large community camp gatherings as Shanti Sena.

See #POTUS2SB Additional Schedule Proposed at:

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The Mesa School - “A School of Thought”
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Multipure USA, sintered carbon block water filters

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