The Great Spirit All My Relations Relay Marathon, Walk, and Caravan

Graphic designed by Masao Nippashi, drawn by David Harp

Please Support the Great Spirit Relay’s Global Peace March, Offering The Real Truth Message of Peace, to the White House and United Nations, November 1-11, 2018, from Greenbelt National Park, Global Peace Council Oct24-31:

A March for Peaceful Energy

See Project Summary in Fax to President Carter of July 18, 2018

18min (starting at ~53:00) Mutiny Radio SF Diamond Dave Whitaker with Common Thread Collective Sept7 interviews David Williams with Great Spirit Relay Report, and Glynn Wilson of the New American Journal discussing his Sept7 News Article about the New Peace Pole for the White House and a history of the 1978 Longest Walk, the 1980 Long Walk for Survival and the 2018 Great Spirit Relay which all camped in Greenbelt National Park, podcast recording and Article with photos and video:

New Peace Pole Makes Its Way to Nation’s Capitol – Native American Longest Walk History Remembered in Washington and Greenbelt National Park, Sept7 News article:

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Offering the Global Peace Pole Ceremony at the White House on August 30, 2018, for the blessing of the President towards its installation in Jerusalem on October 24, 2018, where it is being awaited for installation to help unite the Three Faiths of Jerusalem in Peace and Harmony, and to amplify the message of nonviolence to the Islamic world corrupted by the Wahhabism fomented by Saudi Arabia.

Please See Latest Updated Schedule With Summary Report of Activities At:

For detailed daily reports from the road with many photos and latest updates along the way, see the project FaceBook page listed as Greatspiritrelay, or use this URL:

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For a detailed Explanation of The Message of Peace carried by the Great Spirit Relay, as depicted by the Six Symbols on the open source Global Peace Poles and Global Peace Batons, see:

For a Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness into Harmony with Nature, the 2018 Great Spirit Relay is carrying the message of the Rainbow Uprising Campaign which was initiated in 1990 over a week of events in Santa Barbara California featuring Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp with Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, ending with the installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame at UCSB after the Great Law of Peace Ceremony at the Tree of Peace there, report at:

"The world beats with our own heart" - Jon Voight

2hr video report of 1990 events:
Procession from UCSB Tree of Peace to Peace Flame Monument starts about 1:14:00
Jon Voight’s half hour speech at the Peace Flame Ceremony starts just after 1:22:00
Filling in that last day for Thomas Banyacya who went to the Global Forum in Moscow shown on the video, Jon discusses the Hopi Prophecy about the House of Mica fulfilled three years later.

August 20-28, 2018, Great Spirit Relay, annual White Buffalo Prophecy Fulfillment Recognition Days, a Spiritual Unity Summit Forum for Global Peace at Greenbelt National Park Campground near Washington DC, to finalize The Message of Peace to deliver to the President Aug30, serious participants welcome:

"The Great Spirit All My Relations Relay, Marathon, Walk, and Caravan" was initiated in Santa Barbara in 1986 by Masao Nippashi of the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order founded by Nichidatsu Fujii whom Mahatma Gandhi called Fujii Guruji. That first attempt went to Big Mountain Arizona from Santa Barbara after a blessing ceremony near Santa Barbara's Dolphin Fountain offered by Chumash Elder SkyEagle Victor Lopez, and collaboration with Miniconjou Lakota Medicine Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer.

This style of prayer in action carries the Global Peace Pole and Global Peace Batons, representing The Message of Peace depicted by their Six Culture of Peace Symbols, envisioned as using a combination of a caravan supporting various events along and near the route of the walking group, which may be supported by a running team and/or bike riders to enable any distance to be covered day by day to keep on a certain schedule for maximum success, and to spread the word as the walk is taking place to areas ahead of the route and nationally for coordinated events in support.

In actual practice the first day was walked by four people, three of whom went ahead after that to do advance work and rejoin me later while I am driving my RV to walk around city hall blocks seeking support letters and proclamations from city mayors, state governors and others along the way to share publicly.

The #GlobalPeace2021 2018 Great Spirit All My Relations Relay was initiated on March 7, 2018, with a short walk from the Rainbow Gate arch in Santa Barbara on Cabrillo near Milpas to the Cesar E Chavez Center at La Casa de la Raza, as an Opening Ceremony for creation of the Community Peace Council of Santa Barbara.

The 2018 Great Spirit Relay to The White House was initiated from the President Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta Georgia on July 11th with a 1.7mi walk to the Martin Luther King Center led by Nippashi's daughter Oceana Ren (Ocean Lotus) and her son Jacob Traylor carrying the Global Peace Batons with my dear friend since 1978 Wave (Richard Waterbird on Facebook) joining me drumming and chanting our prayer for global peace, unity and harmony, flyer at:

I organized and Nippashi conducted the January 1978 peace walk from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica to introduce the monks of the Los Angeles Nipponzan Myohoji Temple to the traditional Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya speaking about the Hopi Prophecy at the International Cooperation Council meeting.

Prayers for the success of this project were offered at the March 11, 2018, Santa Barbara Tree of Peace Ceremony with the Santa Barbara Mayor participating and affixing the "Three Faiths of Jerusalem United" symbol on the Global Peace Pole, in a ceremony conducted by Mayan Sacred Calendars Keeper and Crystal Skull Guardian Joe Munoz with Chumash Elder Art Cisneros, and Mayor Cathy Murillo reading her Mayoral Proclamation for the occasion, designating March 11, 208, as Community Tree of Peace Day:

This effort is in support of the vision for a United Nations 75th Anniversary Global Peace Forum, October 24-31, 2020, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, inspired by the Global Forum shown on the video mentioned above.

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David Crockett Williams on ProphecyKeepers Radio

First interview, Spring 2016:
Second interview Summer 2016:


David Crockett Williams, Jr., received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (with honors) from California State University at Northridge in 1969; earned the Chartered Life Underwriter degree in 1971 (life insurance industry analog to the CPA in accounting); had a successful career in sales and sales management of insurance, investment, and business opportunity related financial services from 1966 to 1973 with the vision of establishing a global financial services company to offer a wide range of personal and financial services.

Research into his novel Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory thesis shows deep applications, not only in chemical physics but in psychology, religious studies, political science, and health sciences (this set of four equations purports to correct and complete Einstein's equivalence equation E=mC^2, and to mathematically describe the nature of the human mind as a consequence of the nature of light), he began an unpaid career in 1974 devoting his life to the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth by reconciling religious and secular philosophies with this scientific understanding of the nature of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron.

In the course of this work Williams has been researching since 1976 the theme of mutual prophecy fulfillment...