Can Ibogaine Exorcise the Devil from Child Trafficking?
See African Exorcism Scene in “Rite of Passage”
With my speech and letter to Santa Barbara City Council:
July 18, 2023, American Peace March Announcement

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Exorcising the Devil from Child Trafficking?

My 3min speech to Santa Barbara City Council, with follow up letter to a member:

Dear Councilmember Oscar Gutierrez,

I was happy to know you were also moved by the Sound of Freedom movie.

Thank you for asking about the addiction interrupter Ibogaine, which I believe may have an application to help remedy this serious problem of child sex Trafficking.

Thank you for your time yesterday, when we spoke in the hall before the city council meeting where I gave my 3 min prepared public comment announcing the organization of the American Peace March.

This is the movie below linked, that I mentioned yesterday, which I just received from Dana Beal. He apparently got the idea from it, that iboga might be a tool to exorcise the devil from these heinous criminals depicted in the Sound of Freedom.

From the “Rite of Passage” movie available on Amazon.

Dana wrote: “Note the exorcism.”

Would that work for addicts who are also child traffickers, with perhaps some special training in mind control techniques such as taught by Monroe Institute that trained all the CIA remote viewers?

Dana said to scroll back to the beginning, this story of ibogaine in a movie by Dana Beal’s co-author of his book about ibogaine, Howard Lotsof.

Dana brought me to NY for the first International Ibogaine Conference since I have a degree with honors in Chemistry from CSUN, to hear all the experts testify and understand some of the chemistry. See the Rite for Passage movie at:

Dana’s book:

I read about your background on the city website and noted your experience in the movie industry, so wanted to bring your attention the Preface I sent you yesterday, about my dream to create a popular Reality TV show based the peace walk genre to popularize the various peace messages.

My first news article announcing the idea was in the Santa Barbara newspaper in 1979, at:

I posted the American Peace March information on Jim Caviezel’s Facebook page, and was surprised and very pleased that he responded, and invited me to a Google chat with him.

Please see at above link Mayor Murillo‘s proclamation about the UCSB Tree of Peace symbol of the Great Law of Peace, overlooked by the US Founding Fathers when they tried to pattern the US system of a government that enshrined free speech in a government of, by, and for the people, after the Iroquois Confederacy, but they left out the Great Law of Peace, the inviolably sovereign Law of Nature, that we want to see understood and Restored to the US Government.

Thanks for your prayers for the success of the American Peace March.

David Crockett Williams Jr (III) CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter

— my prepared city council announcement:

Announcing The American Peace March
Santa Barbara 3min American Peace March:

My carefully rehearsed three minute public comment for Santa Barbara City Council, July 18, 2023, the 47th anniversary of the appearance of the Hopi Morning Kachinas in Hotevilla, the Last Hope Prayer of the Hopi:

I am here to announce the organization of the American Peace March, to the White House from Santa Barbara, and other routes, arriving next year on All Saints Day, November 1st, four days before Election Day.

The purpose is make sure on Inauguration Day 2024, inside the White House, two movies are played:

The “Sound of Freedom” movie which has started the National movement to finally end child and human trafficking;

And the movie called “The Lost Century, and How to Reclaim It,” to end global poverty in 20 years:

This movie by Dr Steven Greer premiered on July 8, following his June 12th “Disclosure Project” Press Conference at the Washington DC Press Club, on YouTube, all about finally ending 100 years of illegal government secrecy since Nikola Tesla’s time, to Liberate the Free Energy Technologies, to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power with the Zero Point Energy Technologies such as the n-Machine built in Santa Barbara in 1979 by Bruce DePalma, with the support of Norman Paulsen’s Sunburst Community, which I got mentioned in the US National Energy Strategy Plan in 1998.

I am promoting the American March by encouraging people everywhere to “walk around the block for peace” weekly, during lunch hour, at city halls nationwide.

Our issues also include:

The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and the redirection of their funding to peaceful uses like the Free Energy Technologies, with Proposition One.

Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier;

Dr Shiva’s Truth Freedom Health Movement;

Appointment of Dr Joel Wallach as US Surgeon General with Youngevity Life Sciences for longer life in better health;

The restoration of The Great Law of Peace to the US Government system, overlooked for over two centuries, and symbolized by the Santa Barbara Tree of Peace at UCSB.

—— ref, end city council announcement

American Peace March


July 16, 2023, 78th Atomic Bomb Anniversary
Preface to my book, PocketBook Magic series
The American Peace March, To Correct America:

I came back to Santa Barbara from my 160 acre gold country Hummingbird Sky Island Mayan Ceremonial Center Community, near Columbia California, in early April 2023, to write this book.

There we initiated the American Peace March on September 11, 2022, with a dozen Peace Walkers on a hot day walking 11.11 miles up the beautiful pine and oak tree lined forest service road. We walked up to 2600 feet elevation, in the warm fragrant air through the Fall flowers, along the Stanislaus River from Columbia State Historic Park’s 1800’s historic gold mining camp town preserved as a tourist attraction.

That initiating leg of the American Peace March on behalf of the American Peace Movement was to honor the prediction of June 21, 1444, that World Peace begins in the year 2021, made at the gathering of Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala by the Mayan Jade Princess.

This ancient spiritual knowledge was carried by the 2022 American Peace March initiator, the Sixth Sun Mayan 26,000 year Calendar Keeper and Crystal Skull Guardian, Jose Ajpu Munoz Raven. The walk ended at the display of the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem, set inside the Metatron Tent of David. The original Tent of David was erected in Jerusalem by its King David to hold sacred the Ark of The Covenant by singing prayers all day and night in hopes to build the Temple of David there.

This Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem was first introduced during a nine day mutual prophecy fulfillment themed gathering organized over three years, inspired by the traditional Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, author of the Hopi Declaration of Peace.

On the first day, August 20, 1994, the long awaited White Buffalo Calf named Miracle was born, in apparent fulfillment of the Promise of Hope left nineteen generations ago, along with the Chanupa Sacred Pipe and the teachings of its seven sacred rites, by the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman. She first appeared as a White Buffalo Calf, changed into a woman, and after seven days she left saying she would return someday in the same form she came and left, as a White Buffalo Calf.

On the seventh day of that prayer gathering with several thousand people, called “Drums Around The World”, the Peace Pole for Jerusalem was carried in a Peace Prayer Walk through the various camps. At each camp, people added their prayers for it to be installed in Jerusalem one day. At the end, it started raining so we hurried into a big tent with about a hundred people. The tent was put up by some followers of Jesus Christ. Four of them held that Peace Pole for Jerusalem reverently cradled in their arms, sitting on their heels in a position of prayer. The musician named Fantuzzi Luis was the master of ceremonies. After a pause to think about what to say, to introduce the Peace Pole for Jerusalem in that atmosphere of reverence, he started by saying he was raised as a Christian and he believes that “Jesus was the original rebel…”. His voice trailing off as he said that, pointing his finger to the sky. At that moment he was interrupted by simultaneous loud thunder and lightning that blew out a nearby tree. Everyone was speechless for a few minutes. When I looked at the faces of the four Jesus disciples holding the peace pole, all four had tears streaming profusely down their faces. Everyone was pin drop silent with goose bumps. We all knew we had just experienced an unmistakably timed, “Sign from God”.

On the eighth day, the closing ceremony was conducted by Lakota Chief Phil Lane Jr. His Chanupa Sacred Pipe Ceremony was offered with thousands of people. The spirit pushed me forward to the altar at my feet. I was wearing my Red Lab Coat symbol of the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy fulfillment per the “Fire Sign from God” received on the Bicentennial Flag Day, June 14, 1976.

In our case, this Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem is envisioned to be installed in Jerusalem Israel, with its seven sacred symbols depicting the Great Law of Peace to unite the three faiths of Jerusalem, and their followers. This to manifest the lasting peace brought by the Iroquois Peacemaker who United the Nations in Peace a thousand years ago under The Great Law of Peace, ending centuries of bitter warfare between the tribes.

I am hoping that soon this Peace Pole will be installed in Jerusalem to complete our prayer from Christmas 2005. Then I organized the Peace Prayer Walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem conducted by some members of the Jerusalem Peacemakers organization, including the Bedouin Elder Ibrahim Abu El Hawa of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and the prominent Jewish peace activist Eliyahu McLean.

I was inspired to invite our 50th Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo to participate with Jose Munoz and our Chumash Elder Art Cisneros, because of our receiving Mayor Murillo’s Proclamation about the Tree of Peace symbol of The Great Law of Peace, the foundation of the Iroquois Confederacy. This is the inviolably sovereign Law of Nature that was overlooked by the US founding fathers and needs to be restored to governments for bringing peace and tranquility among all nations.

The ongoing centuries of ruthless violence was ended by the Peacemaker with the people simply understanding and embracing this inviolably sovereign Great Law of Peace, the Law of Nature, the Torah, the True Dharma, the Will of The One God by which everything happens all the time, the Law of Universal Unconditional Love taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ, called Prema in the language of Mahatma Gandhi.

This is the law Einstein believed could be explained mathematically by the equations of a unified field theory, what I developed from August 1994 through April 28, 1977, and called the Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory Equations.

I left my comfortable “Buddha Room” in the quiet Crystal Mountain wilderness, to live homeless on the street of Santa Barbara’s Mesa Neighborhood, to learn how to write inspiration PocketBooks, to better explain my story.

This story starts with how dramatically my life was changed 50 years ago from my clairaudient experience of the sound of Torahk. I will explain how that has given me the authority “To Correct America,” using the vehicle of the American Peace March and its related messages, as an American Peace Movement Organizer.

When I was a teenager sixty years ago my father worked for Walt Disney Studios. Walt sponsored a Boy Scout Explorer Post to teach the sons of the studio employees how to make movies. Every Thursday night for four years my father drove two extra trips to work and back, to the studios in Burbank from Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley. From my age 14-18 we learned the various aspects of movie making, from all the dads with various jobs in the motion picture industry. I learned how to ride horses. We wrote and produced a western movie that we all took part in and edited, entitled “Trouble at Sagebrush Flats”. The last year I was elected president of our post and conducted our weekly meetings using Robert's Rules of Order.

Fifteen years later, I experienced the Peace Prayer Walks inspired by the Buddhist Monk whom Mahatma Gandhi called his Fujii Guruji, from whom Gandhi also took up the daily practice of drumming the universal peace prayer mantra, Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.

After my 1976 experience as a participating witness to the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy fulfillment, later that year in December we met a monk who was a disciple of Fujii Guruji and who fit what was predicted in this Hopi Life Plan Prophecy, as the helper with the sign of the Sun, to bring the purification of mind needed to change the path of history off of the path toward total destruction and onto the path towards paradise on Earth as our inevitable future.

His name was Masao Nippashi. From the Japanese his name translates to Rainbow Warrior. His name Masao sounded like what we heard in the Hopi Land as the name of The Great Spirit, usually rendered as Masauw.

“Coincidentally” the title of the book we read about mutual prophecy fulfillment and the Hopi Prophecy was called Warriors of the Rainbow.

The woman who later became my wife on my 33rd birthday in 1978, Carolynne Diane Fargey, had been my companion through the years of our Hopi adventures and early peace walks with Nippashi, including The Longest Walk. She was then witness to my claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel, as a surrogate for the direct cause of the physical return of Jesus Christ to Earth by propagating His Message of the Law of Universal Unconditional Love, Prema.

Together in 1978 we conceived of making a popular television show about the peace walk as a “true life adventure” (now called a Reality TV show) with a mobile camp set up each night like a peace circus, using my geometric modular portable Metatron tents, with popular public personalities making cameo appearances along the route to lend their draw to the show and its peace messages delivered from the stage each night, featuring international cuisine from the various countries of the peace walkers who are the stars of the show using “peace livery” wardrobe, kits, tents, etc, which the viewer will want to buy as cottage industry products which emulate the peace walk movie locally everywhere, demonstrating and practicing the mobile spiritual community.

This book is to explain some background stories, and some messages the American Peace March will be promoting To Correct America, and to fulfill the Hopi Life Plan Prophecy.

These include the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons with redirection of their funding to developing peaceful technologies like the Free Energy Technologies (, Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier, the End of Child and Human Trafficking, the Liberation and Implementation of the Free Energy Technologies pioneered by Nikola Tesla a century ago and by Bruce DePalma and Yogananda disciple Norman Paulsen of the Sunburst Community in 1979 in Santa Barbara, the Truth Freedom Health campaign of the US Independent Presidential Candidate Dr VA Shiva Ayyadurai who is an MIT PhD and the inventor of EMAIL, to restore America’s health by making the former CDC pathologist Dr. Joel Wallach - Dead Doctors Don't Lie DVM ND as the next US Surgeon General, and on Inauguration Day 2024 to show inside the White House both movies “Sound of Freedom Movie” staring James Patrick Caviezel Jr as Tim Ballard in the true life adventure of Operation Underground Railroad and “The Next Century” movie by Dr. Steven Greer and his True Disclosure organization.

After my Torahk experience 50 years ago in 1973, I felt compelled to intuitively dedicate the rest of my life to the cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

Recently, a number of amazing things have come up to add in this book to help fulfill this purpose.

First and foremost is my discovery a month ago of the existence of my parents’ guru for the last 55 years whom I visited in 1996, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He has come again to India as the Prema Sai Baba Avatar and he just turned age 19, born March 16, 2004. He exhibits the same paranormal “powers” to manifest all kinds of physical objects from the zero point energy field of space. I personally witnessed this many times during my month-long 1996 visit with his predecessor Sathya Sai. I also witnessed in 1977 the Israeli paranormalist Uri Geller bending metal spoons, just with his focus of mind.

The operational dynamics of the human mind has been my fascination since I was a child. I grew up reading books about the mind dynamics of the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce. Books like the Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramansa Yogananda’s book on Self Realization, I read from the bookshelves of my parents. They were serious students of the mind, after years of their Rosicrucian studies before their friends in the Order introduced them to Sai Baba.

When I read the “Warriors of the Rainbow” book, it shocked me with the realization that many of the prophecies it documents, from major religions and indigenous cultures, came from dreams of intuition beyond reason.

Sathya Sai Baba said he came to fulfill all the prophecies for the cause of peace. I even saw a movie on this theme partly filmed at the Hopi land.

Now Prema Sai Baba has come to complete this mission.

—— end preface, 78th atomic anniversary:

Today July 16, 2023, is the 78th anniversary of the first Atomic Bomb explosion ever, in New Mexico, and the 45th anniversary of the amazing speech from the steps of the US Capitol in Washington DC by Mahatma Gandhi’s Fujii Guruji Nichidatsu at the end of the Longest Walk of the America Indian Movement, the prepared speech that was translated paragraph by paragraph to English.

I was there as a witness that cloudy day. From the moment he started speaking until the last paragraph was read by the translator, thunder was constantly rolling in the instance, as if Nature itself was punctuating and emphasizing his message.

That was the first time I heard a Buddhist teacher explained the nature of God and how that conception should be viewed:

The second atomic bomb was used to destroy Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, which was his 60th birthday. He interpreted this as the fulfillment of the Lotus Sutra prophecy about the great conflagration, signifying the beginning of the last of five 500 year periods prophesied by Lord Buddha as the end of the age of Mappo, the era of the declined law, and the beginning of the age of the True Law, the True Dharma, the Myo Ho (Wonderful Law) in the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo universal peace prayer mantra predicted to bring peace and tranquility to the nations by its being universally pronounced.

This prediction was from 700 years ago by Saint Nichiren who first put to voice the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra. When they tried to kill him because he admonished the government to follow this inviolably sovereign law instead of making up laws and trying to enforce them by violence, the executioner’s sword was broken when they tried to chop off his head. Tapistries of that era depict the lightning responsible came from a UFO.

A month ago, on June 12, 2023, Dr. Steven Greer held a press conference in Washington DC, at the National Press Club about his “Disclosure Project” (see video on YouTube) to help implement the Free Energy Technologies suppressed for the last 100 years since the time of Nikola Tesla, and how they are related to the UFO issue.

On July 8th, his movie “The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It, premiered in Los Angeles, explaining how the relaxation of secrecy in the next 6-9 months means these free energy technologies will be developed and because of that poverty around the world will be ended within 20 years from now.

He explained that many UFO’s from advance extraterrestrial civilizations has visited Earth since the first atomic bomb explosion because these explosions adversely impact the entire universe though quantum entanglement. They are trying to stop this and support the abolition of nuclear weapons, which effort is lead by the Proposition One Movement for conversion of nuclear weapons funding to peace technologies such as the free energy technologies.