“Jesus Christ Was The Original Rebel”, said Fantuzzi to Kaboom

Actual photograph of Jesus Christ produced on several occasions by Sathya Sai Baba

It was only about six months before the August 20-28 World Unity Festival and Drums Around the World event in 1994 that the organizer told me he just found out that the Urantia book people believe that August 28th is the actual birthday anniversary of Jesus Christ.

After three years of planning it as a “prophecy fulfillment gathering”, based on some date on the Mayan calendar that related to the "big date" in December 2012, it was on August 20, 1994, that a Sundancer under Chief Leonard Crow Dog, Felipe Chavez -- of the Kid Village kitchen from the Rainbow Family Gatherings whose name is inspired by the book The Warriors of The Rainbow and its central chapter about the Hopi Prophecy and whose founding initiators have had extensive interaction with the Hopi including their elder coming to the 1977 annual Rainbow Gathering, David Monongye, and telling the circle of people on July 4th while a double rainbow formed in the sky over 20 minutes long, that the existence of the true believers of the Rainbow Family as one human family all around the Earth is indeed a fulfillment of Hopi Prophecy -- moved onto the land near the Grand Canyon leading the setup team for the encampment of that first “World Unity Festival and Drums Around the World” event which concluded with a Lakota Sacred Pipe Ceremony on Aug.28 conducted by Chief Phil Lane Jr with several thousand people gathered around the “Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole for the White House” that I created in 1980 and has been at many Rainbow Family Gatherings and many other events over the years since then, after on August 27th introducing it to that circle ceremony area as a blank log from Santa Barbara envisioned to become the “Rainbow Uprising Peace Pole for Jerusalem”.

On August 27, 1994, when that blank log created in 1993 was carried in a procession of about a hundred people throughout the various camps on the way to deposit it as an offering at that main ceremony area where the Peace Pole for the White House had been put up to center the gathering and where the long awaited main ceremony was to take place the next day on Aug.28, as we finished paying respects at the camp of the Hare Krishna devotees, with Fantuzzi as the MC saying a few words about that peace pole and about the particular camp we were visiting to add their prayers to its mission, it started to rain. By the time we all scurried into the huge tent nearby at the last camp on the way, of the radical Christians from Flagstaff, it was pouring rain. Fortunately they had that big tent that easily held the large gathering of over 100 people we had accumulated along the way doing that peace prayer walk to the main circle.

Coming into the "Jesus Tent" we could see a life size wooden cross, like the one we imagine Jesus was crucified on, that these radical Christians would one by one taking turns on different occasions drag through the streets of Flagstaff in their own procession mimicking the procession of Jesus Christ on his way to his crucifixion, using it like some kind of sacred object vaguely akin in their practice to a “peace pole” symbolizing a Message of Peace and Love. When we explained the purpose of this newly offered Peace Pole for Jerusalem, to go up someday in Jerusalem to center a circle of hands ceremony there to help bring peace and harmony among the believers of The Three Faiths of Jerusalem, they were more excited about it than any of the other camps were. Four of those devotees insisted they wanted to hold that peace pole across their laps cradled in their arms together, kneeling at his feet while Fantuzzi stood made his presentation to the assembled group. After everyone settled down and it became quiet without a word or sound being heard except the rain on the tent, all of us feeling thankful just to be inside out of the now huge downpour.

You could tell that Fantuzzi was moved and was figuratively “scratching his head” wondering in a long pause what to say with this scene and these four Jesus devotees kneeling at his feet facing him as if they were about to listen to Jesus Christ Himself deliver a message, with eyes wide and full of awe at this moment of group prayer and respect for their particular faith and camp among all the others being the last one visited on the way to complete the ceremonial procession and set the tone for the next day’s main ceremony.

Finally Fantuzzi spoke after a long “pregnant pause”. He is a Puerto Rican heritage guy and was raised as a Catholic and had that background before evolving to the interfaith view of life he came to hold, identifying himself more as an interfaith “gypsy musician”, but still because of his roots he said, “You know, I was raised as a Christian, and I think that Jesus Christ was the Original Rebel, and…” …then he could say no more because the moment he spoke the name of Jesus Christ there was a huge flash of lightning with a simultaneous huge clap of thunder that made the rest of whatever he was intending to say just fall away from his mind and everyone got those kind of goose-bumps that you rarely get in your life, at such an experience of spiritual “coincidence” of the “synchronicity” that some of our lives have experienced before. When only after a couple seconds I looked down right next to me at the faces of those four dear Christian brothers, they all had profuse tears streaming down their faces and were completely slack-jawed at the experience.

As it turned out, we found out after going home from that gathering, the first white buffalo calf (named “Miracle”) was born on Aug.20 that year in fulfillment of ancient Lakota prophecy from 19 generations ago from the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman who brought the original sacred pipe and its seven sacred rites to the Lakota people. On Aug.28 that year the main ceremony was a wonderful sacred pipe ceremony conducted by traditional hereditary Lakota Chief Phil Lane Jr who was recently a participant at the July 2014 gathering of global indigenous leaders that created the Global Indigenous Initiative.

------ On using the drum to amplify prayer into action as do the indigenous cultures and those inspired by Fujii Guruji ------

leh-ihl-leh-heh-ihl-Al-lah -- 7 syllables, second one a half beat (Arabic for "There is no god but The One God", the god of Abraham)

Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo -- 7 syllables, second one a half beat (Interpreted as "There is no law but The One Law", the law depicted also as Torah in Judaism, the law which even God must follow in the world, the True One Law by which everything operates with 100% certainty all the time without fail, what is depicted in Islam as "The Will of The One God" by which everything always happens in accord (by definition), the natural cosmic law depicted by the equations of a true and complete “unified field theory”)

Fa-ther-Son-and-Ho-ly-Ghost – 7 syllables, second one a half beat (the mystery of the Trinity, where obviously to English speakers the capitalized Son does not mean the same as the word son as in the carnal sense of son of God, yet in Arabic there are no capital and small letters, hence the argument behind the Crusades)

Above is my suggested expansion/application of the Tenku celestial hand drum and the chanting of the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo universal medicine word from Buddhism that Gandhi took up from the man he called his Guru, Nichidatsu Fujii whom Mahatma Gandhi called his Fujii Guruji

Many people have heard of the term Hopi Prophecy, but it was not until in his last few years that I heard Thomas Banyacya explain that the Hopi language word that is usually translated as Prophecy actually has another meaning in English which is “Life Plan”

The Hopi Prophecy about the “House of Mica” -- that was yet unfulfilled when Jon Voigt talked about it at our ceremony installing the Hiroshima Peace Flame on the UCSB eternal flame monument at the conclusion of our week of events in Jauary 1990, to initiate the Rainbow Uprising Campaign as the self-purification spiritual practice to uprise human consciousness to a higher level from which the solutions to problems can be seen –- was fulfilled on December 10, 1992, when 82 indigenous leaders spoke to the United Nations, including Banyacya, for the fist time in history, after the door to the United Nations was finally opened in October of 1991 due in part to Thomas’ appearance at the end of the Walk for a Livable World that carried the same Hiroshima Peace Flame across America after its installation at UCSB to the UN that year, enabling Thomas to be there and meet the president of the UN General Assembly.


Thomas Banyacya passed away on Feb.6, 1999, and felt that his life’s work had been completed by that opening of the door to the House of Mica, the UN, a mission given to him by his elders in 1948 when they commissioned him as their traditional Hopi interpreter to bring out the message of warning and teaching of peace of the Hopi Prophecy to the English speaking world.

At last year’s 2013 Rainbow Gathering in Montana I was able to go in order to meet Felipe again who considers me an inspirational person in his life, as do I of him, and to give him the 90forLife nutritional supplements that fixed his high blood pressure.

At last year’s 2013 Rainbow Family Vision Council on July 7th, I heard Geoffrey Dreyer share his vision of convening a 20th anniversary World Unity Festival this year 2014 somewhere in the four corners area, at a site since identified a month ago but only released in these last couple of days. This reunion gathering was announced at the 2014 Vision Council and was to be held from Aug.20-28 at the southern end of Big Lake Arizona, camping Aug.18-30, when we will have opening ceremony on Aug.20 remembering the birth of the first white buffalo calf 20 years ago, and closing ceremony on Aug.28 commemorating the one 20 years ago, and a special ceremony on Aug.27 with the new Peace Pole for Jerusalem that will replace that one from 20 years ago that was first broken in half in an odd accidental way and then later stolen from me during a period of great tribulation in 2006 when I completed living in the mountains for two years practicing to live without money, and now lost to its mission to center a circle of hands ceremony in Jerusalem to bring peace by uniting the Three Faiths of Jerusalem in The One Truth.

On July 20, 2014, I was finally able to connect with the proper local Chumash indigenous leader, Marcus Lopez, to ask his people’s help to prepare a new Peace Pole for Jerusalem to take to and offer to this 20th year reunion as I did with another Chumash leader last time, Wonono Rubio, with whom I was a co-coordinator of the 1995 Global Peace Walk from the UN in NYC to San Francisco commemorating the UN50th anniversary and the beginning of the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples that came out of that meeting where the indigenous elders spoke to the UN for the first time in 1992 (the 500 year Columbus anniversary) because the UN declared 1993 as the Year of the Indigenous Peoples.


You may already know my story from my history page but you may not remember that I embraced Islam at my age 18 at the then Los Angeles Mosque meetings before they had a building, under tutelage of my dear friend only a year older than me who had self taught himself Arabic language and music and dance, was the first American anglo member of their group, and later taught the Koran at the university where I graduated Cal State Northridge.


I did not formally become a Christian until 1976 after my experiences at the Hopi land that Summer and hearing about how the Hopi Mennonite Christians became Christians because they believe the coming True White Brother, who may be many in population and whose skin may or may not be white, predicted by the Hopi Prophecy means to them the return of Jesus Christ predicted by the Bible.

I have thought of myself as a True Jew since after I had my Torahk experience in 1973 followed by my Torahkum experience of May 5, 1976. I found out from the encyclopedia Britannica looking up Torahk and finding the entry for Torah, and particularly after developing the 4 equations of my Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory from 1974-77, where I got the insight about the final fourth equation by chanting one time le-ihl-leh-heh-ihl-Al-lah while walking across town practicing drumming and chanting Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo, the insight about the “absolute identity function” which is a mathematical function slightly akin to the “definitional identity function” that is standard in mathematics and depicted by three horizontal lines, similar to how the “equality function” is depicted by two horizontal lines (the “equals sign” like this =). This is because the definition of being a Jew is one who commits one’s life to following The One Law depicted by the Torah of Judaism. This to me is like Thomas Banyacya’s definition of being Hopi as explained in his Hopi Declaration of Peace where it is clear that no matter what one’s culture or language one is Hopi if one is committed to living as a “Peaceful Person”.

It was not until March of 1977, that I formally embraced Buddhism at a ceremony in Santa Barbara by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, just about a month before my “absolute identity realization” (that beyond language and beyond space and time, that the meaning and value of Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo and leh-ihl-leh-heh-ihl-Al-lah are “absolutely identical”)

The Hopi Prophecy as explained by Banyacya in a 4 page letter of 1961 that was shortened into the central chapter in that Warriors of The Rainbow book, explains that the True White Brother, who wears a red cap or red cloak, will have the help of two very powerful helpers, one with two signs/symbols – the swastika and something that looks like a four leaf clover, and one with the sign of the sun. It says that what is going to change the path of human history off of the pathway towards total destruction and onto the pathway towards peace and harmony for all, the pathway to “paradise on Earth”, will be a self-purification process where the True White Brother and the first helper with the two signs/symbols will “join with the second helper and come as one” to bring that purification. I did not have a clue as to who these two helpers would be when I dyed my lab coat red after my June 14, 1976, “fire sign experience” and went to the Hopi land wearing my red lab coat and hanging out during the summer of 1976 to “see what happened”. When I got back to Santa Barbara a few the monks of Fujii Guruji showed up where I was living in a tent on some property owned by a new friend who invited one of the monks to do his annual 7 day fasting and drum chanting in a tipi about 50 feet from my tent. The monks, Reverend Nippashi and Reverend Kato explained that the reason and purpose of their drumming and chanting the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo universal medicine word mantra for “Global Peace Now!” –- for peace and harmony among all of the human family and Pure Land over the earth (like paradise on earth) as predicted for these times now 2500 years ago by Buddha’s prophecy –- was for “self-purification”, so I spent a couple of hours one day and then a day chanting and drumming with that monk named Nippashi which means Sun Bridge (Rainbow) and then chanted and drummed all day and fasted with him the last day of his 7 day fast. That is when the bells and whistles went off in my head and I knew from that experience that this represented the second helper and to join together and come as one to bring the predicted purification -- to change the course of human history off of the pathway towards total destruction and onto the pathway towards paradise on earth –- will effected by chanting the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo just the same as that ancient Buddhist prophecy tells, bingo, the concept of mutual prophecy fulfillment hit me between the ears.

All of the Hopi Prophecy messages are subject to individual interpretation by each person responsible for how it directs their lives for better or for worse. You can see the 4 page letter from Banyacya at the below link, and will note in the second paragraph of the 4th page this line to which I refer in the above paragraph in my own words, "...it will fall upon the Third One with whom these two will join and together they will come as ONE to bring on Purification..."


But I still did not know what was this first helper until the Karmapa came to town and I went to his ceremony with one of the Japanese monks, Reverend Minimatsu who later introduced Fujii Guruji to American Indian Movement leader Dennis Banks, beating the drums and chanting and then I sat down with all the others to witness his Black Hat empowerment ceremony. "Lo and behold" on the tapestry (Tanka) hanging on his podium facing the audience was the swastika in all four corners and in the center was the double dorje symbol, looking exactly like the two symbols of the “second helper”.

But this got all mixed up as I did not know then that the Karmapa had already visited the Hopi land in 1974 and with his monks compared knowledge with the Hopi elders who noted that the Tibetan monks wear red robes. Unbelievably the Tibetans and Hopi could understand one another’s languages with a few words reversed, like the Tibetan word for the Sun is the Hopi word for the Moon and vice versa!

Anyway, my latest rants on Facebook to address the problems currently inflamed in the Holy Land these days is that those of the Islamic and Jewish and Christian faiths should put down the sword and take up the prayer drum and chant and sing out their prayers using the drum to amplify them as did Gandhi drumming and chanting the Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo daily all his life after taking up the practice from his Fujii Guruji and thereafter leading the nonviolent Indian spiritual political revolution to success, even though he was a Hindu and not a Buddhist, similar to me who now identifies himself as a True Believer in the Religion of Science where I am convinced by my four decades of spiritual practice and discovery, and by my Tetron theory about the human mind’s consciousness orientation function of light, that science itself is indeed exactly a religion because of how it applies the power of the human mind, where unknowingly scientists are actually creating many things that they think they are just discovering, which is because they believe in “theories” -- like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle that my theory refutes as the main thing screwing up science since about the time of WWII.

When I had my interview with Sathya Sai Baba on September 28, 1996, as described on my /india96.html page about how I found the above photo of Jesus after a dream preceded my visit to India, Baba actually shouted at me "You Are God!", which made the women in the front row giggle because they knew this was what he tells everyone and it has a deeper meaning than what "Westerners" usually think.


But this is consistent with the Hebrew "mantra" (Ah-ni-Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey) that I chanted without drums for about 15 minutes in a group of a couple dozen people in Los Angeles after the conclusion of our peace walk from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica in January of 1978 when I carried the Owl Clan Staff provided by Chumash medicine person Kote Lotah for the purpose of introducing the Japanese Monks to the traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya for the first time, at the annual meeting that year of the International Cooperation Council. There the advent of The Longest Walk was announced to start the following month, putting a damper on my initiative then to take the Nipponzan Myohoji monks to meet the Hopi elders because they all joined Fujii Guruji in participating in that historic Longest Walk that united for the first time in history all the indigenous tribes of the continent in one spiritual action, and that succeeded in overturning many pending anti-Indian bills in Congress, ended the official US covert eugenics sterilization of native women, and resulted in the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act which removed the 90 year old ban on the practice of the Lakota Sundance Ceremony as one of the seven holy rites of the sacred pipe they call the Chanupa.

"In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as Paradise on Earth."

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