Mayoral Proclamations of Support

Mayoral Proclamations of Support for Related Projects

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San Diego, Monterey CA; Tucson AZ, Richmond VA; Oakland: Jerry Brown; San Francisco: Willie Brown, see list below

"San Diego was chosen as the starting point for this year's walk in honor of the pioneer scientist who discovered the 90 essential nutrients needed for health and longevity", San Diego's Mayoral Proclamation referring to Dr. Joel Wallach

Santa Barbara:

Harriet Miller , Marty Blum , Cathy Murillo, Helene Schneider

List of Proclamations of Support for Global Peace Walk

Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum's UN Day 2002 Proclamation of "Global Peace Now!" mentions the UCSB Tree of Peace and Peace Flame history

Santa Barbara Mayor Harriet Miller's 1997 Global Peace Walk Day Proclamation mentions the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem, as does Mayor Cathy Murillo's.