July 4th IV Block Party Musicians
Peace Through Universal Love

As of July 4, 2021, 7:14amPDT:

Featured Speaker: Dr David Bearman MD, Founder of the Isla Vista Medical Clinic, the first MD to successfully fight the American Medical Association for the right to recommend Medical Cannabis under California's Prop215, expert on Drugs, Medicines, and Pharmaceuticals, friend of Jack Herer.


Bruce Curtis Goodwin (with Tony Taggart), Guitar Improv Artist, was born in 1954 and raised in Santa Barbara, came to Isla Vista on January 31, 1991, produced the first major concert on Anisq’Oyo Park Stage, July 16-17, 1988, first big event in IV, 25k of sound equipment.

The Stereophonic Ears, Reverbnation
Vocalist, Producer, music Historian, Musicians Resource Site: https://www.reverbnation.com

Special Guest: Scott Day, Popular Community Musician and Peace Activist

Jenny Jett, Bass Player

Email: gear2000@lightspeed.net