October 2, 2022, Mahatma Gandhi’s 153rd Birthday
American Peace March
UCSB Tree of Peace to Eternal Flame

From Facebook, September 24, 2022:
David Williams (Our David)
Leader of The Free World,
Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel for the
Return of Jesus Christ to Present Time

Press Release of September 21, revised Sptember 23, 2022:

For Immediate Release: Re October 2, 2022, Gandhi's
UCSB American Peace March, to help
Implement Free Energy Technologies
And End Wars Over Energy Resources

To the UCSB Daily Nexus Newspaper, et al:
From: David Crockett Williams CLU
Hummingbird Sky Island, Columbia CA
September 21, 2022 at 12:34PM PDT
(See Addendum of Sept23, below end)
The Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel,
Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory,
Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem


American Peace March
“To Correct America”
October 2, 2022, Sunday
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
Love All, Serve All
Isla Vista Anisqoyo Park
12pm Peace Pole to
UCSB Tree of Peace
& To Eternal Flame and Back 1pm
Prayer to Implement
Free Energy Technologies
Suppressed over 100yrs since
Nikola Tesla

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to suggest a series of interesting and important stories for your student newspaper.

The story starts with our initiation of the American Peace March, “To Correct America”, both at UCSB and Columbia California, on September 11, 2022, remembering the NYC Attack on America, details at above websites.

The next steps for this branded American Peace March will be on Sunday, October 2, 2022, Mahatma Gandhi’s 153rd Birthday, with the peace prayer walk departing at Noon from the Peace Pole, on the path near the Anisqoyo Amphitheater in Isla Vista, to the Tree of Peace at UCSB, planted on May 16, 1985, located on the west end of the greenbelt just north of Storke Tower, for a brief ceremony recognizing The Tree of Peace as the Symbol of The Great Law of Peace, the foundation of the Iroquois Confederacy which was the US Founding Fathers’ model for our system of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” - but they omitted the concept of the inviolably sovereign Law of Nature, depicted as The Great Law of Peace, because it was not then understood.

Afterward the Gandhi’s Birthday 2022 American Peace March will continue to the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, dedicated by the graduating class of 1969, with plaques quoting Martin Luther King, President John Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, located on the south lawn of Buchanan Hall, and then walk back to Anisqoyo Park Amphitheater for an afternoon Gandhi’s birthday party with music organized by Bruce Goodwin for the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District.

I have proposed for this occasion the installation of an additional plaque with a quote from Cesar Chavez, the California Farmworkers Champion of Nonviolence, to be installed at the Eternal Flame Peace Monument, and hereby request the Daily Nexus staff to investigate this possibility with regard to the level of student and public support for the idea, permission from the Chancellor and other authorities, etc., and to soon publish their findings.

The American Peace March project promotes the implementation of the Free Energy Technologies, suppressed for over 100 years since Nikola Tesla’s time under “dual use” (military-civilian) secrecy classifications, to prevent other governments gaining a military advantage, which is the main reason we need a comprehensive global peace, to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power technologies with these “free energy” technologies and end the wars over energy resources.

UCSB has a role in this because of their physicists’ suppression of the Free Energy discoveries in the 1980’s of Santa Barbara physicist and inventor of the “n-Machine”, Bruce DePalma, mentioned in the US Department of Energy’s 1998 Comprehensive National Energy Strategy document as “one potential device to harness the Zero Point Energy” that year, accepted by DoE and explained in a response by DoE scientists provided by the Department Chairman responding to a public hearing request as explained at:


Yet, UCSB physicists like Walter Kohn, after whom the new Institute for Theoretical Physics was named, its earlier director Robert Schrieffer, and various physics teachers at UCSB all debunked DePalma’s experiments that led him to his independent rediscovery of the n-Machine’s “over unity” property of Michael Faraday’s 1832 homopolar motor generator principle, based on DePalma’s years of experiments starting at MIT, about anomalous changes in gravitational and inertial properties of rotating and precessing systems, as documented at:


There is another Santa Barbara connection to this issue, in that Norman Paulsen’s (Kriya Yoga) Sunburst Community sponsored the construction of DePalma’s first quantitative test device in the Sunburst machine shop, where successful “incremental over unity” testing took place, witnessed by many including DoE scientists, and that original test machine is still on exhibit at Sunburst in Buellton, after its independent verification by Stanford University’s Electrical Engineering Professor Emeritus Robert Kincheloe, who presented his findings at UCSB’s Cliff House gathering of free energy scientists in 1997 sponsored by UCSB Environmental Studies Department founder Marc McGinnes who is credited as the founder of the modern environment movement because of his role with the Community Environmental Council and the Environmental Defense Center in Santa Barbara.


One of your reporters could start this story with a visit to Sunburst, one Sunday for their free weekly 10:30am meditation and luncheon afterward, when Norman Paulsen’s widow Patricia Paulsen could be interviewed and the first N-Machine can be photographed.

I myself am a lay disciple of Mahatma Gandhi’s Fujii Guruji Nichidatsu, from whom Gandhi also took up the Tenku Prayer Drum and universal peace prayer mantra of Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, as I did on December 8, 1976.

Over the years we had many ceremonies at the Tree of Peace and Eternal Flame, including with Bruce DePalma in 1990 with Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Iroquois Tree of Peace Society, the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Monks disciples of Fujii Guruji, Marc McGinnes and other community leaders, and famous actor Jon Voigt, as explained in our YouTube video, the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign at:


More recently on March 11, 2018, we had a ceremony at the Tree of Peace conducted by the Mayan Sacred Calendars Keeper Jose Munoz, and the Chumash Elder Art Cisneros, with Santa Barbara’s 50th Mayor Cathy Murillo who present her Mayoral Proclamation about The Great Law of Peace, and she affixed the symbol of the “Three Faiths of Jerusalem United in Peace” onto the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem:


My write up on Gandhi’s inspiration for the American Peace Movement and a Scientific Spiritual Revolution of Conscience into harmony with the Natural Order:


Longest Walk Organizer and American Indian Movement Leader, Dennis Banks, on his inspiration from Fujii Guruji: “From Violence to Nonviolence”


References for more info, on Facebook:

Report with photos of first route from Columbia California, September 11, 2022, of the American Peace March to Hummingbird Sky Island:


Report with photos of September 11, 2022, UCSB American Peace March, Tree of Peace and Eternal Flame:


My September 20, 2022, Proposal to La Casa de La Raza for an October 1, gathering to support the Cesar Chavez plaque to install at UCSB Eternal Flame on Gandhi’s birthday October 2, 2022:


Addendum of September 23, 2022, UCSB Daily Nexus article selections at end below:


List of articles about/by David Williams Since 1977, many others from Santa Barbara newspapers and others nationwide:

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“Free energy technology makes this peaceful revolution possible," UCSB 1983 Bruce DePalma interview by Daily Nexus Staff Writer Evette Justus;

UCSB Daily Nexus, July 27, 1983, “Hiroshima Day” August 6, 1983, is the current focus of the Isla Vista Memorial Peace Commission and Students for a Nuclear Free Future (SNuFF);

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UCSB Daily Nexus Op-Ed on Global Peace Walk, with commentary and info resources, "To overcome today's grave threats to all life on Earth...This is what the Global Peace Walk is all about...Walking for World Peace" - November 18, 1994;

April 5, 1997, UCSB Daily Nexus Photo and article, “Storke Plaza Rally remembering MLK, Conscience Revolution Resolution”;

July 1, 2006, About My Claim: The Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel


About my four Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations about the Human Mind’s Consciousness Orientation Function of Light, The Law of Nature and The Great Law of Peace:


The Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem


Original Distribution:

Date: September 21, 2022 at 12:34:44 PM PDT
To: UCSB Daily Nexus Editor-in-Chief
Cc: La Casa De La Raza,
Jose Manik Ajpu Munoz - Mayan TimeKeeper,
Santa Barbara’s 50th Mayor - Cathy Murillo,
Art Cisneros - Chumash Elder,
Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District,
UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang,
KCSB Lisa Osborn - News & Public Affairs Director