The "Official" Hopi Prophecy Documents

There are many messages and teachings "out there" attributed to "Hopi Prophecy" as related by various of the traditional Hopi indigenous people such as Thomas Banyacya who was commissioned in 1948 by the Hopi elders as their English language interpreter to bring out orally their messages of peace and warnings based on the fulfillment of a common vision experienced over the centuries by many of those spiritual leaders assembled from all eleven independent and autonomous Hopi villages who compared their knowledge in this historical first such meeting ever, where many reported similar dreams and visions of the future that had been handed down to them for centuries including about a "gourd of ashes" that would fall on the earth two times, which they interpreted as fulfilled with the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 & 9, 1945.

Another such vision they communicated to Banyacya was that of the "House of Mica" where the world leaders would meet on the eastern coast. They gave him a special prayer feather at that time and commissioned him to find this House of Mica and to open its door for the Hopi to speak there about these teachings and warnings predicting events in the future that had come to pass and others yet to happen. He was told he would knock on the door 3 times and be rebuffed and on the 4 time he would succeed.

A second such meeting was help in December of 1960 and its results conveyed for the first time in history in writing to the outside world in the form of a 4 page letter of January 1961 that was written by Banyacya which I received in Summer of 1976, and is copied here at these links as what I think of as the "official" Hopi Prophecy message.

That letter was copied and given to the authors of the 1962 book called Warriors of the Rainbow and it was abstracted to become the central chapter in that book about the theme of the mutual fulfillment of various religious and indigenous prophecies in our times.

At these links you can see this letter and a scan of the cover and that Hopi Prophecy chapter in the now out of print book Warriors of the Rainbow.