The Rainbow Uprising Story
A Spiritual Unity Summit on Nonviolence

The Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign was initiated with a week of events in Santa Barbara during the first week of January 1990. An edited transcript of videos from the events with speakers including Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyayca and Iroquois Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, may be read at this link:

Below is the retyped text of a double-sided letter sized handout from that time:


A Spiritual Unity Summit on Nonviolence was convened in Santa Barbara during the January 7-13, 1990, events initiating the Rainbow Uprising Campaign which were highlighted by the first U.S. installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame which had previously been carried across the US with the 1986 Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament and from Leningrad to Moscow with the 1987 American Soviet Walk. This installation, by a Hiroshima A-Bomb survivor (Hibkusha), on the University of California at Santa Barbara's Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument, is especially symbolic located outside the windows of the national Institute for Theoretical Physics on a campus of the very University which has administered the development of every nuclear weapon that the US has built.

This peoples' summit featured speeches from Japanese Buddhist monks, from Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, from Santa Barbara space power scientist Bruce DePalma whose 1978 discovery to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power technologies has been lately developed by the Government of India, and from traditional Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya of the Sovereign Hopi Nation who was on his way to join several hundred spiritual and parliamentary leaders in the January 15-19, 1990 Global environmental Forum for Human Survival in Moscow, USSR. After his return, Banyacya delivered his message to 150 members of the Global Walk for a Livable World which carried it and the Rainbow Uprising videotape message along with the Hiroshima Peace Flame departing Santa Monica February 1, 1990, on a walk around the world for the environment, to Washington, DC, at the end of September, and to the United Nations for United Nations Day, October 24, en route to Hiroshima, Japan, for August 6, 1993 arrival.

The Rainbow Uprising Campaign is a scientific/spiritual revolution of consciousness to change the course of human history off of the path towards total destruction and onto the path towards true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth, by simple veneration of the natural law and order, and by bringing out the fundamental teaching of nonviolence.

The inspiration for the Rainbow Uprising Campaign comes from observations of mutual fulfillment of Hopi, Tibetan, and Japanese Buddhist prophecies (e.g., both the Hopi and the Lotus Sutra prophecies predicted today's threat of nuclear holocaust) and their correlations with new corrections in modern scientific thinking such as the DePalma discoveries of heretofore unsuspected empirical influences of rotation on the gravitational, inertial, and electromagnetic properties of matter, and such as the patently evident completion of the understanding of E=mC^2 (by correction of the acknowledged compromise about the truth of the nature of light) offered by the Tetron Thesis, my four Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations to explain all of physical reality, no matter where or when, with 100% certainty -- i.e., a mathematical formulation of the same natural law and order underlying the indigenous religious traditions, the Dharma of Buddhism, the Torah of Judaism, and the fundamental teachings of every philosophy.

The Rainbow Uprising was initiated Sunday January 7, 1990, with a ceremony conducted by local Chumash religious society descendants. On Monday January 8, I introduced Banyacya, Swamp, Chumash elder Pilulaw, and Zen monk Yamato to Bruce DePalma (elder brother of filmmaker Brian DePalma) who showed them various test models of his N-Machine. The next day, after a sunrise ceremony in a Kiva under construction in Santa Barbara for a Spring Equinox opening, these spiritual leaders met with Tibetan Lama Khenpo Kartar Rinpoche and planning was discussed about a Banyacya August 22 & 23, 1990, India visit to the Dalai Lama, to meditate and talk together before the August 25, 1990, Peace Pagoda opening ceremony in Ladhak near Tibet, and about the potential of a return visit by the Dalai Lama to Hopiland to explore mutual prophecy fulfillment.

That Tuesday, January 9, was the anniversary of the 1985 death of the most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii who brought the revival of Buddhism to India and from whom Mahatma Gandhi took up the Tenku Celestial Drum and Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra where after the spiritual revolution in India went on to succeed. On this eve of his departure to the USSR and of the Hiroshima Peace Flame installation, Banyacya discussed the possibility of the final attempt of the Hopi Elders to speak at the United Nations taking place this year in fulfillment of the "House of Mica" prophecy. At that evening panel discussion speakers also included Jake Swamp, Pilulaw, Bruce DePalma, environmental attorney Marc McGinnes of UCSB's Environmental Studies Department who had taken part in the fourth international biennial "Faith and Hope of the Earth" Congress in Managua, Nicaragua, in June 1989, Quaker pacifist Gene Knudsen Hoffman of the Fellowship of Reconciliation's US/USSR Reconciliation Program, Laura Lynch of the Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, global walker Judy Imai, Hiroshima A-Bomb survivor Kaz Suyieshi, and Hymon Johnson of UCSB's Educational Opportunity Program and a regional teacher trainer for the Education in Human Values Program of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

On Wednesday, January 10, 1990, after a planning meeting in the UCSB Chancellor's Conference Room including Nichidatsu's spiritual successor Gyoten Yoshida and actor Jon Voight, the ceremony began with a five year anniversary gathering at UCSB's Tree of Peace featuring a message by Chief Jake Swamp about the Iroquois Peacemaker and his teachings of the Great Law of Peace and the Tree of Peace by which all of the nations are to be united in peace. Thereafter a procession carried the Hiroshima Peace Flame to the peace monument for its installation followed by messages from Suyieshi, Imai, Rev. Yoshida, Voight, DePalma, from Donna Horn who read a message from the Big Mountain elders she obtained for his occasion, from Hymon Johnson and from Rev. Yusen Yamato. In previous ceremonies at this peace monument organized by the Mesa School we welcomed new Chancellor Barbara Uehling on the July 15, 1987, 42nd anniversary of the first atomic explosion with remarks by speakers including Frank Kelly (former speechwriter for President Harry Truman), and in November 1987 the flame was relit jointly by the Mayors of Santa Barbara and our new Soviet Sister City of Yalta in a ceremony conducted by Chancellor Uehling.

On Thursday, January 11, 1990, Ogie Yocha played music outside Santa Barbara City Hall to start a "Rally for Responsible Government" which ended with a walk to the local Congressman's office to appeal for affordable housing funding restorations of $25 Billion per year in the Mickey Leland Housing Act of 1990, to appeal for an end to Big Mountain relocation, and to appeal to him to speak publicly about the space power technology for which he has repeatedly introduced special patent legislation but which has been classified secret by the US Government while they develop it for Air Force and Navy ship propulsion, arcane weaponry, and as a "critical technology for the SDI Star Wars program. Why are Congressman Lagomarsino and others keeping this secret when it means the end of the need to mine coal and uranium on Indian lands as well as the solution to many environmental problems? The answer lies in the incorrect mentality of American thinking which is responsible for the US being the only country to use nuclear weapons against human beings and to continually threaten their unilateral use to enforce the greed of American business on the world through nuclear terrorism. We must correct American thinking and end nuclear testing which is causing increased volcanic and earthquake activity.

When the Global Walk reaches Flagstaff, Arizona, on March 15, 1990, "The Ides of March," a public presentation of the Space Power Technology will be made to Hopi elders Thomas Banyacya and White Bear Fredericks. A sunrise March 16, 1990, red cloth dying ceremony and later morning appearance at the "Hopi Tribal Council" will appeal for the end of Big Mountain relocation and the end to coal and uranium mining on Indian lands, and will offer the space power technology discoveries for development by Sovereign Native Nations. In the afternoon, the Hiroshima Peace Flame will be carried to the spiritual leader (kikmongwi) of the Hopi village of Shungopavi where some of the Buddha's ashes have been kept since 1980 for enshrinement someday in a Peace Pagoda (stupa) for the purification of land and life.

A rainbow uprising videotape is being edited (finishing funds sought) and transcriptions will be available soon from The Mesa School (805) 96[-2813. Donations and investments to finance this world and future projects are needed and welcomed:

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David Crockett Williams, Jr., C.L.U., B.S. Chemistry (1969)
Chartered Life Underwriter (since 1984)
American Peace Movement Organizer (since 1984)
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