DCW latest Signature Lines, as of June 4, 2015

In the love and the light of the truth,


David Crockett Williams (III)
Knowledge Management Consultant
Promoter, Independent Contractor
Learning Services Administrator
Network Member & Enroller

Santa Barbara Science Center Information Network
Evaluation of Forefront Technologies, Mind-Matter Factor

2015 Summer of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Tour Organizer
21June-Sept21, Ashland to SF to NoCal to Taos to Santa Barbara


Global Peace Walk Network
Global Spiritual Unity 2015, UN70th Anniversary Observances
June 26th UN Charter signed, ratified October 24th UN Day
To eliminate the scourge of war - http://globalpeacenow.org

Global Emergency Alert Response Network
Science and Religion Meeting Spirituality
In The Spirit of Truth in Action

Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign Network

Global Thrive Movement Solutions Network Santa Barbara
Watch the Thrive Movie free online, join Global Solutions Network at:
http://thrivemovement.com - purchase Thrive Movie HD DVDs
with bonus features, join Yekra, from: http://ykr.be/1q8w4cemxa

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences Network
Optimize Your Health & Longevity with the
90forLife Knowledge & Nutritional Supplements
Per Dr. Joel Wallach, of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”
Join the 90forLife Youngevity Network for Better Health:

See Youngevity videos, scroll down to product explanations, at:

My related article, "Call for an American Medical Revolution"
Humans should live disease-free to at least 120 years old!
AMA/MD medical system prevents health, profits from disease

MultiPureUSA Personal Water Systems Network
World's Best Home and Travel Water Filters
Sintered Carbon Block Technology, RO

Freedom Law School Network
Knowing the law, protecting you from
Government abuse, IRS illegal taxation

Tax Retirement Fund Network Santa Barbara
National Movement to Eliminate Taxes Using Hidden CAFR Resources

Kinship of True Israel Network

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