Anne Fagan Ginger

Ann Fagan Ginger learned early to use the law and history to work for peace and human rights, coming from a Irish Catholic, English Quaker, Russian Jewish, Midwestern newspaper family. As a lawyer, she won a civil liberties case in the U.S. Supreme Court. After her testimony as an expert witness on international law that applies in the U.S., a jury acquitted nuclear weapons protesters in Utah. She is now teaching Peace Law and Human Rights at San Francisco State University and serves on the Peace and Justice Commission that administers the Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance in Berkeley. She is Executive Director of Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, a center for peace law and human right, with archives of historic cases. Founded in 1965, the Institute answers queries of clients and lawyers and trains interns to prepare reports on U.S. compliance with human rights treaties for submission to UN committees.

Professor Ginger on the World Court opinion outlawing nuclear weapons.

Why has the media ingnored this World Court opinion?