July 4, 2021, Inaugural Event

Peace Through Universal Love
iPhone: 805-403-1634

David Williams, Founder
M D Fargey, President

Inaugural Event:
July4 Celebration of Gratitude
For Freedom, Independence and God
Isla Vista Loop, Community Block Party
Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole for Jerusalem
Bringing God back into American Consciousness
Hug Patrol Offering Hugs4All
Isla Vista Free Box Culture Revival

To Rally Support For:
The American Peace March and Caravan
Santa Barbara CA to Portland OR
July 16 to August 6, 2021
To Resolve Critical Life Issues

Updated July 3, 2021, 12:30amPDT

Featured Motivational Speaker: Dr David Bearman MD, Founder of the Isla Vista Medical Clinic, the first MD to successfully fight the American Medical Association for the right to recommend Medical Cannabis under California's Prop215, expert on Drugs, Medicines, and Pharmaceuticals, friend of Jack Herer.

Mayoral Proclamations in Support
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Offering Financial Support

Block Party Musicians Anisq’Oyo Park Amphitheater

Our Vendors offering online ordering and Quick Food Delivery in Isla Vista

Things you can print or share to help us launch AmericanPeaceMovement.Us:
Initial 1/4page July 4 event Announcement Handout
1/4page July 4 Program Handout with Initially Invited Speakers
Community Block Party Invitation (Color) 5k Copies
American Peace Caravan, Initial Handout, Isla Vista to Portland July16-Aug6

Critical Life Issues We Address:

Bringing God back into American Consciousness

Offering Homeless Economic Recovery

Ending Nuclear Power, Weapons, Wars

Transferring Free Energy Technologies from Military Secrecy to Civilian Uses

Re-Greening Planet Earth For Climate Stabilization, and Water
Hemp for Victory Over Oil

Ending Medical Pharmaceutical Industry Incompetence, Corruption and Criminality

Increasing Healthy Lifespan Toward 90ForLife155 Years
Nutritional Elimination of Diseases

Critical Issues Handout

Aiming for the biggest patriotic gathering in Isla Vista history, the Isla Vista Homeless Community will be hosting a 4th of July Celebration of Gratitude, from Noon until 4:20pm, in the reopened (post-COVID) Anisqoyo Park Amphitheater, with music, prayers for America, speakers, exhibits, and food sharing, as “A Celebration of the Joy of Gratitude”, with the intent to unite All of Us as the American Peace Movement by inaugurating AmericanPeaceMovement.Us to financially support all those involved.

The event will be in Memorium of Chris Brown and Jack Herer.

Honorary Hostess: Jeannie Herer, “Inspiration for the Hug Patrol”

DETAILS FOLLOW: (Initial Program)

Santa Barbara
July4 Celebration of Gratitude
Music Food Speakers Prayers
Freedom, Independence, God
Peace Through Universal Love
Peace Pole for Jerusalem
Inaugural Event
Noon - 4:20pm
Isla Vista - UCSB - IVRPD
Anisq’Oyo Park Stage

Now Need Paid Volunteer Coordinators, Facebook Job Listing

Facebook Event Page, Interested, Going?

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We are offering T-shirts (Size Large, White) with our Color Logo, for $25 donation. Let us know if you want to wear one to promote Peace Through Universal Love.

Originally Proposed July 4th Program, Updated:

Chumash Welcome and Opening Prayer Ceremony, with Art Cisneros

MC: Abigail Bruner (in rehab may be unavailble)

Prayers For America:
Pastor David Goss, (canceled, went on 2mo hiatus June 28, asked Robert Boddie to offer prayer in his place, representing congregation)

Advisor: Gene Michaels, “I fight poverty and homelesssness and need volunteers to help with the fight.”
Helping Those in Need USA, Facebook Group:

Homelessness Solutions: Jenny Jett
Isla Vista Homeless Advocate for decades, former IV Free Box manager with the late Michael Bien

Lang Martinez, Ventura County Homeless Recovery Advocate, Guest Speaker

Reverend Jimi Jigme Magner, American Buddhist Monk, Tibetan Lineage, longtime Isla Vista Homeless Ministry

Law of Love: Marc McGinnes, (scheduling conflict, sends Love and Prayers for Success)

Love in America: Capt RAFI

Saralegui Movie Ranch:
Mark Saralegui and Homer Taylor

Death Prevention and scientifically increasing Human Lifespan to 155 years, presenting research of Dr Joel Wallach DVM ND, Youngevity:
David Williams, Founder of AmericanPeaceMovement.Us

In Memorium:

“For the Love of Jack Herer”
Jack Herer, Hemp Inspiritator

Originally Invited PRESENTERS:

Abigail Bruner:

Event Hostess and Mistress of Ceremonies, Community Organizer, Permaculturist, Excellent Vocalist whom God guided to the Isla Vista Homeless Community in July 2020 on her way back to school in Chico.

Gene Michaels:

Experienced Event Producer, Helping Those in Need Foundation, Homelessness Solutions Advocate

David Goss:

Pastor, Isla Vista Light & Life Church, Homeless Ministry includes Sunday sermons and food sharing in the park in Isla Vista

Chris’ 3:45min talk May5 explaining that only a portion of indigenous knowledge and traditions were incorporated into the US Constitution, and to fix we must effectively employ the Purpose of Free Speech:

Marc McGinnes’ talk with Chris Brown on May 5, 2018, on Anisqoyo Park Stage: Marc explains his “Epiphany of Universal Love” at age 27, while witnessing the televised view of our planet Earth seen over the moon’s horizon through a porthole in the Apollo Spacecraft, how his visceral love for Our Planet Earth has guided his life, and how the Santa Barbara 1969 Oil Spill sufficiently empowered public opinion to enable him to bring together the people who initiated the modern environmental movement, and he shares The Joy of Gratitude.

Marc’s brief talk on our 1990 Rainbow Uprising Campaign Panel at UCSB’s Isla Vista theater, with Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, Chumash Bear Clan Mother Pilulaw Khus, Santa Barbara Free Energy inventor Bruce DePalma, local and international peace movement icon Gene Knudsen-Hoffman, Laura Lynch on behalf of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Monks and Rev Yusen Yamato, and Sathya Sai Baba Organization Representative Hymon Johnson, where Marc’s 90sec talk begins at about 31:30, discussing how The Law has been replaced by a legal system that has become diseased and is infecting everyone dealing with it.


“If you can imagine it, it’s real.”

Earth’s Climate Crisis is best remedied by widespread cultivation of cannabis hemp, for all of it many uses, as the most bio-effecient plant producing the most biomass per acre on a annual basis to sequester carbon, combined with a technology transfer program to release classified dual-use military technologies for civilian development like the Zero Point Free Energy Technologies, first acknowledged in 1997 by the US Department of Energy in its Comprehensive National Energy Strategy report to Congress, to replace nuclear and fossil fuels with solid state Motionless Electromagnetic Generators such as developed and patented by Thomas Bearden, the former head of the US Army’s Advanced Electromagnetic Warfare Program, see:


Global Peace 2021 Prophecy:

Meaning of the Santa Barbara Global Peace Pole Symbols:

Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem:

Index of Related articles:

Saralegui Movie Ranch Initial Proposal:

To Unite Us as the American Peace Movement:


American Peace Movement Us
“Peace Through Universal Love”
David Crockett Williams, Founder
Micah David Fargey-Williams, President

5708 Hollister Ave #A215
Goleta CA USA 93117

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On Behalf Of:
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Peace Through Universal Love

If this event and its promotion raises sufficient funding, the next will be:

For the Law & Order of Love
American Peace March Caravan
July 16 - August 6, 2021
Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, to Portland Oregon


Peace Through Universal Love

Diablo Canyon San Luis 7/16

Santa Cruz 7/20

San Francisco 7/24

Sacramento 7/28

Eugene OR 8/2

Portland 8/6 Hiroshima Day


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