Dr. Brian O'Leary

Cal Berkeley alumnus Dr. BRIAN O'LEARY is a former NASA scientist/astronaut, university teacher, science and energy policy advisor to four U.S. Presidential candidates, author of over 100 technical papers and articles on aerospace projects like the space station and of three books on the new frontiers of scientific exploration including human consciousness (e.g., mental healing processes, psychokinesis, etc.), UFO's, and the free energy (or new-energy) technologies such as the ZPE Zero Point Energy devices (whose potential to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power was acknowledged in a May 12, 1998, letter from the US DOE as "the Holy Grail of energy research") and the LENT Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation devices to neutralize radioactive wastes. Dr. O'Leary is a leading researcher into the "science/consciousness connection" and actually conducts workshops in which people learn how to perform psychokinesis such as the "cold melt" spoon bending for which Israeli psychic Uri Geller became so well known. Today's imminent new-science revolution has inspired his new book-in-progress "Twelve Ways to Re-Inherit The Earth" which includes the advocacy of legalizing hemp as part of an intelligent forestry and agriculture policy. More info is at http://www.maui.net/~oleary.

Addendum from GCSC-2 Update:

The Global Crisis Solutions Conference at the UC Berkeley Alumni House
Monday, March 1st, 10AM to 4PM, convened by two prominent Cal Alumni:

Conference co-convenor, Dr. Brian O'Leary, Phd, Astronomy 1967, had a visiting faculty appointment at UCB Boalt Law School, 1971-72, and taught a course in technology assessment, jointly offered to law students and engineering/science students as a visiting associate professor of law and technology assessment. He became the NASA scientist/astronaut trained for space travel to Mars, latered taught physics and astronomy at a number of prominent universities, wrote over 100 peer-reviewed technical articles on the space station and other issues, was the science and energy policy to four US Presidential candidates including Jesse Jackson, energy advisor to Presidential candidate Morris Udall and special consultant to the U.S. House Interior Committee's Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, 1975, (orchestrated hearings and wrote speeches). That's when he began to see the gravity of the problem. In recent years he has become an expert, author and popular public speaker on human consciousness and the emerging New Science, available from its understanding, that is empowering development of New Energy (or Free Energy) technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power as well as fostering understanding of the mysteries of the UFO phenomena, mental healing techniques, and other paranormal phenomena. O'Leary has visited three times personally with the world teacher Sri Sathya Sai Baba who presented him tokens of respect by materializing for him a ring and a watch. He will be coming to the conference from Hawaii at the end of a two week speaking tour to New York, Istanbul, the Laughlin (NV) international UFO research convention, and his "Second Coming of Science" workshop at Esalen Institute. Dr. O'Leary proposes an annual budget of $108 million per year to run a "crash program" analogous to the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Project, to rapidly pursue research and development of the peaceful energy technologies available from the New Science of today. See also Dr. O'Leary's speaking schedule and workshop descriptions with his report on recent Mars observations and his more detailed biographical information.

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