Chris Conrad

CHRIS CONRAD is an internationally recognized expert in the history and uses of hemp/cannabis/marijuana, and in the adverse impacts of the US War on Drugs on human rights. He is the owner of Creative Xpressions, the Director of Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH) and the Family Council on Drug Awareness, the Art Director of the Human Rights and the Drug War project, author of "Hemp, Lifeline to the Future", "Hemp for Health", and co-author of "Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War" (with Mikki Norris and Virginia Resner), and "Human Rights and the Drug War" (with Mikki Norris and Virginia Resner). Chris's website is He is also a member of the Hemp Industries Association. Chris edited Jack Herer's earlier edition of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" in which was first put forth the compelling evidence that hemp was fraudulently outlawed as marijuana. Chris has been a key figure in the movements to legalize industrial hemp and medical marijuana in North America.

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