#POTUS2SB UCSB Chancellor Invitation

---- Email to UCSB Chancellor of Feb14:

From: David C Williams
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 7:31 AM
To: UCSB Chancellor Henry T Yang
Cc: UCSB Chancellor's Office; Santa Barbara City Mayor Cathy Murillo; Amy Brooker - Reagan Ranch Center; Marc McGinnes; Art Cisneros - Chumash Elder; Jon Voight attn Montana Bertoletti; Jose Federico Munoz (Manik Ahaob) - Mayan DayKeeper; Max Gail
Subject: President Trump UCSB visit #POTUS2SB

Dear Chancellor Yang,

I am writing to ask for your collaboration and support to bring President Donald Trump to Santa Barbara for a one day visit to include an early afternoon one-hour ceremony at UCSB patterned after the one we did there in January 1990.

Then we had your predecessor Chancellor Ueling’s support, and the featured participation of actor Jon Voight who has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump for President and also a “face of the Republican Party”.

Jon in that precedent ceremony may now be seen as a “stand-in” for President Trump with the 1990 analogous ceremony as a “prelude”.

I spoke with his manager yesterday, cc above, and emailed him the same compilation as here below, which includes a link to Jon’s 1990 talk at the UCSB Eternal Flame Monument on YouTube.

The most difficult part of the scheduling may be coordinating the President’s schedule with his, given a weekend date would avoid UCSB parking and traffic chaos.

Three symbolic possible weekend date options are mentioned below.

Chancellor Uehling presided at our earlier such ceremony at the UCSB Eternal Flame Monument when the Mayors of Santa Barbara and its new Sister City of Yalta USSR jointly re-lit that eternal flame after it had been turned off for some time. About a year later the Berlin Wall came down.

Current details of this #POTUS2SB proposal are included below with my similar letter for her support to Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo, where the proposed morning #POTUS2SB event will be at the Reagan Ranch Center.

I have asked Mayor Murillo to send our invitation letter to the President and include with it similar letters from others including you the Reagan Ranch Center, dated next Monday would be ideal.

Would you be willing to send a letter to Mayor Murillo that she can receive before Noon Monday Feb19 President’s Day, asking her to invite the President and offering your brief message to him on this occasion?

If the invitation is accepted there may be other points on the Presidential itinerary developed going forward.

Thank you very much for your kindest consideration and advice.

David Williams
805-708-0252 voice/text

[Included to Chancellor was email to Mayor with current planning notes]

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