Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr.

Also a Cal Berkeley Alumnus, Dr. FRED B. WOOD, Sr. (aka Fred B. Wood III, or Fred Bernard Wood, born December 17, 1917) is with the Computer Social Impact Research Institute in San Jose, CA, and is considered one of the fathers of Systems Theory from his participation in the organization of the Society for the Advancement of General Systems Theory in 1954 at Stanford (now called the International Society for the Systems Sciences, ISSS, in Salinas, CA). He had planned to work for peace by studying sociology in the mid-1930's, but a study of the advanced use of technology by Germany and Japan convinced him that he had better switch to electrical engineering so he could work on the design of advanced microwave RADAR systems to stop Hitler in Europe to reduce the chance of Germany invading the US on the Atlantic Coast simultaneously with the Japanese invading us on the Pacific Coast. He designed key microwave circuit components at the MIT Radiation Laboratory (1940-1945) for the SCR-584 RADAR which was used in England to direct fire control of anti-rocket bomb artillery with a 95% success rate against the German V-1 Rocket Bombs. He also supervised the US supply of radioactive cobalt for use in military devices and did some work for the Manhattan Project at the end of the War. He worked on computer- communications systems at IBM (1952-1980). He will be discussing his comprehensive framework for a plan to guide the Earth from its present condition to the condition of global peace and prosperity, a Global Peace & Prosperity Cybernetics Program, as he first presented it at GCSC1 at UC Santa Barbara, June 1, 1997, a briefing for the Dalai Lama's science advisor. He has recently added a discussion of the social implications of Maxwell's Equations (1864) and the Maxwell-Heaviside Equations (1882) for Electromagnetic Waves. Dr. Wood has been proposing that the Federal Government relax its secrecy grip on new scientific energy technology discoveries to set limits of approximately six years for secrecy classification of new scientific principles to be used in weapons and commercial vehicles, and limits of secrecy classification for design principles of about twelve years for specific new weapons. He believes that the proposed relaxation of weapons secrecy requirements should be coupled with initiatives to take up past offers of Soviet leaders to negotiate the limitation of new weapons of mass destruction, and that we need to monitor whether anything is happening to carry out the UN General Assembly Resolution of December 10, 1996, (distributed January 7, 1997) "The prohibition of the development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass destruction and new systems of such weapons." More information on Dr. Wood's message.

Addendum from conference update:

The Global Crisis Solutions Conference at the UC Berkeley Alumni House
Monday, March 1st, 10AM to 4PM, convened by two prominent Cal Alumni:

Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr., now in his 82nd year, is one of the fathers of systems theory and an advanced electronics expert formerly with IBM, author of a Draft Peace and Prosperity Guidance System Program, and is an expert on government science secrecy policies, received a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering in 1953 from Cal Berkeley after there completing his Master of Science degree in 1948 and Bachelor of Science degree in 1941, also in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Wood is concerned that secrecy policies prevent appropriate thinkers from knowing about the advance physics now being developed out of public view by many governments for advanced elecromagnetic warfare devices that may be in experimental stages right now already wreaking havoc on our world by their current experimental tests. He proposes specific secrecy relaxation measures to allow this new science understanding to be applied to peaceful purposes like new energy systems. Dr. Wood is retired and lives in San Jose but he is still active with the Computer Social Impact Research Institute.

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