UC Berkeley 1999 Global Crisis Solutions Conference

A six hour videotape is now available of the Global Crisis Solutions Conference held at the University of California at Berkeley Alumni House on Monday, March 1, 1999. This tape will be in future included in a series accompanying a loose leaf manual as part of a Global Peace 2000 peacemakers training program.

In addition to the below described scheduled speakers the program includes brief messages from additional speakers:

Alden Bryant of the Earth Regeneration Society,

Amalie Sinclair and Renato Frota of the San Francisco Tibet House, and

Joy Laksmi Crocker with an announcement about the May 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace gathering to which she plans to go and bring the conference messages.

Speaker information follows relating to these topics of: Ending the threat of nuclear war and effecting the abolition of nuclear weapons; Newly proven science behind available but suppressed advanced energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power as well as the neutralization of radioactive wastes (LENT Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation process now under investigation by DOE); Covert development of this new science for advanced scalar electromagnetic weapons such as weather control and physiological biowarfare -- endangering a WWIII scenario; Recently acknowledged CIA complicity in hard drug smuggling into our inner cities (CIA Inspector General Report, Volume II, of 8OCT98 obscured by impeachment procedings), the need for hemp/cannabis/marijuana and drug policy reform to ameliorate crime, injustice, enormous prison costs, and to allow widespread industrial hemp cultivation to save trees and heal the atmosphere (ameliorate global warming); A Comprehensive Systems Cybernetics Program to solve the problems of society and bring global peace; and how to catalyze the spiritual reawakening required to guide humanity through these times of great change.

The conference was convened by a senior Cal Berkeley alumnus, Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr., who is widely regarded as one of the fathers of systems theory in the course of his career with IBM with a PhD in Electical Engineering (1953). Dr. Wood has been lobbying the Federal Government to relax its secrecy restrictions on advanced electromagnetic science, out of his concern that new weapons of mass destruction may also be under development by nations hostile to the United States, weapons which could precipitate a Third World War. He will be presenting his Comprehensive Systems Cybernetics Program for global crisis solutions and the cause of global peace. In respect of his advanced age and health we feel that his message needs to soon become widely known. https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/fwood.html

Joining him in hosting the conference was Dr. Brian O'Leary, PhD Astronomy 1967, who was NASA's Mars Mission scientist/astronaut, the science and energy policy advisor to four US Presidential candidates, and who has become internationally known as an author and lecturer on advanced energy science and technologies, UFO's, the new physics of human consciousness (mechanisms of psychokinesis, etc.) and its connections to spiritual understanding. He will be offering a slide presentation including discussion of socalled "free energy" technologies only last year accepted for investigation by the DOE. He is the author of several books on consciousness, free energy, and psi phenomena, and is finishing work on his new book "Twelve Ways to Re-Inherit the Earth" with discussion of solutions to global warming including recommendation of widespread industrial hemp cultivation as part of an intelligent global forestry and agriculture policy. http://www.brianoleary.com

Ms. Anne Fagan Ginger, a lawyer long active in the movement to abolish nuclear weapons and the global campaign for human rights, discussed enforcement of the recent World Court opinion declaring nuclear weapons to be illegal, as well as her perspectives on the global crisis and solutions pertaining to violence and injustices against women around the world. As a lawyer, she won a civil liberties case in the U.S. Supreme Court after her testimony as an expert witness on international law that applies in the U.S. She is now teaching Peace Law and Human Rights at San Francisco State University and serves on the Peace and Justice Commission that administers the Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance in Berkeley. She is Executive Director of Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, a center for peace law and human rights founded in 1965, answering queries of clients and lawyers and training interns to prepare reports on U.S. compliance with human rights treaties for submission to U.N. committees. http://ousdmail.ousd.k12.ca.us/~lorettah/mjohn/pub/nucill.html http://ousdmail.ousd.k12.ca.us/~lorettah/mjohn/archival/media.html

Ms. Cheryl Welsh, with Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, discussed her work in documenting the stories of victims of advanced scalar electromagnetic warfare technology testing. She is a gradate student in government at California State University, Sacramento. She has BA degrees from UC Davis and California State University, Sacramento. She has been on CNN and The Learning Channel discussing this issue, to stop nonconsensual experimentation. Among her supporters are university professors and major human rights advocates from Human Rights Watch, Federation of American Scientists and she has written articles published in alternative press newspapers and magazines. http://www.calweb.com/~welsh

Stephen Kaplan, speaker and author, former university teacher with a Masters Degree in Government from Cornell University, served as legislative aide to Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin (one of the earliest pioneers in environmental legislation and the founder of Earth Day) discussed his work with the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington State in facilitating the deployment of new technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes as an alternative to the "Mobile Chernobyl" idea of shipping wastes from all over the country for burial at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. He is an expert in general public presentation of information relating to advanced energy technologies including latest proof of concept developments in Cold Fusion. Mr. Kaplan is coauthor with Dr. O'Leary of an extensive referenced summary article on new energy science available on his website: http://www.spiritualjourneys.com/Kaplan.html

Hemp expert Chris Conrad, discussed the need for drug policy reform to ameliorate crime, injustice, the expensive incarceration of cannabis offenders, and the need for a global scale revival of the USDA's 1941-45 Hemp for Victory program to heal the atmosphere. Mr. Conrad is the author of several books on the suppressed history and uses of hemp as well as the need for drug policy reform. He has been a "behind the scenes" leading figure in both the industrial hemp and medical marijuana movements in North America for almost two decades. http://www.chrisconrad.com

Former LAPD narcotics investigator Michael C. Ruppert, author of From The Wilderness newsletter, discussed his firsthand and investigative knowledge of 50 years of CIA complicity in smuggling hard drugs into our inner cities, with evidence of targeting African American populations, the recent CIA Inspector General's Report, Volume II, acknowledging such complicity in the 1970's, and his spiritual perspectives on solving drug crime problems. http://www.copvcia.com

Rev. Yusen Yamato, Buddhist Monk, Zen Shiatzu Meditation Practitoner, and initiator of the Global Peace Walk, discussed the spiritual reawakening necessary to guide humanity through these times of great change, emphasizing the "emptiness", or "zero-energy" that scientists are finding at the root of new physics. Rev. Yamato had just returned from a trip to Japan carrying a special letter from San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown to further the establishment of a Global Peace2000 sister city program following the lead of the mayors of San Francisco and Berkeley in their proclamations of support. https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/yyamato.html

Mark Comings, physicist/activist, with the Y2K-driven Global Sustainability Alliance discussed the spiritual implications of new free energy science and a new science of time with applications for harmonizing human consciousnes by globally deploying the thirteen moon natural calendar cycle as outlined by Jose Arguelles. http://www.wenet.net/~navigate/gsa

Andrew Mount, trustee of DePalma Institute, discussed the pioneering free energy research of the late Bruce DePalma and briefly summarized his philosophy and his keystone experiments on the previously unsuspected influences of rotation on physical properties that led to his discovery of the n-Machine "overunity" homopolar generator replicated in India and Japan.

Thomas Takashi Tanemori, with the Silkworm Peace Institute, is a Hiroshima A-Bomb survivor. He came to America in 1956 as an embittered teenager, trying to contain his anger and seek revenge on the American people. He felt marooned by a dark and bitter past, and wrestled with the persistent ghosts of history, learning what it means to be a minority member in America. Then he experienced his own inner spiritual transformation and discovered the importance of healing the human heart by turning from revenge to forgiveness. http://www.silkworm.org

Barry "Plunker" Adams, American military veteran and Sociologist (BA University of Montana), one of the initiators of the annual Rainbow Family Gatherings that has continued the Peace and Love culture of the 1960's, will be discussing this tested social formula for a nonviolent society based on mutual affection and respect as it applies to all of humanity living in harmony as one family of life. http://www.welcomehome.org http://www.worldunity.org

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