#POTUS2SB California Governor Invitation

---- Email to California Governor Jerry Brown:

From: David C Williams
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2018 7:59 AM
To: Jerry Brown
Cc: UCSB Chancellor Henry T Yang; Santa Barbara City Mayor Cathy Murillo; Amy Brooker - Reagan Ranch Center; Jon Voight attn Montana Bertoletti; Art Cisneros - Chumash Elder; Jose Federico Munoz (Manik Ahaob) - Mayan DayKeeper; Marc McGinnes; Hymon Johnson; Reverend Yusen Yamato - Global Peace Walk Project Initiator; David Bearman; Andrew Mount
Subject: #POTUS2SB inviting President Trump visit to Santa Barbara

Dear Jerry,

I am writing to ask for your collaboration and support to successfully bring President Trump to California starting with a day in Santa Barbara as soon as can be arranged.

This is for a morning Advanced Intelligence Briefing at the Reagan Ranch Center and an early afternoon blessing ceremony at UCSB to empower his use of the information presented to help him become the best President he can be. (initial flyer attached)

President Trump Needs All The Help He Can Get!
Inviting President Trump to Santa Barbara
To Help Donald Trump Become the Greatest American President Ever!
POTUS Advanced Intelligence Briefing at Reagan Ranch Center
POTUS Spiritual Empowerment/Blessing Ceremony at UCSB
Proposed 2018 Date Options; March 11, April 15, May 5
Details of the proposal are below in my emails to the Santa Barbara Mayor and UCSB Chancellor, with updated planning notes being posted at:


Would you be willing to send our Mayor your letter/email with your message for President Trump on this occasion, so she can include it with her invitation letter to the President requested to go out by end of day on President’s Day next Monday February 19th?

We are working under the operating assumption that President Trump will be able to best fulfill his potential as our US President by receiving and considering the most advanced intelligence information available.

We want to offer the best intelligence in this regard that California has to offer, to help and empower President Trump to best fulfill our vision of a great president.

We believe that President Trump is under informed about the intellectual resources available to him from California.

Presenters at the Reagan Ranch Center POTUS Advanced Intelligence Briefing will summarize in one hour the distilled wisdom being gathered for this purpose starting now.

Participants in the UCSB POTUS Empowerment Ceremony at the UCSB Tree of Peace will by their presence be encouraging the President to take action on the information presented.

You may see a “prelude/rehearsal” for the UCSB Ceremony in the video of our analogous 1990 events, with actor Jon Voight participating and delivering a wonderful half hour message at the UCSB Eternal Flame Monument (starts just after 1:22) on YouTube at https://youtu.be/fVJKdjgHx3g

"The world beats with our own heart" - Jon Voight

Jon starts his talk mentioning that Reverend Yamato asked him to speak on behalf of their dear friend Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya.

You will remember Yamato from our meeting with you over tea at your Oakland facility in 1994 discussing plans for our Global Peace Walk 1995 from New York to San Francisco for the United Nations 50th Anniversary.

I will always be grateful for meeting you then, and for your Oakland Mayoral Proclamation in support of the Global Peace Walk 2000 from SF to NYC.


Would you be willing to participate in Santa Barbara, whether or not we can get the President to come, in his stead perhaps, for the purposes of our effort?

Many Thanks and Much Love,

David Williams
805-708-0252 voice/text

---end: Included was invitation to SB Mayor, UCSB Chancellor

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