#POTUS2SB Santa Barbara Mayor Invitation

------ Email to Santa Barbara Mayor of Feb22:

From: David C Williams
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 11:28 AM
To: Santa Barbara City Mayor Cathy Murillo
Cc: Amy Brooker - Reagan Ranch Center; UCSB Chancellor Henry T Yang; David Bearman; Art Cisneros - Chumash Elder; Jose Federico Munoz (Manik Ahaob) - Mayan DayKeeper; Haj Ibrahim abu al Hawa; Jerry Brown; Roger Stone; Jon Voight attn Montana Bertoletti; Chief Phil Lane Jr; Reverend Yusen Yamato - Global Peace Walk Project Initiator; Office of His Holiness Dalai Lama - Dharamsala India; Harmon Houghton - Native Media Network
Subject: #GlobalPeace2021 Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem

Dear Mayor Murillo,

Since my first email to you regarding the idea of inviting the US President to visit Santa Barbara for a briefing at the Reagan Ranch Center and a Tree of Peace Ceremony at UCSB, that proposal has been moved to a “Plan B” status pending a response from the White House Scheduling Office.

In any case, a todos modos, a one hour Santa Barbara Tree of Peace Ceremony will take take place at 1pm on Sunday March 11, 2018, at the UCSB Tree of Peace located on the greenbelt at the Northwest corner of Storke Tower, preceded by a half hour Tree of Peace Council introducing the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

This “Global Peace 2021” Ceremony will be convened by Chumash elder Art Cisneros in support of Mayan elder Jose Munoz’ participation.

The theme of this ceremony is a memorial to our well beloved departed friends and relatives, naming ten people who participated in earlier such ceremonies there, or whose prayers and messages are closely related to this #GlobalPeace2021 campaign. These are ten individuals who are very well beloved by those who knew them or know of them, to empower our ceremony praying for public acceptance of the human spiritual practice of unconditional love as the pathway to personal peace of mind.

Below is my email of this morning to Brother Ibrahim who has accepted the idea of receiving and installing the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem at his Peace House in East Jerusalem.

Since Ibrahim is a Bedouin tribal elder and Islamic champion of nonviolence and unconditional love, we pray that bringing this peace pole and the Message of Peace it symbolizes to him in Jerusalem will inspire the followers of Islam around the world to embrace its message of unity, harmony, love and peace.

Harmon Houghton has expressed interest to come and broadcast the ceremony on his Native Media Network streaming internet TV Channel. Harmon and his late wife Marcia Keegan first introduced His Holiness Dalai Lama to the Hopi, Iroquois and other indigenous leaders. Marcia took many of the famous photos of those meetings which are among those published in her photo essay books about the Tibetan and the indigenous American “Indian” cultures.

May I add to my updates on this project that you will participate on March 11th along with Art and Jose?

(event flyer is attached)

Many Thanks and Much Love,


From: David C Williams
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 7:10 AM
To: 'ibrahim abu el haw'
Subject: need your photo #GlobalPeace2021 Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem

Dear Ibrahim,

The initial website work is finished and will be updated regularly regarding the plan to bring the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem there to install at your Peace House in East Jerusalem.

Below are four links to the pieces to this project we are starting up again with inspiration from working with you on our Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk in 2005.

The Peace Pole itself should simply be seen like a road sign pointing the way to peace, with symbols as direction signs pointing inward to each person’s heart of course.

The exact design and symbols attached will be developed in the coming weeks.

I have a “test model” that I have been practicing with for the last few years which has three symbols on it.

I plan to add a fourth symbol by March 11th, the one at this link we used for the Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk that was created by Sherwood Acuna and J Nayer Hardin, with their blessing.

We will collaborate to create a special design that will suit your sensibilities there.

Would you please send me a photo of Ibrahim and family standing in the place at the Peace House where he feels it best to be installed? If I have a photo of him standing on the spot showing the Peace House too, with his arms upraised like the “touchdown” gesture in American football, I would like to use that photo on the web page where I am logging our correspondence:


Tree of Peace Ceremony UCSB, 1pm March 11, 2018

Supported by:

Rainbow Bridge
Healing Global Wounds
Community Harmony Camps
Community Action Teams

Inviting the US President to Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem to Unite its Three Holy Faiths in Peace

With Many Thanks and Much Love,

David Crockett Williams

----end Feb22 email to Santa Barbara Mayor including email to Ibrahim.

------ Email to Santa Barbara Mayor of Feb13:

#POTUS2SB 13Feb2018
Santa Barbara POTUS Visit Project
"A New Direction for a Greater America!"
Proposal for President Trump’s 1st Santa Barbara Visit ASAP
Date to be decided, initial targets: Su11Mar, Su15Apr, Sa5May
POTUS Advanced Intelligence Briefing, 10-11am, Reagan Ranch Center SB
POTUS Empowerment/Blessing Ceremony 1-2pm, UCSB Tree of Peace Flame

From Santa Barbara Citizen David Crockett Williams, (805) 708-0252

To Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo

Dear Cathy,

Please accept my loving congratulations on your election as Mayor and for your continued devotion on behalf of the people over these first weeks “on the job”.

I am writing to request your collaboration, participation and support regarding a Santa Barbara POTUS Overture seeking to effectively offer President Trump advanced intelligence information, with a public empowerment ceremony intended to help him become “America’s Greatest President” by using the information to be provided.

Just the planning and promotion of this visit will enable an effective public information campaign to garner sufficient public awareness and support for the President to be able to implement appropriate policy changes in light of this new information which is being released with the promotion of this proposed visit.

If that public info outreach is successful then the visit itself, whenever it happens, would be more ceremonial and celebratory in nature, with summary presentations of updates as of then, where the Reagan Ranch Center POTUS Advanced Intelligence Briefing will set the tone for the UCSB ceremony intended to spiritually empower the President to use this advanced intelligence information.

Would you be willing to discuss this with me directly, and if agreeable assign a staff person as a liaison for me to work with closely on this project?

Would you be willing to sign an invitation letter to President Trump inviting him to visit Santa Barbara at his earliest convenience to participate in two one-hour events on a single day as core itinerary, a late morning briefing at the Reagan Ranch Center and an early afternoon ceremony at UCSB?

If so, I will ask for such letters to be included with yours from the [local indigenous organization], Reagan Ranch Center, and from the UCSB Chancellor, sometime in the coming days when enough “ducks are lined up” and we know exactly what to write.

In addition to the Advanced Intelligence Briefing to provide The President with exceptional advanced intelligence information to help him better do his job, the subsequent “POTUS Empowerment/Blessing Ceremony” is proposed to be offered at UCSB conducted by Chumash elders as spiritual encouragement for the wise use of the information offered.

This UCSB ceremony event follows on similar events I produced in the past, including the re-lighting of the UCSB Eternal Flame jointly by the Mayors of Santa Barbara and its new Sister City of Yalta USSR with the UCSB Chancellor presiding, and the installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame on that monument in January 1990 with the Chancellor’s cooperation and participants including actor Jon Voight who is a well known Trump supporter and will be invited again this time to introduce the President in this ceremony.

The inspiration for this initiative for a Trump Santa Barbara visit comes from the work of two people, former Santa Barbara resident and physicist Bruce DePalma, and Mayan DayKeeper Jose Munoz who is a close associate of our mutual friend Chumash elder Art Cisneros.

The older brother of filmmaker Brian DePalma, Bruce DePalma lived in Santa Barbara 1978-92 during which time under sponsorship of Norman Paulsen’s Sunburst Community he built and tested the first experimental “n-Machine”. This is an overunity homopolar electric generator powered by a rotating magnetic disc which apparently freely extracts electricity from the energy field extant in the space in which matter resides, what quantum physics calls the zero point energy field as we got DoE to acknowledge in 1998. This is one among many such available technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power that have been classified and restricted by the Federal Government to prevent their military use by adversaries. We are seeking relaxation of classification on some of these inventions under “Technology Transfer” programs for civilian use and to profit the US, California, and local economies.

Jose Munoz carries the knowledge of the Mayan cosmic calendars, and teachings which he explained in Santa Barbara three years ago contain knowledge from the year 2029 that indicates world peace begins on Earth in the year 2021. From his analysis of the sacred calendars he keeps track of, he produced readings in February 2016 that based on his birth date Donald Trump would be elected and would bring harmony to the nation. The main message Jose is carrying is about bringing peace through the practice of unconditional love.

I am encouraged about the potential success of this POTUS Overture by my previous work with the local Chumash people in helping to strategize their analogous overture for a meeting with President Reagan which was accomplished via planning an indigenous people’s walk to Reagan’s Ranch resulting in a subsequent White House meeting with Reagan about indigenous issues.

I have set up a webpage with regularly updated planning notes with invited presenters named for this POTUS2SB visit at:
https://global-emergency-alert-response.net/POTUS2SB [error]

Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum's UN Day 2002 Proclamation of "Global Peace Now!" mentioning UCSB Tree of Peace and Peace Flame history

Santa Barbara Mayor Harriet Miller's 1997 Global Peace Walk Day Proclamation mentioning the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem

Faithfully Yours,


David Crockett Williams (805) 708-0252 voice/text
Santa Barbara Science Center Information Network
Advanced Technologies and Research
133 East De La Guerra #258, Santa Barbara CA 93101
A project of:

Global Emergency Alert Response Network

----- end of letter to mayor

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