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The Sarva Dharma Stupa Spiritual Pillar Symbol, India

The Modern Peace Pagoda Stupa as Spiritual Pillar Symbol



The Following was personally submitted to the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations on October 26, 1995, included in the Global Peace Plan collection of letters and messages of support for the UN50th Global Peace Walk '95, which was conducted as a prayer for "Global Peace Now!" from New York 1-15-95 to San Francisco 6-20-95.


UN50th PEACE POLE PROJECT October 25, 1995
Proposal for "The Pillars of Peace",
from the UN50th GLOBAL PEACE WALK '95 "Exploring a Higher Human Nature"
"To dispel a widespread myth about human nature that
'there has always been war so there will always be war'"

The Peace Pole is a venerable object (Symbol of The Message of Peace) embodying the idea of The Global Peace Zones to Protect both Land and Life. The UN50th Peace Pole Project is for construction of contemporary Global Peace Poles (at 50 locations worldwide) first outside the UN headquarters in New York, at the San Francisco Herbst Theater UN50th site, at Taos, NM, (the first Global Peace Zone, per Taos Mayor, April'95), at Lafayette (Peace) Park in Washington, DC, and outside the Peace Museum in Bethlehem, Israel, for the Bethlehem 2000 ceremonies.

To begin a commission for execution of this project (design ideas, etc.), we appeal to all UN & NGO good offices for networking and communication help. We want to offer a circle of hands ceremony on the earth outside the UN building as soon as possible to give rise to the UN50th Global Peace Pole Project, inviting potential organizing committee membership.

All over the world now people are fighting for land and life. To help spiritually unite the nations in peace, we must all acknowledge One another simply as Human Beings and recognize that The Globe is Our House and Our Altar. We need an activity of conscience as humankind. This is why the United Nations 50th Anniversary GLOBAL PEACE WALK '95 was conducted from New York (1-15-95) to San Francisco (June 20th) to bring out GLOBAL PEACE NOW with the Peace Pole Ceremony to foster Global Peace Zones of influence. These Global Peace Zones will center ongoing vigils, prayers, and ceremonies for local and global peace. To be empty of fear and hate, and to be full of love and grace, we must develop a Global Mind as a family, one race, of Humankind: One Mind, One Creation. Someday everyone must recognize that The Globe is important. THE TIME HAS COME!

An historical example of the idea of The Peace Pole can be seen in the story of King Ashoka, a forgotten and mighty sovereign who was one of the most influential and powerful ancient Emperors of India (269-232 BC, capital at Patna). Ashoka had conquered the whole subcontinent through violent and bloody warfare. His empire stretched from Orissa to the Kyber Pass and from the Himalayas to beyond Madras. Upon introspection after the bloodshed and horror of his earlier campaign in Orissa, Ashoka became open to and received The Message of Peace from a Buddhist Monk. Thereafter, he renounced warfare, embraced Peace, and he built Stone Peace Poles (columns & pillars) and other peace monuments, many of which were carved and inscribed with The Message of Peace, leading to over 500 years of no war, no crime, and no violence in the whole area. He became a visionary who implemented moral reform on a world scale, not by fostering sacrifice and suffering and persecution, but by fostering a spiritual regeneration coming from within -- one spread by conviction, precept, and example, an appeal to something deep within the human soul. From 1616 to 1834 British investigators of Indian culture like Thomas Coryat had attributed Ashoka's pillars to Alexander. In 1834 Peace Pillars in three locations (Bihar, Delhi, and Allahabad) were discovered to have identical inscriptions. When these were deciphered, Ashoka's story became clearer to Western scholars who came to regard him as "the greatest and noblest ruler India has known", and as "one of the great kings of the world". Like Gandhi, Ashoka's message became one of non-violence, reverence for life in all forms, and tolerance for people of other religions. The result of Ashoka's conversion was an unwavering commitment to these ethics.

"As bamboo has a joint, the United Nations 50th Anniversary is a big joint in its growth. That is why the Globe needs peace now. The United Nations community's devotion, prayer, and spiritual practice can build The Peace Pole to develop One Mind, love, and peace, to protect our life and land."

North Pole, South Pole, Peace Pole; which way to Global Peace Now!?


Look for harmony with Nature and with other Human Beings.

Unity in Diversity;
Love All, Serve All;
Help Ever, Hurt Never

Submitted by:

David Crockett Williams, Jr.
UN50th Global Peace Walk Coordinator
Global Peace Movement Organizer
Author, Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory
Independent Candidate 1996 for United States President

Rev. Yusen Yamato
Buddhist Monk

(This document was submitted in the UN50th Global Peace Walk's report to the United Nations)

Author's note: The use of the stupa, as a monument to the teachings of peace and a symbol of The Message of Peace, predates Buddhism and is still utilized in many places including India where this monument as a lotus shaped stone pillar or Peace Pole has been installed there by one of the world's great contemporary spiritual leaders, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, to foster awareness of the spiritual unity behind all religions.

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