Stephen Kaplan

Stephen Kaplan received his M.A. in government from Cornell University in 1965. On the national level, Mr. Kaplan has served as a legislative aide to Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, working in the fields of economic opportunity, housing and energy, and as an associate of the Adlai Stevenson Institute in Chicago. He has served on the board of the National Rural Housing Coalition. He has also been a board member of the Oregon Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East.

On the local level, Mr. Kaplan has worked as director of community development for the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (Burlington, Vermont), founder-director of the Vermont Housing Investment Fund, and a consultant to a variety of community development corporations and neighborhood associations. In 1971, he was one of the founders and first chairperson of the Liberty Union, a third party in Vermont.

Mr. Kaplan has taught political science, community development and creativity courses at a number of colleges and universities. He also founded Creativity Associates, a firm providing training in creativity and accelerated learning to corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Currently, Mr. Kaplan is engaged in research and writing on new energy research and development. He is helping to launch the Catalyst Institute, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the work of scientists working on the frontiers of research on health and the environment.

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