Explanation of The Tetron Thesis

Added January 28, 2020, 14min audio record of David Williams describing the four equations of his Tetron Thesis about the human mindís consciousness orientation function of light:

1977 explanation with link to handwritten equations/symbols. (best short description, below is rather messy to wade through)

The below discussion is from the text of an email exchange in response to Paramahamsa Tewari's interest in this information in collaborations towards deeper study in America of his "Space Vortex Theory" discussed at his website: http://www.tewari.org

Right after the below article/email was sent on October 13, 2003, I happened to catch the replay on CSPAN of Rep. Dennis Kucinich's speech of that day in the Cleveland, Ohio, City Council Chambers, formally announcing his Democratic Presidential Candidacy. When I went to his website to see if it was transcribed there to see what part of the beginning I might have missed, I noticed for the first time the entry for a peace walk being conducted on his behalf and got enthusiastically involved with it leading to the initiation of The American Peace March 2003-2004 whose NORTH ROUTE focus on November 17, 2003, was at the University of Maryland College Park for purposes directly related to theme of the below information, ie, to "correct the mind of science." For this recent overture there to leading scientific "critics" of the obvious truth, see

A Simple Explanation of The Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory Equations

October 13, 2003, 11:11pm Pacific Time


A Simple Explanation -- "Sometimes one plus one equals one"

The Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory Equations

"The Tetron Thesis" -- the four directions as tetrahedral apexes

Thank you very much for your interest in more information about my "theory." Offered separately, in addition to this article, are several compilations with background information at the websites where these are posted:

1) the 1998 "Introduction to the Tetron Thesis"
at https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/tetron1.html
and the September 10, 2001, presentation on the same subject at my alma mater California State University at Northridge, at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gcsc-csun/message/6 ;

2) some articles with my background information including narrative of some of the experiences which led me to the "conclusion" of this "theory," ie, the fourth equation, in the form of articles at
https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/history.html ;

3) the writeup on my 1996 trip to India and visit with Sathya Sai Baba
https://www.angelfire.com/onGEAR2000/india96.html ;

and 4) "Torahk: The One Plan for global peace and prosperity"

Yesterday, October 12, 2003, was released the latest "perspective overview" of what are seen as the scope and applications of this Tetron Thesis,at

12.Oct.03 "Nuclear Physics and the Consciousness Revolution"

My own original work in this area goes back to 1974 in Santa Barbara when I first moved there from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles where I lived 1949-74, to offer the first three equations of the Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory as subject for an interdisciplinary PhD program in Chemical Physics, a subject rejected at that time by UCSB which has become my life's work, i.e., to explain these equations sufficiently to enable the application of their public understanding in the fields of chemical physics, religious studies, psychology, political science, new technologies, and a global systems cybernetics program to guide human history off its present pathway towards total destruction of life on Earth and onto the pathway towards the 1975 specifically defined goal of "true peace and harmony among all life with free natural abundance as paradise on Earth."

According to proper terms of the "scientific method," this thesis which I call "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory" is not yet seen as a "theory" because its hypothesis is not yet "proven" by its "newly predicted experimental results which are repeatable by any observer at any time." Therefore, strictly speaking, scientists will term this Tetron Thesis as "not yet even a theory," and certainly not a "law of science/physics" because its hypothesis has not been tested sufficiently widely to be seen as invariably applying validly in its domain of accurate hypothesis-prediction-experiment-verification.

While most will think that the use of "theory" here is per "colloquial" definition, as an "idea" or postulation, in fact the intent is to be "scientifically conservative" and understating its value by calling it a "theory" because in fact it purports to depict the inviolably sovereign "Natural True One Law" as per discussion in articles referenced above.

What is meant by the use of "unified field theory," in the title of this "thesis" based on the four equations described carefully below, is very specifically limited to mean "a simple set of equations that describe the physical systems dynamics of all systems of reality under observation by all observers no matter where and no matter when with 100% certainty, i.e., a probability of one" -- another way of describing "the inviolably sovereign True One Law" as depicted in the language of mathematics in these four equations that are the "mathematical description" of this "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory" which I have been trying to explain "in English" since 1974.

The term "Tetron" was chosen to represent a particular "shape" or "form" of what might be termed the "mind matrix" or "handle of the human mind" which shape is describable as a sphere inside of which is a tetrahedron with apexes touching the sphere and inside the tetrahedron another sphere tangent to the faces of the tetrahedron and inside this sphere in the center "a point" which represents the "vector point of awareness of the observer" or the "point" from which the observer's "point of view" is defined as it relates specifically to the difference between the "speed" and the "velocity of light oriented relative to the identity of the observer."

------ describing the first equation of TNUFT

Since there are no keyboard characters to represent the symbols used in these four equations, rather than compromise with arbitrary selections, it is just as easy to describe in words that the first equation of this "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory" is a simple re-rendering of the equivalence equation E=mC^2 with an "expansion of terms" to denote its already acknowledged, but previously inadequate, depiction by the "symbols" of the language of mathematics --

-- 1 --

"E sub-tetra is equal to the product of m sub-tetra and C dot sub-psi squared,"

where E is "the value of the energy" of any given system of reality under observation, "tetra" (depicted by four dots, three spaced as if at the apeces of an equilateral triangle with one in the center) symbolizes "any given system of reality under observation," and m is "the value of the mass of the system of reality under observation," with the subscript psi used as per the Greek letter to symbolize "the relative identity of the observer." The above described is simply an expansion of terms of E=mC^2 to include the corrected true value of C as a unique vector quantity, which is not "extant" relative to "objective reality reference frames" but extant "relative to the identity of the observer" as per the long overlooked full and complete meaning of "the non-additivity of the velocity of light."

Contemporary scientific reasoning and beliefs, etc., will not have any quarrel with the above "expansion of terms," but are victims of the "mathematical convention" (read, limit of mathematical language understanding and expression of "reality") that "the value of the square of the direction component of a vector quantity is 'by mathematical convention' defined identically equal to one." By such victim reasoning, Tetron will simply be understood to be "defined identically equal to one" and so also will be understood both tetra and psi to be "definable identically equal to one." Hence this first equation will be seen to mean the same as E=mC^2, "for all intents and purposes." My contention is that this "mathematical convention," as specifically here applied, is a "compromise about the true nature of light and a compromise about the nature of truth itself."

To use a crude analogy to describe the deeper principle involved in the above, we can safely say that anyone who is asked will invariably have full faith, and answer identically the question with "one plus one equals two." No one would say differently. But in "reality," what is the result when one takes an eye dropper of water and drops one drop of water on a tabletop and then drops another one drop of water on top of the first drop of water? How many drops of water are then on the table? One drop, total, equal in volume of water to the total of the volumes of the two drops added together, but in this "drop" case, "in reality," 1+1=1.

Quickly arguments come to counter this logic, about "units," and so forth, but here is a simple example of the "extrapolation," or "abstraction beyond common sense," of the use of the language of mathematics to describe real systems. This "analogy" is to demonstrates the "higher principle" embodied in this first equation of TNUFT, i.e, "the definitional character of the human mind" -- its ability and characteristic of "discrimination" by which the mind "creates system boundaries" which are actually "made by the mind." This is clearly evident in the language of mathematics, as such an important concept that it has its own common math symbol generally unknown to the public at large, a symbol of specific meaning and different than the "regular equals sign" (=) which is read "is equal to," whereas, "is defined identically equal to" has its own special symbol like = but with three horizontal lines instead of two. This "definitional identity function" of mathematics is a "limit" of the language of mathematics in describing real systems, not in the sence of the meaning of the word "limit" in calculus, but meaning a "limitation."

------- describing the second equation of TNUFT

Normally, the use of a "symbol" in a mathematical equation is fairly arbitrary and in itself has no intrinsic value to the meaning of the equation, but in this case, as above described, "Tetron" symbolizes, as depicted in the language of mathematics, the "function" which "operates" on the scalar value of the square of the speed of light to equal the "corrected true value" of the "square of the velocity of light oriented relative to the identity of the observer", i.e. --

-- 2 --

"C dot sub-psi squared is equal to Tetron of C squared."

Again, contemporary thinking utilizing this "mathematical convention" (compromise) will simply see "Tetron as defined identically equal to one."

-----------describing the third equation of TNUFT

This is the "hypothesis" of "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory" --

-- 3 --

"tetra is equal to Tetron of psi."

Which is to say that this same Tetron "function," as defined above to be the "correction factor" as the "mathematical operator" ("function") operating on the square of the scalar value of the square of the speed of light and "correcting" its value to the "square of the velocity of light oriented relative to the identity of the observer," IS ALSO: "the relationship of mind" between observer and observed, i.e., "the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light." This means that any given system of reality under observation is related to the "relative identity of the observer" by this same simple mathematical "function" which is akin to "the value of (north) squared," or "(up) squared," except for the fact that each of these as a "direction component of a velocity vector" are "pegged" to (deemed extant to) the very basic and fundamental precept of the "scientific method itself," the precept of the "exclusively objective nature of reality," whereas the "direction component" of C, "the velocity of light oriented relative to the identity of the observer" is "pegged" to the identity of the observer and therefore "defines" the "relative nature of reality," or the "ego-centric nature of reality."

Experiments and documented observations over the last half century challenge the Fundamental Precept of the scientific method of thought -- that of the "exclusively objective nature of reality" -- which may be broken down into two parts. First, the presumption that "all real systems" exist independent of the observer. Second, the presumption that "all real systems" are "identically observable by all observers and reproducible at all times by all observers."

Physical observations by various observers that do not fit both of these conditions are "by scientific definition" not "real." These fundamental precepts of the scientific method of thought, these "crumbling cornerstones of modern science" need to be "re-thought" in light of generally proven by empirical observation contradictory evidence, of now overwhelming proportion, contraindicating the value of maintaining these fundamentals precepts of the "modern scientific method of thought."

What has been clearly shown in so many experiments over the past half a century, but not yet reconciled into "corrected precepts of the modern scientific method of thought," is that there is a "consciousness effect" (way beyond "measurement-interactions") whereby variations in the "relative identities of the observers" are related to "non-reproducible-by-all-observers" real systems physical dynamics, such as the generically labeled area of "psi phenomena."

What is now clear is that there are fundamental errors in this Fundamental Precept of the modern scientific method of thought, errors which when corrected will show just how it is that in fact:

1] Differences between observers' "minds" manifest different "realities"

2] Not all "real systems dynamics" are reproducible by all observers at all times,

3] Therefore, since this Fundamental Precept of the modern scientific method of thought is in error -- that which requires "proof" of a new "hypothesis" sufficiently for it to be regarded as a "theory" only subsequent to its "newly predicted experimental results which are repeatable by any observer at any time" -- the "proof" of the Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, as claimed to be a rendering of the Inviolably Sovereign Natural True One Law, may only be seen in "non-reproducible by all observers at all times" real events which it successfully predicts with consideration of "controlling" for this "hidden variable" of the "consciousness factor."

The above logic requires an ability to describe the "identity of any given system of reality under observation" (tetra) and "the relative identity of the observer" (psi) with/by exactly the same "measurement parameters" -- which at first may seem like a daunting, if not impossible, task but is in principle valid.

The quantification and qualification of the measurement parameters of the system of reality under observation is what science has been about since "its beginning," but the quantification and qualification in mathematically usable terms of the "relative identity of the observer" is a fairly new realm of scientific study not fully developed as yet, but is "possible." What my experience has to offer on this topic will be seen in the writeups referenced above and subject of a later article following on this one as needs be. There are some clear and empirically tested protocols on this matter of "mathematically qualifying and quantifying the nature/charater of the relative identity of the observer," but details are beyond the purview of this brief overview as a simple explanation of the tetron natural unified field theory equations, ie, the tetron thesis.

------------ describing the fourth equation of TNUFT

This is the "conclusion" of the "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory" and is depicted by a new "mathematical function" which may be seen as a "higher order function" analogous to the equality function (=), and the definitional identity function (the three horizontal lines symbol mentioned above).

-- 4 --

This conclusion equation states that

"psi is absolutely identical to tetra",

using four horizontal lines as the symbol to represent the

"absolute identity function."

This is "the oneness equation" meaning that "beyond the measurement parameters of time and space and the definitional character of the human mind, observer and observed are absolutely identically equal."

Thus, if these equations are read in reverse order they explain that the "oneness of all" is "split" into "the observer and the observed which are simply mathematically related by the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light extant as a property of the true nature of light itself."

This is exactly what is meant by "everything is related."

The new offering here is the depiction in the language of mathematics of "how everything is related according to the very nature of light itself" -- What it means, "let there be light."

----------- end description of the Four TNUFT Equations

The predictions and applications Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory understanding include:

- 1) Since June 24, 1973, the existence in future time on Earth of a "paradise systems psibernetics program" (sound of Torahk) which human beings may utilize by thinking or sounding this sound as a guidebeam signal "from the future" to guide their decisions in daily life towards the direct cause of true peace and harmony among all life with free natural abundance as paradise on Earth; https://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/torahk.html

- 2) Since June 1976, the coming advent of new technologies subsequent to widespread understanding of this "Tetron Thesis" including:

a) new fuel-less power technologies to replace existing power technologies;

b) new fuel-less "electrogravimagnetic levitation" transportation technologies that will make roads obsolete; devices to neutralize radioactive wastes;

c) "the water transmitter" to broadcast pure water "over the airwaves like radio" from ocean platforms to portable receivers anywhere in the world; and

d) "biomedical remediation technologies" to diagnose and "treat" and "heal" all medical afflictions;

- 3) The reconciliation "in the one truth" of all previously seemingly conflicting religious, political, economic, psychological, and scientific "doctrines."

One may find in other articles the progress towards these predictions "coming true" and thereby "Proving The Tetron Thesis."

---dcw: October 13, 2003

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