Thomas Takashi Tanemori

Mr. Tanemori's Essay: "The Final War"

Thomas Takashi Tanemori, MA
3371 Moraga. Boulevard, Suite 1000
Lafayette, CA 94549-4641
(925) 284-2201

Objective: Cultural Consultant / Speaker / Educator

Professional Profile

* Extensive experience as cultural consultant / presenter to community organizations, business executives, governmental entities and educational institutions.

* Exceptional communication skills; dynamic, articulate speaker.

* Insight into subtleties of cultural, economic and political differences with proven ability to foster mutual understanding and respect.

* Skilled translator / interpreter with excellent command of both Japanese and English languages.

* Strong combination of experience and education in international relations, business, economics, sociology and philosophy.

Professional Experience

Public Speaking / Educating:

* Appeared on CNN, German International Radio & Television and numerous American and Japanese television and radio programs addressing diversity issues and cultural sensitivity.

* Interviewed for the documentary "Hiroshima" produced and broadcast by the Showtime Network.

* Represented and promoted an international peace foundation through a variety of media; social educational programs, books, presentations, art exhibits and news articles.

* Developed and presented lectures and educational workshops to business and community groups focusing on, cross-cultural understanding and respect.

* Acted as catalyst to further the "military-to-peace" conversion at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

* Served as guest lecturer for international relations / international marketing courses at universities, community colleges and high schools.

* Consulted with professors and instructors to design culturally sensitive coursework and educational materials.

Executive Consulting:

Consulted with both American and Japanese executives providing understanding, insight and effective tools to bridge communication difficulties and cultural differences.

Advised business and governmental representatives as to culturally specific norms regarding business practices, conducting meetings, sales and negotiating techniques.

Served as interpreter and cultural advisor to both English and Japanese speaking executives.

Translated documents and correspondence.

Assisted Japanese interpreters to understand and communicate American cultural nuances and business customs.

International Marketing / Public Relations:

As consultant to the California State Agricultural Department, successfully promoted and established products from 3( agricultural companies and-57 wineries in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

Researched Pacific Rim markets assessing cultural tastes and preferences; designed and implemented effective marketing strategies and created targeted and appropriate promotional materials.

Developed product recognition and consumer demand for California goods through appearances on Japanese television and radio shows, seminars and demonstrations.

Received $30,000 grant from the Foreign Market Development Export Incentive Program for promotional efforts in Japan.

Coordinated and facilitated negotiations between California delegates and Japanese officials debating issues regarding rice cultivation and export.

Oversaw all aspects of major receptions promoting international relations and goodwill for the Golden Bear - Pacific Rim Market.


M.A., Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis, MN

* Focus on: Western Influences on Japanese Culture and Jewish History B.A., Pillsbury Baptist College, Owatonna, MN

* Focus on: Sociological Behaviors and Human Relationships



The Silkworm Peace Foundation is committed to promoting peace, healing and cultural understanding both in the U.S. and abroad through showcasing the experiences and journeys of individuals and groups who are on the path of transforming revenge and anger into peace and forgiveness.


Less than a mile from ground zero, seven year old Thomas Takashi Tanamori's life was shattered when the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. The bomb killed both his parents, most of his close relatives virtually all of his friends. Only the day before, he was a happy child laughing and playing, possessing very little knowledge about the war his country was engaged in. Now, he would experience life as a starving orphan in the ashes of post-war Japan.

Bitterness and anger against the United States filled Mr. Tanamori's heart. At the age of 18 he immigrated to the country that took so much away from him. Filled with hatred and revenge, he still hoped for a better life in this new country.

Over time, he began to experience Americans as individuals rather than a foreign government. He found peace and healing in transforming his hatred into love and his desire for revenge into forgiveness. Like most Americans, he enjoyed a successful life. He got married, raised a family and became a citizen. He became a Baptist Minister, educator and writer, and later he owned a restaurant.

In 1987 he experienced yet another reminder of his painful past. He discovered he was losing his eyesight as a long-term consequence of the bombing in Hiroshima. Today, he is almost totally blind. However, he has vowed not to lose sight of the important things in life--love and peace.

He has dedicated the remainder of his life to serving others and has founded the Silkworm Peace Institute to make the world a safer and more peaceful place to live. The Institute is named after the silkworm, honored in Japan for producing delicate fibers that are transformed into the most exquisite fabric on earth - silk. Silk was also responsible for the development of commerce and trade that first brought East and West together.